""Seattle's Abigail Grush (Abby to her friends) plays some of the most infectiously off-the-wall pop music you'll ever hear. Each of her bouncy numbers is a stew of unexpected sounds and influences, ranging from pop to No Wave to country to avant-jazz to Brechtian musical theater to Saturday morning cartoon music. Like some of her obvious sources of inspiration — The Fugs, Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, The Residents, Laurie Anderson — Grush clearly considers no style off-limits. She and her band employ a breathtakingly vast array of instruments, including clarinet, violin, mandolin, French horn, accordion, slide whistle, and glockenspiel, and incorporate a remarkable number of disparate sounds into tight, action-packed compositions that brim with a brilliant logic. Grush's remarkably elastic voice and loopy lyrics make her eclectic sound complete. Imagine Alice in Wonderland updated for the twenty-first century and set to music and you'll have an idea of this music's vividness."" (Epitonic)

Abby has been seen lately in Northwest art-improv band Canoofle. As Abby describes them, ""Canoofle is a kind of jazzy, kind of punk, kind of avant-garde group of multi-instrumentalists (no guitars) that create songs/compositions on the spot based on audience suggestions (or not).""

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