LYNN CAREY SAYLOR is a BMI affiliated songwriter, singer and guitarist and founder of the popular Web site, She is also the co-owner of Los Angeles based commercial recording studio, Skip Saylor Recording, known for mixing and/or recording work for such platinum selling artists as Gun n' Roses, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Boys II Men, Snoop Dogg, Foo Fighters, k.d. lang, DJ Quik, 2Pac, Elton John, Pink and many others.

Lynn Carey Saylor's greatest passion in life is that of a songwriter. All words and music on 10 of 11 songs on her modern Rock/Pop CD "YOU LIKE IT CLEAN" are written entirely by her and she tackles such weighty subjects as racial tolerance (on her award winning song "IF WE BELIEVE" featuring BRIAN MAY of QUEEN) and drunk driving (on the emotional heavy rock ballad "I WASN'T A FRIEND"), but never seems to be preaching to you. Her songwriting style is one of thoughtful lyrics, expressive melodies, big dramatic chorus hooks, lush background harmonies and full bodied instrumentation, set off by modern production.

Queen's Brian May also appears on the lone cover tune on "You Like It Clean", the 1984 smash hit for Pat Benatar, "WE BELONG." Lynn's version of the song boasts not only Brian May, but also the songwriters of the song, Eric Lowen and Dan Navarro. For those who know Pat Benatar's big ballad interpretation of the song, there will be some surprise as to Lynn's much more rocked up arrangement of the song, a departure that was designed to set it apart from Pat's version and also to reflect Lynn's style and showcase the rock guitar sound and style of guitar legend Brian May, who plays both lead and rhythm guitar on the song.

In addition to Brian May and the writers of "We Belong", there are other musicians of note appearing on Lynn's record. They include STACY JONES (drums) and JAMIE ARENTZEN (guitar), frontman and guitarist respectively for popular rock band "American Hi-Fi" (best known for their 2002 hit single "Flavor Of The Weak"), CHRIS JOHNSON, programmer of the smash hit single for Evanescence, "Bring Me To Life", FRANK GRYNER, producer/programmer to many well-known artists such as Tommy Lee and Rob Zombie, DANNY MIRANDA, formerly the long time touring bassist of Blue Oyster Cult and recent tour bassist for Queen + Paul Rodgers, SASHA KRIVTSOV, former touring bassist for such artists as Vanessa Carlton and Billy Idol and a member of the house band of the CBS reality series "Rockstar Supernova", and drummer MARK SCHULMAN, who has toured or recorded with the likes of Cher, Foreigner, Pink, Stevie Nicks, Sheryl Crow and many other superstar artists.

The record was produced by SKIP SAYLOR and mixed by PAUL DAVID HAGER, who has mixed tracks for Pink, Avril Lavigne, The Donnas, Butch Walker and many other well-known artists.

Additionally, Lynn holds a Bachelor's degree with honors in Communications (Radio, Television and Film track) and a Music Minor from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and is an active member of the Screen Actors Guild with small parts in films and television to her credit.

Lynn Carey Saylor publishes her music under her own Guitar Girls Dotcom Publishing Company (BMI). She seeks licensing opportunities for her music and also writes songs for other artists, as well as collaborates with successful songwriters (her recent co-writes have been with producer/songwriter Steve Morales (Enrique Iglesias, Celine Dion) and the Modern Rock group American Hi-Fi ("Flavor of the Weak"). If you are interested in having Lynn write or co-write a song for you in any genre from Country to AAA Pop to Alt Rock, please contact her via the email link on this page.

"CHRISTMAS MISTRESS" is a fun "grown up" Christmas classic in the making, written by singer/songwriter/guitarist LYNN CAREY SAYLOR

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This is a relationship oriented song is about a universal truth. People will always want something or someone they can't have.

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I WASN'T A FRIEND (New Album Mix)
Heartbreaking and thought provoking theme about yearning to be able to turn back time a day and stop a friend from driving drunk. Lynn dedicates this song to MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) on her new album

Heavy melodic rock
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Confessional melodic pop/rock song dealing with the inner struggle of being pulled toward infidelity

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Impassioned Alt-Rock song dealing with the frustrations of loving someone with addiction problems. This new album mix by Paul David Hager (Avril, Pink, The Donnas) features Stacy Jones (lead singer of popular rock band AMERICAN HI-FI) on drums

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BLINK OF AN EYE (New Album Mix)
Life is short and it can change in an instant. Inspired by the events of 9-11.

Modern Rock
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3/23/2009 12:25:49 AM
enjoying your fine musicthank you!



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