"Smoooooth Subtle Groooooove"

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Double Olive

Smooth Jazz
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Sevenfold Music Group

1/15/2008 9:17:00 PM
Just stoppin thru to wish you the best success in 2008!!!

Peace and Blessings

Hank (HDB)


2/28/2007 9:31:00 PM
Hey buddy...Your music is Top Shelf!! I just nominated Double Olive for Best Jazz Tune in the upcoming IAC Awards and i hope you win...you deserve it!!

El Pinedog



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Alexis Hello Tim, GREAT to see you here on IAC music !!! I wish you a warm welcom and much success for your MARVELLOUS Jazz music ! See you around my friend, All the best, Alexis :)
welcome cookies
TimBo Thank you for welcoming me here to the IAC. This is a very small box to type in, yes. LOL.
ArtistMentorSpeaks Welcome...I need more!
ArtistMentorSpeaks I mean I need you to release more! I love your music...
Pinedog Hey!! Only quick way to return a message here that i have seen is to paste your url in the LINK to the right of your name . This place is different for sure. Some very good musicians though. The half price deal goes for another week here i think. Join?
Pinedog Well..i voted for ya and i hope lots of others do too!
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Tim is a unique group of cells that somehow formed into a semi-cohesive mass of living breathing tissues. Tim organizes noise into a listenable form, so that other groupings of cells that have learned to use their hearing mechanisms to aquire different tones and rhythms, will hopefully release the appropriate endorphens and be joyful. Tim has trained his various cells and brain patterns throughout the juxtopostion of time to order his appendages and voice to co-ordinate and be cohesive and be able to create suitable noise using many different instruments made from wood, metal, plastics and flesh.
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