Meditative Jazz / World Fusion

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Whether called Meditative Jazz, World Jazz, or World Fusion, Neon Egypt's offering is decidedly unique. Expressive, free-flowing saxophone melodies float gracefully over Taiko-like melodic drum lines, featuring the one-of-a-kind Shendai Ceremonial Drums.

All of Neon Egypt's selections are 'first takes' of spontaneously improvised Intuitive Music, recorded live. None of their pieces have a predetermined form or concept, a title, or even a key or time signature before play is begun - each is truly a unique product of the moment. Yet each has clear musicality, satisfying coherence and
unmistakable structure. The broad foundation of melodic drum and percussion music created by Steven Miller's Shendai Ceremonial Drums
allows master jazz saxophone soloist Harrison Goldberg freedom to weave an artful musical offering in real time. The result... well, you are
invited to listen for yourself!

Come join us for an exotic artistic excursion!

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Soft and subtle, the Nile flowing gently to the Mediterranean.

World Jazz
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Passage To Djibouti
A bounding, sunlit sea crossing at dawn.

World Jazz
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A bit of our history...
Some of the most valuable musical training we ever undertook was a regimen of intuitive silence and listening exercises with Neon Egypt's precursor group, San Francisco Bay Area improv art collaborative Tabula Rasa. This work was designed to help us begin to escape the traditional jazz framework that we had drilled into ourselves since childhood, and foster more free musical expression. The group was inspired mainly by the experimental 'Intuitive Music' concepts of KarlHeinz Stockhausen, plus the work of several other 20th century music pioneers including John Cage, Steve Reich, Edgard Varese, and Anthony Braxton.

Tabula Rasa's four musicians (there were also dancers and visual artists) strove to begin to hear music in new ways, outside the usual constraints of key and time signature, familiar chord progressions, melodic forms, etc. The ultimate goal was to free ourselves to create new music spontaneously in the present moment, both while recording and in live performance, without the benefit of any advance planning, or even a conceptual framework. At first extraordinarily difficult, this gradually became not just easier but also enormously liberating, so that we eventually found making intuitive music far more satisfying and stimulating than the best traditional forms, which seemed overly restrictive and two-dimensional to us by comparison. Inspiration had become the order of the day.

Neon Egypt carries this work forward, while revisiting our roots in the forms and sensibilities of jazz. Please enjoy the journey with us!

For more in-depth information, visit our main web site:

and Harrison's site:

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