Dreamell started her producer career in 2014 and her first single Deeper, was released in Aug 2015. It has been on different dance charts; Swedish Dance Chart, iTunes Top 100 Dance Chart, Deejayworx. It has been played at radiostations in Italy, England and Norway amongst others. The second single, Nobody But You, a collab with Funkstar De Luxe, was released June 2016 and is currently climbing the lists. Remember, the third single, was released in November 2016 and is also climbing the lists. All in all it has been a good start for Dreamell. So far, in 2017, she has released three singles (Nobody But You 2017) in February that has been received very well in USA, both on charts and radio. Two more with a summerhouse feeling were released in mid June (Come Closer) and early July (Tonight) and she has many more in store.

Like many music enthusiasts her love of music was passed down from her parents. The household often played music from Millie Jackson, Joe Simon and the likes. She got into soul and african beats during her early life and her productions are a reflection there of. Mixed with the latest EDM sounds her music has taken a pumping soulful direction and will bring a good feeling to the dancefloor.

Jonake got into music in 1994 when she began working on the radio station NRJ Sweden. She there traded her vocal skills, recording radiospots, for the ability to stay late and learn how to DJ in their studio. She then went to the clubs and asked the resident DJ´s to let her do a livemix. And there is where it all started.

Today, DJ Jonake, is one of the most booked DJ´s and has played at a variety of clubs; Berns and Sturecompagniet in Stockholm, Dundret in Gällivare, Palace in Kalmar and the cruise ships Cinderella, Galaxy and Birka. She has been resident at clubs like Patricia, Karlsson & Co, Kvarnen and Golden Hits and played at big venues like The Riders Award, The Hairdresser of the Year Awards, Mercedes Benz, Siemens amongst others.
She is a routined DJ who always keeps upfront and varied with her music selection but can skillfully blend into different genres if the crowd demands. With her energy, charm and skills, she takes the dancefloor to a new high.

Loving You (feat. Max C)

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