E-Phlat of Out Tha Box Records/Sandia Records/Rules Of Culture
a.k.a. Noir Ghost
a.k.a. The Silent Warrior

A master of sound, E-Phlat has made his mark with hip hop, house, jungle, and drum n bass. But above all - E-Phlat specializes in his own brand of jam - Nu-Fusion. With several years of jazz-influenced production and composition, this man has what it takes to move music to the next dimension.

Hailing from the city of Houston, E-Phlat has followed the road of life to Alexandria, Louisiana and back to the Houston area.

When quizzed on the question of purpose, E-Phlat had this to say - "" I represent life without society’s standards (who made the rule book on life anyway?) I represent freedom from the vices of life. I represent passion for music.... Don’t live by anybody else's standards or rules of life.... live by your own as long as it brings forth enlightenment. Leaving a permanent stain on the psyche of mankind and any other forms of life.""

E-Phlat has had the opportunity to be exposed to and understand many different styles of music. Some of the majors that stand out in his mind are KRS-1, Chuck D, Tribe called Quest, Jungle Brothers, De La Soul, Busta Rhymes, Roni Size, Diesel Boy, Concord Dawn, Digable Planets, Frankie Knuckles, Steve ""Silk"" Hurley, Fingers Inc., Masters at Work, Emcee Schwen of Zodyak Nation (the rapper in his old group),Real To Life(the most intelligent rapper I know), ME, MYSELF AND I, The Police(all of their music is tight), The Pharcyde, The Roots, Mos Def, Goodie Mob, Jill Scott, Craig LaCour, The Infamous DJ Kaneda and Reset....and of course the list could go on and on.

Several events have shaped the Noir Ghost you see today such as beating on pots and pans at the age of 4, hooking up with Schwen and Snype to form Zodyak Nation, finding out that there is life outside of everything, being introduced to the REAL sound by my lil brother Trapp: Jungle/Drum-N-Bass/Ragga (Thanks a lot for that brotha), taking my skillz as a Hip-Hop and House producer/composer and applying them to producing and composing Jungle, Drum-N-Bass, and ultimately infusing all of my musical influences and creating Nu Fusion.

NEW INFO: E-Phlat is in the process of finishing his CD: Chaotic Sounds from an Untwisted Mind

LIFE- Leaving Imprints For Ever
WARRIOR- When All Reasoning Results In Other Rationale

Liquid MetaL
I'M FINALLY BACK WITH A NEW TRACK!!!! Club Dance Track with a little twist to it. I didn't know what genre to put this song in...So, I put it in my category: Nu Fusion. Hope you like it.

h h

Sweet Evil
This song is a de_scription of how evil can be looked at. LISTEN TO THE WORDS AND YOU'LL SEE...Very original way to look at it. Nominated song of the year in 2006 here at the best place on the internet.

Hip Hop/Rap
h h

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12/7/2010 1:12:58 PM
Hey E,

Sincerely, I just want to say thank you. Just know that you made my day because sometimes we really don't know if we are reaching people with the music that we create. To all the music makers out there, lets keep doing what we are doing from our hearts, this is the life and ideology of the independent artist.




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tim tyson just listened to dont say - it's tasty thanks heard you uon out a the box is that you ?
E-Phlat Yes, Out Tha Box is my station. Thanks.
SOHNN Yo, wah happened bro? Long time. Nways, holla at me n come check out my new tune, "WE ARE THE ONES".....one luv bro
v-dubb thanx 4 the review,pop....call me at (804)334-3892---lets eat these cats like our "last meal"!!!!!
E-Phlat Yo v-dubb, I tried to call ya today. I'll try to call ya back later. I left my # on ya voicemail. Holla at me dawg. Peace.
Phil Streets Hey Man! I've got a couple of new tunes posted. I'd be interested to know what you think when you have a minute. Link below. Thanks. Phil
Substantial Thanks for the kind words. Stay Righteous & Keep grinding
Opi~TeKK New track put up on 9-6-06 check it out man and let me know what ya think
Opi~TeKK Yo EP, I Extended the track jsut for you~@! So check out the extended Version~ Peace
Reconsiderate caught your comment over at the KIAC radio station page. I am totally digging your name.
E-Phlat Thanks brothas
Reconsiderate checkin out "stand out tha box". heavy. never quite seem to get enough of the hardcore.
Opi~TeKK The New track stands out like bird shit on a black shoe~ lol. No honestly i love it, it feels good. Its also very clean = perfect.
Lady Venom Stand Out Tha Box is a great song...it'll always have a spot on The Zone.
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Reconsiderate Hey dude... haven't been around IAC in forever. Just stopping by to see what's up...
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Reconsiderate Spectaculorific, I suppose. That's good news that you've got this new album and new partner. Much congratulations! :o)
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Msg  Go!

E-Phlat is in the middle of a production with Andrea "Vocab" Anderson(spoken word artist) and finishing his album "Chaotic Sounds from an Untwisted Mind".

Check us out at the link at the bottom of the page.
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