Having Gigged across the country for 10yrs.The last four have been with www.Blameless.biz.This is now a one man band.
Through the marvels Of cubas SX3,a shit load of Live Drum/Bass loops,Gibson SG and a Tanglewood Acoustic.I am currently working on my Third solo Album...
I Loved playing live,I say loved because family and work come first now..But if The price is right than Bring it on!!!if not Never mind afterall music is a journey not a destination....

Gigs to date include:
-The best Unsigned tour UK 2004,Ten dates across the UK,
-The Cavern Liverpool,
-Three years running at Boston’s Party in the park,(Which saw my biggest audience 10,000+)
-Several dates in and around London.

So in a Final few Words .........
Out if small acorns,Grow big oak trees

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