Larry Hurd worked with the following....Howard Leese (Hall of Fame guitarist for the group Heart), Michael Powers, AMALA, Ben Smith, Darlene Hudson & 2nd Nature (this group became Hit Explosion), Tom Kellog, Jon Goforth, Douglas Barnett, Steve Scalfatti, Frank Roberts Sr., Sandra Craft-Hilton, David Holden Jr., D' Maurice, Barry Dowsett, Marino Correia, Jamie Koppang, Diana Blue, Kelly Dyson, Roger Enders, Marcus Williams (VCR), LAW or Paul Law (VCR) and Greg Jamison.

Under different groups Larry opened or was one of the opening acts for Jennifer Holliday (1995) and (1996) Martha Wash for Seattle Gay Pride under the group AMALA. Google AMALA music to listen and buy music. AMALA almost opened for Bow Wow Wow, but due to bad weather in London, they had to cancel. AMALA was a vocal trio from 1994-1996. Randy Fogelstrom and Sharon Chappelle were the other 2 members. Google Randy Fogelstrom Music to listen or purchase music.

Under VCR 1987-1991, opened for D' Maurice & Armageddon, Sad Happy, Kid Sensation and Duffy Bishop. VCR had 2 songs played on KFOX and KUBE "Lights, Love & Action" and "You're The One For Me". 1994 a song called "Gunz" was released and proceeds went to 'Stop The Violence" by Seattle Artists VS. Violence and was played on C89.5 FM. Gunz is available for purchase and to listen to, Google AMALA music or AMALA The Hits.

In 1990 Frank Roberts Sr (see his display at EMP in Seattle) along with his son Alex Roberts and the band Alpha Centauri (under the direction of Alex Roberts) recorded a Christmas album entitled "Merry Christmas Baby!, What Are You Doing New Years Eve?" This album featured 2 of Larry's original Christmas songs.. "Christmas Without You" and "Get Into The Spirit" You can listen to these songs on

1995 Larry helped co-produce with Howard Leese the self release of Somethin' Real by AMALA. The following tracks are 1) So Hot! 2) Somethin' Real 3) Hide Away 4) I Wanna Be There 5) Never Alone 6) Guns 7) Body 2 Body 8)Take My Heart 9) Never Let You Go 10) Rise and Shine (this was the introduction and cue song for Former Governor Gary Locke, that AMALA went to various areas in Washington State as a warm up act for his campaign. Gary Locke went on to become Secretary of Commerce and Ambassador To China under President Barack Obama. Google- AMALA Number One Music or AMALA The Hits. The album or individual songs can be purchased on Itunes, Google Play and Amazon as well as Number One Music.

1994 Larry helped produce the pilot demo for George Transcender, which in the year 2000, George made a professional studio release of "Songs for Parents of Missing Children". Proceeds mainly went to The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children". Google George Transcender to listen, watch videos or buy his fantastic music.

1996 Larry helped produce demos for D' Maurice. Go to YouTube and type in D Maurice-Close Your Eyez to listen. This demo caught the attention of Sony in France, but D 'Maurice declined the offer.

1999-2000 Larry produced demos for Sandra Craft-Hilton that included a full version with added verse and lyrics of Ashford & Simpsons "I Can Still Shine" from the Motion Picture "Maid To Order"

2012 Larry released his latest songs....Scorpio, Cake, The Promise, Drama Therapy and Reflection, Hope & Redemption.

Check out on Youtube the videos "Gunz" and "Bully"

Google Larry Hurd Music to check out the other music websites. Thank you for listening!


Dance Pop
h h

Take My Heart

Contemporary A/C
h h

A song about guns and a call to put them away, for everyone's sake.

h h

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