Dr. John Kline created The Music Therapy Experiment out of complete necessity. With his youth spent immersed in studying music, and psychology throughout his college years, life never slowed down for a solitary moment afterwards. He’d go on to publish numerous chapters and articles on topics like psychopathology and neuroscience, in addition to eventually uprooting himself from Montana to Nebraska, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Washington, Florida, and eventually Mobile, AL, where he currently resides & practices clinical psychology. While he’s always enjoyed his field of study and its many challenges, without the balance of an outlet for his creative-side, he would have succumbed to the travails of the nomadic life of an academic gypsy. A remedy was required – and that remedy became The Music Therapy Experiment.

Bringing a lifetime of experience gained from playing and traveling with various bands growing up, and solo records he had made along the way including Flipside (2002), Instrumental Conditioning (2006), and Different Drummers (2012) – John not only went to work in creating an entirely new project for himself with The Music Therapy Experiment, but a whole new mindset, approach, and methods to make it all happen. Piece by piece, brick by brick, he built himself his own 24-track digital audio recording studio, which he proudly calls guiTARDIS – a space where he can be completely free to explore his wildest ideas and make music without limitations or any influence at all from the outside world. Inside the studio walls, he began to examine the link between depression, anxiety, healing, creativity…and the role that music could theoretically play in helping not just himself, but countless others all across the globe as well. In 2016, he emerged from his lair with the debut album Make It Home; the next chapter of his career had now started – yet it still felt like there was an important piece of the puzzle missing from the full picture.

In order to both demonstrate & confirm the unifying power of music, John made the most pivotal move in the history of The Music Therapy Experiment by opening up his then-solo project to the possibility of expansion, providing he found the right player that would have similar vision, drive, passion, and skills. Discovering an immediate connection with fellow multi-instrumentalist Mark Christianson of the band Analog Missionary & owner/operator of Xush Studios in local Mobile, Alabama – the two musicians instantly bonded over the concept of creating songs that served a much greater purpose than simply being the next big thing on the radio. At all costs, they would preserve their artistic integrity, embrace creative freedom, and allow themselves the opportunity to explore every style & sound in the process – as a result, The Music Therapy Experiment would remain pure & sincere in its intention to make music that matters…unique moments that genuinely speak to the mind, body, & soul, of all who would listen.

The addition of Mark revitalized the spirit & sound of The Music Therapy Experiment in ways words couldn’t begin to describe, which is oddly perfect, considering they’re predominantly an instrumental band. Together, they’d go on to reintroduce the project with the release of their critically-acclaimed album A Thousand Words in 2019, and confirm they’re a sonic force to be reckoned with through the release of their latest record Semi Automata in 2020. With all the right pieces of the puzzle finally in place – a lair of their own to jam, write, & record in, and two extremely capable multi-instrumentalists on an all-out mission to make the world a better place through the music they create – The Music Therapy Experiment excels at creating unforgettable moments in time with radiant sincerity. They’re fully leading the way to a better tomorrow through music with a stunningly organic, highly-inviting, signature sound & improvisational style that’s all their own, but absolutely intended to be shared, entirely, with each and every one of you.


Instrumental Rock
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