knuckleball ned has been a musician fer over 20 years, skilled in guitar & bass, a little keys & drums. dedicated to makin' non-commercial music.

Super Team - Anthem
Anthem fer the group - Super Team.

Hip Hop/Rap
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David Spencer and Dynamic Productions

2/22/2009 10:07:18 AM
Hello my name is David Spencer, and my group Dynamic Productions just released our first independent release entitled, "Created to Praise," Stop by and have a listen! Thanks!



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Lookin' fer musicians/rappers to collab on some serious music. if yer in the phoenix area we can get together at my studio in mesa and do some recordin'. otherwise we can collab via the internet. fer more beats check out my sound click site listed at the bottom of this page. I also got some finished products w/ some average rappers (1 of them is a little bitch, makin' threats then runnin' away. See if u can guess which one). Pay no attention to their mediocre styles (they got some good lyrics tho, credit where credit is due), but check out the beats backin' 'em, it's what makes those rappers (most of the instrument traks were written and performed by myself). 3/18/2014 7:09:34 PM
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