"I was writing these songs, and then out of these songs a story was emerging..." This pop narrative crystallized over five years, as singer-songwriter Mike Schmid wrote, recorded, and produced his sophomore album of unbreakable melodies and gripping sonic hooks. The High Cost of Living (a love story) is a cohesive concept album harboring pop singles that stand alone, featured in films and television, in over 900 movie theaters throughout the U.S., and in Disney's "Felicity" DVD. Compared by fans to the passionate Ben Folds, the timeless Billy Joel, and the literary Aimee Mann, Mike's piano-based, lyrically rich songs offer a huge expanse of emotional depth. From the tribal aggression and confrontation of "At Gunpoint" through the unabashed, unleashed adoration conveyed in "To Show You My Love" to the devastating, observant melancholy of "It's All True," the award-winning songs from The High Cost of Living unveil one guy’s heart, and his musicianship of astonishing caliber.

Mike Schmid boldly began creating music at 3 years old; he tried his tiny fingers over the ivories and, finding them limiting, picked up a hammer and applied it to the keys; a sound experiment. His early innovative methods were tempered by thorough classical training, and then revoiced at Berklee College of Music where he graduated with a degree in Songwriting.

Fresh from college, Mike's self titled debut album was released in 2001. Recording artist Grayson Hugh commented, "The originality of his songs, both musically and lyrically, was a pleasure to hear." He moved to Los Angeles and immediately started playing his songs and employing his piano skills for other musicians. His television performances include The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, playing with Chantal Kreviazuk. He played on the Corrs’ album "Borrowed Heaven" as well as laying down tracks for Van Hunt's self-titled debut. Mike currently plays and records with several local artists including Renee Stahl, Rich Jacques, Gayle Day, and Connie Kim. Mike's music can be heard nationally in films, television, on the internet, and in CD players all over.

The High Cost of Living is a journey that travels highs and lows, both spectrums visited with insight and awareness. "It's so important to me that things are rarely all good or all bad. Truly horrible things occur in this world, while something completely beautiful is happening at the exact same moment. I don't want to glaze over anything. That said, I do think of myself as an extreme optimist."

The gorgeous, bold, and catchy songs on High Cost of Living ultimately depict the harmony and discord of human relationships, however dark and light. But Mike Schmid is hopeful, and sings in his closing lines, "Dear Me, you should know that you can't see / Just how good that it will be, in the end."

Written by Nicole VanBuren

Dear Me
A letter to myself.

acoustic pop
h h

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