Etiera has crafted their sound like artists with paints, brushes and canvases to bring some of the most "beautiful and unique" music to listeners today.
Intriguing and talented, these three individuals are seeing fast growth in their listeners as well as an ever-steady flow of interest from promoters, labels and industry names.
This isn't an accident though, since each member of the band is as unique as the music they make.
Lead singer/Guitarist, Josh Morris is as artistic in life as he is on stage and brings that depth of talent to each song they write; be it vocaly or with his entrancing guitar riffs.
Drummer, Derek Showman has bewitched and influenced fans and drummers with his extremely unique drumming style theatrics onstage. He is presently seeking sponsorships with "Vader" as well as other music gear gurus.
Bassist, Johnny Rugola's talents for finding the perfect place to rest each note and sound within each song, as well as whimsically guiding his instrument through the emotions and "life" of each show makes him the perfect piece to an enigmatic yet outstanding puzzle that fans ever increasingly love to come to know as "Etiera".

Written, recorded, mixed, and produced by the band themselves, "etiera", the self-titled 6-song EP, reveals every thought and emotion that comprises each member as though the CD physically contains their hopes, dreams, and aspirations.
With vision to last a lifetime, Etiera brings fans to life with a melding of emotionally driven and inspired songs while surprising listeners with a mix of tranquil intros and powerful rock choruses.
Currently, Etiera is writing and preparing for their full length album,
expected for release within the next year while planning on
extensive touring in the future.
With songs blossomed from desire and imagination, Etiera has entered unfamiliar terrain with a sound that is fresh to audiences and a following that is continuously growing.
-Jeremy Barnhart
GoldiRock Records

The band resides in Uniontown/Pittsburgh, PA and has been supported by independant label, GoldiRock Records. Their first release is a slef titled EP which was released on October 13, 2007 with GoldiRock Records.



Drowning Inside

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EP release on October 13, 2007 with idependant label, GoldiRock Records.

Currently working on upcoming album

8/30/2008 - Cancer Benefit Show at Divito Park, Connellsville, PA

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