Unitopia is a musical adventure comprising the vocal and song writing skills of Mark Trueack, the production, song writing, keyboard & vocal skills of Sean Timms, the guitar & vocal prowess of Matt Williams, the combined drum/percussion batteries of Monty Ruggiero and Tim Irrgang and the remarkable multi-instrumentalism of Mike Stewart.
Unitopia endeavours to draw from the heart and soul of the listener, thought provoking topics such as environmental awareness, political and social upheaval, media misrepresentation, the hectic pace of life and human relationships in a positive and uplifting light. Using a progressive rock framework as a basis for Sean and Mark’s compositions, the pair quickly established a great writing rapport, extending the style to include elements of world, classical, heavy rock and dance.
Unitopia began when a mutual friend introduced Mark and Sean after realising the two had very similar musical tastes. In 1997 the duo began work on a track which was to become 'Take Good Care'. This formulated into a prolific and exciting song writing partnership culminating in the completion of their debut album 'More Than A Dream' in 2005.
Having a voice rich in character yet undeniably pleasing to the ear, has helped Mark pursue his passion for music & lyric writing. Slotting somewhere between Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Fish and Roger Waters, his powerful, compelling vocals give life to the far-reaching, socially conscious lyrics that are an integral part of Unitopia.
With a long and varied career in the music industry behind him, Sean applied all of his vast knowledge of different styles of music, technology and performance into one almighty work that covers everything from Rock to Classical, Ethnic to Dance and beyond.
Mark and Sean gathered together some of Australia's finest musicians and singers to contribute to the project, including conductor, arranger and composer Tim Sexton and the Adelaide Art Orchestra, thus ensuring the standard of playing on the CD is second to none. Add to the mix Sean's programming, mixing and arrangement skills and you have a top notch product that compares to any international release.
Unitopia are currently in the studio working on their follow up release to 'More Than A Dream' and playing live shows wherever innovative ground breaking music is to be found.

Common Goal
Progressive rock song with mellotron strings/choir intro and Hackett-esque lead guitar leading into a heavy guitar motif with sequenced keyboards and vocoded vocals.

Classic and Progressive Rock
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Unitopia News

Well, a lot has been
happening in the world of Unitopia since the last time our home page
was updated!

Unfortunately, due to
personal reasons, Pete has had to leave the band, but the good news
is that fresh from a stint in the US playing with numerous
heavyweight musicians, Mike Stewart has joined us. For those
eagle-eyed liner note readers out there, you'll already be aware
that Mike played on some tracks on 'More Than a Dream'. Welcome
aboard Mike!

Another exciting
development is that you can now purchase our music on
for immediate
download. Just do a search in any of these sites or click on the tab
next to the song in our
& mp3's
page to go directly to our tracks on

Our sales are going
well. Thanks to all who have already purchased our CD's online!

You can also hear
some of our tracks being played on
ProgRock Radio and


Sean and Mark have
been very busy writing more songs for Unitopia's second release. So
far they have enough for a double CD. Tentative titles for the
tracks and song lengths are as follows:

The tentative title
for the album is 'The Garden' named after the 17 minute epic track
based on
Bosch's painting 'The Garden of Earthly Delights'

Sean is also working on
a compilation of his short film music soon to be available for
purchase on the Unitopia website. It will include excerpts of the
music to the award winning short films 'Gargoyle' and 'The Book
Keeper', produced by
and written and directed by
Michael Cusack.
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