From it’s formation in 1985 to its reunion in 2006, Axemaster has always been known for heavy traditional power/thrash metal with an original twist. With original guitarist (Joe Sims) & original drummer (Brian Henderson) and the addition of a new vocalist (Dan Kaisk) & bassist (Jim Curtis), the band now features the best lineup in it’s history and are currently in the process of recording a new full length release which will also be by far the best Axemaster to date.

With the band’s original lineup, they band recorded their first 4 releases: "Slave to the Blade", "Blessing in the Skies", "Crusades", and "The Vision" (the last 3 being released by Azra International Records). They were also featured on the compilation shaped picture record "Metalgon" and in the comedy/horror movie "Killer Nerd".

Several lineup changes followed as the band recorded their next 2 releases: "Death Before Dishonor" and "5 Demons (Imperative is their Demise)". After this the band altered their musical direction slightly and changed the name to The Awakening. That group did 1 CD before breaking up in 1995.

Four years later, Unisound Records {Greece} re-issued selected songs from 4 of the band's releases (as well as 3 songs by The Awakening) on a 15 track CD titled "Axemaster & The Awakening, 1985-1995". In 2002 Unisound re-released "Death Before Dishonor" (as well as some unreleased material) on CD. The success of these discs proved that Axemaster’s music was still in demand years after their breakup.

In 2006 the band reunited with the power and intensity that Axemaster’s music has always been known for. Their first major project was to sign a contract with Burning Star Records {Greece} to re-release “Blessing in the Skies” on disc. Released in January 2007, It includes the album in its entirety as well as 3 bonus tracks (making a total of 12 songs, 6 of which have never been available on CD and one is recorded live), and a video for the song “Slave to the Blade”. It’s packaged as a digi-pack with a 4 page foldout that features new & improved artwork and a 12 page booklet containing vintage photos from 1985-1988 (some never before seen), liner notes, and song lyrics. Updates, distributors and promotional information is available at; mailorder information can be found at As one person from the company said, “it’s time that ‘Blessing in the Skies’ got the recognition it deserves”.

“Blessing in the Skies” is now also featured on Smog Veil Records’ I-Tunes roster (for downloading onto I-Pods). For more information see and click on “I-Tunes exclusives”.

The band is now being represented by Sol Music Management {Canada} to obtain a deal to record a new CD which will feature a special guest appearance by guitarist Ivan Hurd, formerly of the classic band Anvil. More information is available at

With the worldwide exposure & success that they’ve already achieved, Axemaster is poised to once again take the metal world by storm!!!!

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AxeMaster is happy to announce that it has completed it's lineup with the addition of bassist Jim Curtis. Jim's a world class player with vast experience in a wide range of music. He says "I'm honoured to be in AxeMaster and ready to help the band kick ass". With him and new singer Dan Kaisk, the band's lineup is by far the best in it's long history and will display it on their new CD.

The band would also like to announce that a special guest guitarist will appear on the new release. Ivan Hurd, who recorded 7 releases with the classic band Anvil during a 12 year span, will be featured playing a solo on a selected song from the band's upcoming release.

Hope everyone will check out the clip of the new AxeMaster singer at:
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