1986 was my last year of playing professionally. I started a new business and as a result all of my time had been taken up, and so my guitar had been left hanging on the wall collecting dust. It wasn't until 2004 that I pulled it down and started playing again and the tips of my fingers began to sting. I remember telling myself, ""I remember this feeling. It was something that I felt when I was just ten years old. That was when I first started playing.""

Anyway, after having been away from the whole music seen for eight years, I was amazed at all of the neat new toys out there like computer recording programs and tiny guitar amplifiers that don't have any speakers and just plug into your computer. I've been having a blast and will be putting up many more songs when I get my voice back in shape.

Hope you'll stay tuned,
Jeff Abbey

Black Tree
That which is the shade of a tree.

The artist has designated this song as non-chartable.

Guitar Rock
h h

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Jeff Abbey