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Most people are aware of the influence of colour on our moods and emotions, the subjective power of a particular image, and the manner in which music can move us deeply. Combining these with a sense of smell produces a powerful sensory experience. This CD is the soundtrack to that event.

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Tony Lowe and Alison Fleming have been placed on the Official Ballot for the 2007 Grammy Awards
by the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences Committee.
They are up for awards in eight categories including Best rock song for 'Fires keep burning' and Song of the year for 'Blue like the sky'.
'All of the Above' is up for Album of the year.

The new CD from Tony Lowe and Alison Fleming is due in January 2007. Called 'Second Nature', the album has 17 new songs written and recorded over the summer of 2006. We will be posting track listing and an interview with Tony talking about the new album soon. Watch this space!

Fires keep burning is one of the featured songs on Neil Young's Living with war web site. Neil Young living with war protest songs

What others have said about ‘All of the Above’.

“Very cool, love those chord changes, very original very, very original, sounds awesome. Alison’s singing gives it something really other worldly. It's all good, I'm very impressed, *listenable* *intelligent* music and the Production is 1st rate… 1st rate!” -Miklos Power - Sydney, Australia.

“I have just heard the soundtrack for 'All of the Above'. Fabulous!!! I hear lyrics that move the soul. Great lyrics in fact! And wonderfully uplifting music, rising to a new level of awareness for pop.” - Philip Petersen – San Francisco, USA.

“Words can't describe the beauty of this album. Every track is simply stunning and so powerful. Intelligent music that moves you. Music from the heart of a wizard.” - Ashling - Uxbridge, UK.
12/8/2006 11:09:22 AM
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All of the Above