The Superficials is the culmination of years of collaboration between musicians Josh Millman and Michael Page. Having shared the stage for over a decade in a variety of bands in Portland,Oregon, the duo is resurrecting the dying art of the pop hook. Hard-hitting veteran drummer Rob Nelson helps round out the band's powerful stage and studio presence. Imagine The Kinks fighting The Vines with Elvis Costello as the referee. The Superficials' music combines elements of classic pop songs of yesteryear with a distinctly modern edge. Having released a few earlier recordings to great critical acclaim, The Superficials' 2004 release "Everybody's Girl" is quickly gathering even more accolades for the band. Websites like and have given rave reviews to the new album, featuring The Superficials as "artist of the week" and several songs as "track of the day" or "track of the week" in the pop/rock genre.

In 2003, the band won Budweiser's "Battle of the Bands" to become the True Music Live band for the state of Oregon. A national radio spot was produced and played in heavy rotation featuring their song "Go Go Dancer." The Budweiser program was so successful that they've renewed the band's sponsorship for 2004. The band has also had several songs placed in independent film soundtracks, as well as backing tracks used in TV and radio advertising.

With all of this gathering momentum, The Superficials are poised to achieve a new level of prominence and attention in the international pop/rock scence.

But don't just take our word for it...Here's what the press has to say about The Superficials:

"The new CD from Portland, Oregon's The Superficials has it all. Everything from Jellyfish harmonies, as well as the new wave energy of The Knack, which shows just how versatile and talented this band is! An awesome debut from one of the most promising new acts of 2004!" - popbang radio

"Simply put, one of the finest indie pop CDs you'll hear in 2004. Grade A and extremely highly recommended!" - Not Lame Records

"Sign this the music community a favor" -

"chiming guitars, buoyant melodies, and sweet harmonies... lushly tuneful gems that linger in the mind" - Marty Hughley, The Oregonian

"Millman and Page are fine craftsmen of catchy songs of significance. This is really good stuff." - Two Louies Magazine

"smart pop songs, which ring of the Rembrandts, Crowded House, Marshall Crenshaw, and Matthew Sweet" - SP Clarke

"unique blend of modern and classic rock with witty lyrics and harmonies reminiscent of The Beatles." - Jamie Brewer, JAM Magazine

"The Superficials kicked my royal butt with their own brand of hard paced originals, cool guitars, and non-stop stage action, great great band indeed! - Denny Mellor, Two Louies Magazine

"I need to get into band management because these guys have it...Every song is a hit...They' rock!" - Liz Wilde, national radio personality

Go Go Dancer

pop rock
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pop rock
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