Duke Mule - Photography and Electronica. Duke Mule is originally from New Zealand and together with close amigo Dr Sanchez has been playing in Latin bands for over 10 years. He has worked on Albums in New Zealand, Australia, Ireland and Sweden as a session guitarist and worked as a freelance photographer during the summer festival season in Australia..Duke Mule currently splits his time between Stockholm, Sweden and New Zealand working as a professional photographer..and in a big departure from the Latin scene is currently working on his first solo electronic release... due out Nov 2007, when its finished. Naturally. Duke Mule in his own words.. "" Thats right...The Revolution shall be Sloganized!! You will be gently caressed and fondled through a surreal musical world - a life of 5 star hotels, international destinations, random meetings and small mammals. Think LonelyPlanet, Vogue and Pigfarmer Weekly all together getting drunk on home-made Bulgarian vodka, listening to ELO and having a kinky unprotected threesome... Duke Mule would be their bastard inbred offspring.. and kids please remember ""Even God hates Christian Rock"".... Duke Mule...Its Real!

Dance with me
Dance with Me

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Duke Mule