The Rudies: an explosive Power Pop band that emerged during the death of glitter and the birth of punk in the mid to late 70’s NYC rock scene.
Brooklyn boys Ed Ryan (songwriter/guitar/vocals) and Razz (drums) were founding members of Day Old Bread who performed at the original punk rock fests in 1976 at both CBGB’s and Max’s Kansas City. Wayne County name-checked Day Old Bread on the first Max’s vinyl compilation in the song Max’s Kansas City.
When bassist Don Nossov split from the band Ed asked his pal Keith Streng from the Fleshtones if he knew any bass players and Keith recommended Mark Charles Lamendola. Mark had recently returned home to NYC having spent some time playing in Gainesville Florida, rotating at a local bottle club with Tom Petty's pre -Heartbreakers band Mudcrutch and Jeff and Marty Jourard pre - The Motels.
Ed’s material with Day Old Bread was hard rock with a melodic speedy edge, his newer songs were shorter, poppier and more vocal oriented. Mark’s bass and vocal prowess were a perfect match for the new direction of the band -- Power Pop with a punk attitude. The new band was a bristling power trio with a hard rock Everly Brothers harmony style to go with the catchy tunes.
The band was named The Rudies after a reference on a Vivian Stanshall (Bonzo Dog Band) album and had nothing to do with ska or reggae much to the confusion of everyone. The Rudies were originally perceived as a Max’s band due to the Day Old Bread connection. Back in the day you were either a CB’s band or a Max’s band so initially gigs at CB’s were rare. The Rudies were on CB’s default sheet, if someone cancelled at the last minute they were given a call.
When Day Old Bread and then Rudies manager, Susannah Lafountain, got the call from Hilly Kristal to open for the first NYC gig of the Dead Boys the band took the gig and effectively jumped ship to the CB’s camp.

Next Time Around

power pop
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The Planned Obsolecence of Love

power pop
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Larry Migliore

12/4/2007 8:38:06 AM
Welcome aboard! From what I've been hearing, you should do quite well here!



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