The duo from India, Satya and Ina, combines ethnic samples, vocals and chants from diffrent regions and cultures with modern electronic grooves and world beats to create a cross-cultural ambiance.

The album ""Memoirs of a World Traveller"" is based on the concept of a ""Traveller"", who moves from one place to another not knowing what to expect, he gets mesmerized by different people, their culture, music, rhythm, dances, languages and sights that they become a part of his soul. These tunes narrate his vision.

Silk Route
A journey to the land of china through the ancient silk route. Chinese vocals, Di Zi melody, arps, lush pads over a trip hop beat. It would be a treat for all world fusion lovers.

World Fusion
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Mystic Voices
Conceived and composed by Ina. The track, mystic voices blends ancient tradition of Gregorian chants with modern electronic grooves.

new age
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9/10/2008 5:20:32 AM
Just listening to Silk Route now, beautiful, beautiful music.



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