I play in a band called LORI and a band called THE KOLA KOCA DEATH SQUAD, but THE SPORTSMAN'S CLUB was my first band/idea when I landed in Columbus, OH, after moving from NYC (back to my home state I grew up near Dayton, Oh). Basically it's a one man show but plenty of folk have pitched in here and there especially my man Jack (bass player for life) O' Connor, but then he's played bass for LORI and the KKDS as well. This really is just featuring some pissing around with various software on the ole laptop trying to make music in whatever window life allows. It's not perfect but it's real, just the best take at that moment in time or the only take in that moment in time. Mainly all first take stuff, demo's really, straight from me to ones and zeros, and now to whomever listens.

Wild Flower
Just a pretty little song done is a short amount of time, used in a commercial for ANF

Alternative Indie Folk
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Working hard at getting things together for a first release. Also been shop'n things a bit for the long shot but hey if you don't try.....

But still there is the option of
http://www.wiferecords.com, which is a small little collective here in Columbus, some may call it a ""front"" but hey a label is a label is a label..... no distro other than the obvious web stuff but FUCK IT!

feel free to check my other projects one active the other not.

active and rocking!

not active currently: http://www.lorirocks.com

Some News and Happenings I have a song to be featured for a web commercial on http://www.abercrombie.com. ""Beautiful Night"" will be used as a soundtrack to two beautiful people meandering together in love and fashion!

I have been featured a few times on these, nice connection!
The Farm
Awesome Audio

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