Whether he was waking up in the emergency room with two broken hands, hopping freights to California for a week’s vacation, or studying and teaching Comparative History of Ideas at the University of Washington, songwriter and Alaska native John Roderick was notorious as a vagabond and hell-raiser in Seattle for most of a decade. Throughout it all he was first and foremost a musician, playing in many bands, including the Western State Hurricanes and Harvey Danger. In 2001, after returning from an epic solo journey on foot from Amsterdam to Istanbul, he was finally able to put together his own band and created the first of several Long Winters releases.

No longer dividing his time and attention among many pursuits, Roderick is now focusing his experiences into music of incomparable beauty and intensity. His writing makes no pretense; his songs contain no braggadocio. Having lived a life half-on/half-off the grid, he speaks in a voice both oblique and deeply personal, sharing insights that few experience firsthand, but that everyone can appreciate.


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