Matthew Ball is one of Detroit's finest Blues & Boogie-Woogie pianists.  The only pupil of the legendary Bob Seeley - hall of famer and direct disciple of Boogie's originator Meade 'Lux' Lewis - Matthew is part of a legacy that traces back to the earliest roots of these uniquely American art-forms.

Classically trained, Matthew became an accomplished pianist early in life.  He debuted in his first symphony appearances before age 21, and before the end of his undergraduate study had been welcomed abroad for performances in Germany.  After completing a double Bachelor degree in Music & History, and receiving the coveted 'MaTilDa' award, he left Oakland University, and Music, to pursue a law degree at the University of Detroit.  By 1998 he was a licensed attorney of Michigan.

Practicing law and deeply dissatisfied, Matthew attended a 2001 Motor City Boogie-Woogie Festival that would become the inspiration for his transformation into one of today's finest purveyors of the American piano playing tradition called blues & boogie-woogie.  By 2005, at the Cincinnati Blues Fest, he was headlining with some of the same performers that he watched play at the 2001 festival.

Today he is poised at the beginning of a career that is sure to make a defining contribution to the fading art of boogie-woogie & blues piano - meet the Boogie Woogie Kid!

-------Selected Past Performances-------

Saugatuck Center for the Arts
Arches Piano Stage
Cincinatti Blues Fest
The Pritzker Auditorium
Chicago Arts Network
Woodward Dream Cruise
Oakland Community College
Pontiac Oakland Symphony
The Smith Theatre
The Steinway Society
Jazz at Borders Books & Music
Kerrytown Concerthouse
The AADL Lecture Series
MDML Lecture Series
ALI Lecture Series 
Royal Oak Schools
Clawson Public Television
Birmingham/Bloomfield Television
Hammell Concert Series

Razzle Dazzle - Boogie Woogie Piano

Boogie Woogie Piano
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Hugh Hamilton

2/3/2008 11:40:02 AM
Great Balls Of Fire! WELCOME, BoogieWoogieDood!



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Matthew Ball aka The Boogie Woogie Kid