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Leap Of Face is the new release from West Australian master guitarist Graham Greene, and marks a return to the massive rock grooves and guitar fireworks he is best known for in The West.
Thirteen selected tracks of essential Greene guitar, featuring the world recording debut of Graham's new custom signature series guitars, the Ormsby GG6 six-string and GG7 seven-string.
Digging deep back into his hard rock muse, Greene has produced an album that redefines the guitarist's passion for his instrument as well as his direction in his chosen craft.

Soaring melodies meet rock hard grooves and technical artistry as the Guitar Shaman from Oz explores emotions from the tender to the savage, moods from the extreme to the ridiculous, all with his individual flair and humour.
With Leap Of Face, Graham Greene releases his finest musical work to date.

In recording Leap Of Face, Graham wanted to make it clear to all who heard the album that he still knew how to rock. After the ambient rock vibe of 2004's Gaia Rising, the time was right for a return to his hard rock roots.
"It was time to blow out a few cobwebs" said the guitarist, "and show everyone - myself included - that I still had all the chops after sorting my hand out." (Greene spent 2003 regaining the use of two left-hand fingers affected by nerve damage)
The resulting tracks were inspired by a combination of new influences - a more relaxed outlook on music, a new live band, and a selection of new guitars, including the GG6 and GG7.

With the exception of wife Donna's vocals on Fire In Your Liberty, all the tracks on the album were performed by Graham and recorded in their home studio, The Inspiration Room. While 'Fire' is in a nu-metal groove, the instrumentals range from the hard funk rock of The Art Of War, through the neo-classical flash and panache of Hell And Bach to the subterranean seven-string grooves and unearthly talkbox solo in The Vowels Of The Earth. The album's epic closer is the 6:22 Sahara Moon, a blend of Eastern and Western grooves and melodies which was showcased in Graham's very first performance as a soloist back in 1994, and today remains a GG classic, preserved forever on Leap Of Face.

The Graham Greene website has his full biography, as well as photo galleries, audio samples, CDs and Press Room.

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The new album, Leap Of Face is now in selected Perth retailers and online at CD Baby. More information on the Leap Of Face website (link this page).
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