Miss Kristin has been performing for years, and has been known to keep a cool low profile.

At times drenched by the driving rains of adversity…
With each blinding flash, she comes out like a wind that blows safely weathering the storm.

Some of her best writing is birthed through this adversity.
And the winds of love have covered this artist
like a balmy breeze that brings showers of blessing.

Miss Kristin’s vocal’s are like a sweet south air soothing your soul through places you roam. Her lyrics embrace a vast account of life experience and hope, waking hidden truths, sometimes hurts, that remind us of whom we are and where we are going.

You Can't Take It With You
Convincingly powerful “You Can't Take It With You ” is the relevant universal display of Miss Kristin’s unique vocal style and developed song crafting. Combined with the great Tom Landry’s electric guitar playing, “You Can't Take It With You” is the influential track you cannot get out of your head!

Easy Listening/Soft Rock
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Look To You
Miss Kristin returns again with her newest single “Look To You” the first release from the new prolific “March On” collection in stores June 2, 2009. Convincingly powerful “Look To You” is the positively universal display of Miss Kristin’s unique vocal style and developed song crafting.

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Nobody Knows
Catchy fun pop folk at it's finest from Miss Kristin.

Acoustic Indie Pop
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Bryon Tosoff

8/7/2010 9:04:12 AM
Miss Kristin , nobody knows has a great hook line. good one.....like the listen
looking for more when you can..........


5/14/2009 2:32:37 AM
This is my theme at this stage of the game.
March On! While there is a need for pleasure and comfort music brings,
I, Miss Kristin, shall rise to the call, and March On!

“March On” is finally complete and presently in manufacturing. You can find it up on iTunes, Digstation, Amazon.Com and CDBaby this Mid May.

March On was composed entirely by me, Miss Kristin and I produced it as well.
March On is a real “dream come true” for me. The songs mean a whole lot to me.
I poured my heart into them and honestly, they are one of the greatest gifts of my life. I have high hopes of touching and reaching people with their cool feel and encouraging words. So today I am so thankful.

As far as instrumentation goes, you will find me on all vocals, much acoustic guitar, a few songs worth of bass guitar,12 string guitar, all keyboards, and most drum programming with percussion production. I also did the mixes myself and the mastering. I feel pleased with the outcome and think the tracks sound sick! (You know I mean great!)

The guitar work with the mad electrics and sick bass playing is the wonderfully talented and great Tom Landry. Tom also did a lot of the 12 sting work and all the J200 stuff. I would say he is low key on this collection, (for Tom) compared to how he usually rocks. (We do have another album already under way where he busts it up hard and makes quite the grand stand!) Tom is like an Eric Clapton or Jimmy Page. One of the greatest guitarists of all time…and he’s mine!!!! (I am such a lucky girl)
On again to other players; We had Craig Martin on Drums for “Potters Clay”, and Robert Holme on drums for “March On” and “Love Never Fails”. I was blessed to have the creative Suzanne Weller on harp and flute for “Love Takes Time” and Michelle Pollace Mills for bass guitar on the same song.


5/10/2006 9:22:22 AM
I'm breathing a sigh of relief and refreshing...now as "Ribbons and Pearls"
is nearing completion and on it's way out the door to manufacturing.
It feels good to have this cd under my belt so to speak.
The weather here is warming nicely and of course I am drawn outdoors to create.

For now it is all about the garden.
I love to grow my own vegies, flowers and herbs. It is very theraputic.
It keeps my body strong and my mind fresh!

I am enjoying my time here at this place immensely. I am so blessed today.

A big simple pleasure I have living here is listening to Tom (Landry) creating and working on my next release, "THE AMAZING POWER OF LOVE".
He has moved into the garage and is like a mad scientist.
(I like to think of him as the guitar doctor)
What a joy to have him here!
I feel so blessed as I listen through the windows to him adding to my creations.
He is a true talent.

Enjoy the spring my friends...
Savor every moment for it passes by quickly.
If I may say one more thing it would be to do something helpful for someone today and everyday...
Pay it forward.

Love to you all,

Miss Kristin



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Composed with a love and loyalty to ones country, Big Fuss Records, Miss Kristin rings her bell strong with her latest release, "March On".
"March On" is the immediate and timely patriotic collection of new music from Miss Kristin. "March On" contains eleven intelligent tracks, entertaining listeners while encouraging high spirits in light of the negative appearing issues facing our world and the day at hand.
Now with President Obama and his fresh administration in full swing, and knowing a true patriot speaks out when convinced that their country is following an unwise or unjust action, Miss Kristin is joining the ranks of effective and moving voices for our world stage singing songs of social justice and change. With titles like "All For One People", "March On" and "Easy Street", Miss Kristin is intent on cementing her standing as THE artist to watch and hear with her "New Music for a New Age" creations.
"March On" is a uniquely collectible treasure mixing upbeat well written songs produced by Miss Kristin herself. Never one to spare the dynamics of her personality, "March On" features a good share of smart, sexy, crooners as well as the usual sage like musical teachings Miss Kristin is revered for.
Once again Miss Kristin features the multi-talented Tom Landry, on guitars with Robert Holme on Drums and Suzanne Weller on Flute and Harp for “Love Takes Time”, a contagious “do not miss” track that will have you singing along with familiarity from your beloved music past.
Kristin expresses her lyrical wisdom and intuitive gifts for producing and creating a new unique sound with a compelling product, defining her as a musical force to be reckoned with.
The first single "You Can't Take It With You" is shipping to radio now with an add date of April 1st, 2009. "March On" is expected to be made available worldwide, May 12th, 2009.
Listen and learn more of Miss Kristin at http://www.misskristin.com
Find “March On” on MySpace at: http://myspace.comamazingmisskristin
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