Wendy Griffiths: keyboards, vocals
Yuzuru Sadashige: guitar, bass
Jen Hammaker: theremin, vocals, keyboards
Grace Pulliam: vocals, percussion

The music of New York City based rock band Changing Modes began quietly in the mid-90’s when the principal songwriter of the band Wendy Griffiths (keyboards, voice) started making her “bedroom tapes.” She says she had no intention of making these songs public. “They were like art songs with very unusual rock beats.” Yuzuru Sadashige (bass, guitar) recalls when he heard her songs for the first time. “She programmed very complex layers of accompaniment in her Yamaha SY77, then sang along to record onto her $30 Sears tape recorder, very LoFi, you would hear house noise and car horns in the background, but they were extremely interesting and totally unique.”

Wendy & Yuzuru, both classically trained composers whose influences range from Bartok, Stravinsky to Nirvana, King Crimson & Sparks have been leading the band since 2000. The band has been actively performing in NYC venues such as Knitting Factory, Pianos, Luna Lounge, CBGB, CB’s Gallery, CB's Lounge, Continental, Barnard College and ACME Underground.

Changing Modes has released three full-length albums - Down and Out in Shangri-la (2008), A Perfect Day (2003), Aeroplane (2005) and two EPs (2000 and 2001).

Changing Modes created a unique art rock with Sparks-esque fun/pop sophistication with Zappa-esque stylistic diversity/complexity and punk rock energy. Jen Hammaker (Theremin, keyboards, vocals) and Grace Pulliam (vocals, percussion) joined the band in 2009.

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Recent Reviews of Aeroplane - Changing Modes' second album:

"All the songs of Aeroplane has a fun and quirky even memorable feel to each of them." -ProgNaut

"..sheer weirdness of throwing off-kilter timings and strange progressions into something that seems to want to be accessible pop... share(s) a lot of sound with some of the progressive rock greats."-Music Street Journal

"...CM is pretty damn fun!"-Here and There E-zine

"This band defies being lumped into a neatly compartmentalized genre...Changing Modes have great promise."-Northeast-in-Tune

"... an ambitious work, straying across genres."

"...Their latest, “Aeroplane,” is just more Great stuff like their last Album. And with Wendy (Griffiths)’s organ permeating through almost Every tune, it just make all of this that Much more delicious. Progressive Power Pop. We love it."-The Fevered Brain of Radio Mike

"...This experimental rock band of experimental rock bands... "-New York Press

Recordings of Changing Modes are availalble at:

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Changing Modes