Listen and enjoy some ""new"" great music performed with ""Style, Class and Fun""!

Warren's Signature is presently working on a second album that features some great country/western swing/rockabilly music. Actually, a lot of tunes are being recorded and it won't be until they are all mastered that the final choices to what will be on the album is made. The instrumental "6 Over 4" has been so successful that the band is rethinking what should be included! The good news for fans is that many of the songs are being available now even if they don't make it on the album.

Of course, Warren's Signature's first album has some great songs on them and many are still popular with fans.

If you like the music to the popular musicals like ""Grease"" and ""Mamma Mia"", you will love the music on this album. The album for the future musical with the same name ""A Rock 'n' Roll Love Story"" is filled with a variety of goodtime rock 'n' roll music written and performed with heavy influences from the late 50's to the early 70's. This album is for people of all ages as many young people are rediscovering the great sounds from that era.

I'm Not Going To Be Alone Again
This is the highly requested cool jazz version of this song featuring fugle horn and alto sax. This song really rocks big at the end with heavy lead guitar joining in. Get ready for a feast for the ears!

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'59 Not Fade Away
This is the Buddy Holly 50 year memorial tribute song.

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Hoosier Country
Classic Country Instrumental with Fiddle, Dobro, and Steel Guitar: Featuring Steel Guitar Hall of Famer Bobby Black!

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When I Think Back
Featured song on the new Album "Compositions". Lyrics/Music by Warren Spalding

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6 Over 4
This is a Rock instrumental that goes from 6/4 time to 4/4 time. Music/Arranged by Warren Spalding

Guitar Instrumental
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It's Hard To Say
A fun Rock instrumental from the new album "Compositions". Music/Arranged by Warren Spalding

Guitar Instrumental
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Iron Will
This is the featured song on the new album of the same name "Iron Will". Featuring Hall of Fame Steel Guitar player Bobby Black! Lyrics/Music by Warren Spalding

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Brief History: Warren R. Spalding is an Indiana born and raised singer/songwriter that moved to the S.F. Bay Area in 1984 with his brother to form the band Have You Heard. This band was in existence until 1990 playing Warren's music at small events and gatherings. Many of the songs that fans enjoyed with the Have You Heard band have been re-written and featured on the ""A Rock ‘n' Roll Love Story"".

There is also an ""Instrumental"" version album of ""A Rock 'n' Roll Love Story"".

Warren's Signature is presently working on a new CD tentatively titled "This is Hoosier Country!" As these songs become completed they are being released on various websites. The album is scheduled to be released in early 2008.
Catch Warren doing his Buddy Holly impression every summer with Elvis at Victoria's in Gilroy and various places in San Jose. For more information email Warren at
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