If anyone wonders who Chely Wright is as an artist, The Metropolitan Hotel should answer the question. Created over a three-year period that endured a number of career and industry transitions, this project is Chely’s most personal and insightful piece of work to date. With no aspirations other than to return to her love of the music and songwriting, Wright took time away from her tour schedule and Music Row to rediscover why she moved to Nashville: The Song. The opening track entitled “It’s the Song”” clearly reveals Wright’s devotion to her music and a career that spans over a decade. “It’s not the miles, it’s not the pay, it’s not just staying in the game…It’s the song.” The single is one of only four tracks not penned by Wright. Yet it sets the tone for the entire album. “It’s the Song”” makes the introduction—it is truly her story.

The Metropolitan Hotel (Wright’s sixth studio album) features “The River” and “Between a Mother and a Child” — two deeply personal songs that Wright wrote more for therapeutic reasons not with the intention or expectation to ever record them. The bold lyrics offer the listener a glimpse into Chely’s childhood and expose her emotional reactions. ""The River"" is a haunting, true story that is made even more special by the tender, tenor vocals of Vince Gill.

Not only does Chely share her vulnerability, she shares her lighter side. Her cover of the Chuck Berry hit “C’est La Vie,” (also made famous by Emmylou Harris) is sung with obvious ease, as Chely has performed it since childhood.

The new project also offers another stand-out track--the groove-oriented “Just the Way We Do It” is another song Chely wrote and produced. It is a true-to-life reflection of how real relationships not only survive in real times but how they can thrive. “Just the Way We Do It” is certain to be a fan favorite.

The Metropolitan Hotel is a different template from Chely’s past works which focused primarily on country radio airplay and often credited the names of some of Nashville’s top songwriters. However, the attentive listener will see that since Chely’s first album (Woman in the Moon), Wright has contributed and written a number tracks on each of her last 5 albums. Not aiming for a slick country radio driven stock product, Wright makes it evident she feels the freedom to write and record songs that mean something to her. Writing and co-writing eight of the twelve songs on the album, Chely shares who she is and more importantly, she does so by letting the listeners in on her journey thus far through life. As sole producer on half the album and co-producer, Wright ensures that the tracks carry as much weight as the lyrics. The Metropolitan Hotel is a musical journey of Chely’s past and present love for the craft of songwriting.

The album title was inspired by a stay at The Metropolitan Hotel in London where Wright spent time with friends reminiscing her musical past and contemplating her future…realizing if she was going to make another record it needed to be honest and real.

The Metropolitan Hotel is not a radical departure for Chely’s hardcore fans and the listeners who have grown to love the soulful alto known for her chart-topping songs such as “Single White Female” and “Shut Up And Drive.” It is simply a deeper, more accurate reflection of the person behind those radio friendly hits. Wright makes a complete emotional connection this time, whereas on previous albums she seemed to merely ""dip her toe.” This time, she took the plunge both creatively and personally to immerse herself and she likes these new waters. This is a brave step from an artist who has empowered herself both professionally and creatively. The music is why Chely Wright continues her journey. Enjoy your stay at The Metropolitan Hotel.


Country star Chely Wright is best known for hits such as “Single White Female” and “Shut Up and Drive,” but is also a top notch songwriter in her own right. Through her songs, Chely feels the freedom to write and record songs that mean something to her and is willing to fully share with us what she is about. Wright wrote eight of the 12 songs on her new CD, her sixth album, The Metropolitan Hotel, including the emotionally moving single, “The Bumper of My S.U.V.” The song spent nine weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard magazine Country Singles Sales chart and touched the hearts of our deployed military and their families around the world .

Chely’s music has garnered many accolades and awards from both the Country Music Association and the Academy of Country Music. She received the Academy of Country Music’s Award for Best new Female Artist in 1995 and she has been featured in People magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People” in 2001.

But her many charitable endeavors are what fills up her heart. In addition to her talents as an artist and performer, Chely is known for her integrity, business savy and personal contributions. Her foundation, Reading, Writing & Rhythm, which she founded in 1999 following the Columbine tragedy, raises money to benefit music education in public schools across America and has approached the One million dollar mark in funds raised for this cause.

In 2003, she was named “Woman of the Year” by the American Legion Auxiliary and “Kansan of the Year” for her career achievements, her charity work and her support of the U.S. armed forces. She was recognized by MENC in 2001 with its “Stand Up For Music Award” and in 2002, she was presented with their “Fame Award” for her with with her Reading, Writing and Rhythm Foundation.

Coming from a military family, Chely’s lifelong support of the troops began with performances at Veteran’s Hospitals and military funerals during her childhood and in the last 10 years has taken her all over the world to entertain our deployed troops including performances in Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Germany, 2 trips to Iraq and most recently a trip to remote military outposts in Afghanistan.

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