I write songs,I sing them,I play them ....its what I do ,its all I know. Can't help it...tried to quit,can't...its a disease..takes over your brain. I'm on a rock ,hurling thru space,and this is what I do to pass the time...the winds of endless cosmic flight.....Okay, I am from Connecticut,currently living in Texas , and my 15th cd ,"Steep Rock",and also""New Dark Ages"",is now online for free listens. It's goin over well thank you all...
... I am now available on I-Tunes,Napster and others with 2 cd's "Steep Rock" and "On the way" . Listen to the spoken word version of ""Chronicles of Allkat"" on my soundclick page...www.soundclick .com/WillCarroll.
I am out an about playin around town,here and there and somewhere around the Dallas area for now...Got over 120 songs online for free listens ,including all of ""Blowin out ""and"" Short Stories"" and others. Just hit my website for details,....just trying to get back,my soul.... Thanks again to everyone for your comments and listens, and ....later down an worry free...

21 Days Away
Keep your gift to yourself and save your sanity? how do you see it...

Alternative Modern Rock
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The Man With No Band Hello Will.... very very good !
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