“Elvis on speed…just totally mesmerizing”

When Imran Durrani and Kevin Archer (aka Gene Valentine) first started kicking out sets of Johnny Thunders and Stooges' classics neither of them were old enough to even be in the venues they were playing. Those early gigs were a blur of eyeliner, sunglasses and feedback.
As their own material gradually replaced the covers, they soon acquired a reputation for combining the dirtiest breakneck rock’n’roll riffs with a stage show that was dripping with attitude.

…tears at you like a fireball from hell…

…swampy spooky guitar…

…sleaze, unashamed sleaze…

Bass players and drummers came and went, but when Michael ""Miffy"" Colvin and Scott Paul Turnbull joined the line up, Trash Babies found the rock-solid foundation that they needed for their savage power chords and ripping solos to tear into. These songs represent a time of drinking, pill popping, schoolgirls, self destruction and self delusion.

Little Sister

Alternative Pop Rock
h h

Haven't Got The Time

Alternative Pop Rock
h h

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