Biography When you meet Johnny Rodes, you are struck by the polite power in his voice and manner. Here’s a man who could kick your butt up and down Music Row physically and musically, but he is too much of a (Southern) (country) gentleman for that. He waits until he is onstage to unleash the fury through his high-energy performances. You watch, and you listen to the music, and you are reminded that the outlaw is there, riding shotgun all the time. You are breathing the same intoxicating air as that genre-bending, rule-breaking rebel – JOHNNY RODES. That’s right! He has a rebel tattoo on his arm and the South forever tattooed on his heart. Ask him about his epic tune, “28 Miles to Go,” and he’ll tell you with pride, “The South didn’t lose the war – the North went home. The video for this song (possibly the most expensive video even produced by an indie artist) features Johnny as his former stage name self, Johnny Reb. Johnny Rodes’ CD SOUTHERN ETIQUETTE is too new for us to recognize the unique impact it will have on music. Years from now, critics, fans, and music historians will look back on this album and realize that it changed the face of Nashville forever. It is that good. Johnny is the man who’s teaching Nashville “A New Religion,” and he’s doing it with that same sense of “Southern Etiquette” – always asking first, “Is That Alright with You?” He’ll warn you that you are standing on “Unstable Ground,” but he’ll never leave you feeling hopeless. He’ll apologize again for being so honest, “I’m So Sorry,” and then he’ll show you that just “One Step Out of View,” just “Over the Horizon,” you can see the “Indiana Sun” or feel the “California Breeze.” Your destiny is not that far off, only “28 Miles to Go.” There are many more such albums to come from this man bursting with talent. He has such a vast catalog of quality songs blowing in the wind that Bob Dylan might be calling one day soon to ask, “How many, Rodes?” Johnny makes music the old-fashioned way – he (earns) (learns) (lives) it! Meet the beautiful Johnny Rodes Outlaw Girls founded by Renee Nicole Morgan ( Nikki ). Johnny Rodes and his Outlaw Girls heat up things everywhere they appear in public. The Outlaw Girls will create a frenzy in every town that Johnny plays with their sex appeal, personality and Southern charm. Sharing his music on the Internet at over 300 web sites, Johnny shows it’s all about the fans. Whether Johnny Rodes posts his songs on iSounds, Songramp or Soundclick -, one thing is certain. Those songs shoot straight to the top of the charts. No hype, no publicity – the songs speak for themselves, and the fans love what they are hearing. Visit Johnny’s website, catch one of his shows, buy SOUTHERN ETIQUETTE. You will love what you hear – and you will become a Johnny Rodes fan for life. Johnny Rodes was founder and front man for Rebel Rising 2002/2004 Johnny Rodes has music video titled ""28 Miles To Go"" which has been called the most expensive music video ever done by an Indie artist. The video was Co-Produced and Co-Directed by Johnny Rodes and Renee Nicole Morgan. Johnny Rodes is founder of Back Rodes Music Outlaws at Johnny Rodes now has fan club members in 37 different countries as of Jan 2005 and the backing of Supermodels around the globe. Johnny has an extensive list of beautiful women in his corner. Johnny Rodes is Artist of the Month for Feb 2005 at Website Discography Southern Etiquette Due to be released Feb 15th, 2005 Songs being played on Songramp,Soundclick,Song Planet, iSound, RRadio, The Buzzard fm, M4radio, music75, Rule Radio and over 200 more sites. (c) 2005 All Rights reserved; Johnny Rodes and Renee Nicole Morgan ASCAP

Outlaw Country at its best..

Country Rock
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Southern Etiquette

Country Rock
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