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Steve Ison
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Thanx So much !

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The Greatest Country on earth

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Beautiful art from dark places

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How did you get started/Whats your story sharing your music on the internet ?

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11/13/2012 4:33:21 AM
Song not on station? Very strange..

11/12/2012 5:48:33 AM
Are you a fan of the song or the artist ?

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2/1/2010 1:33:50 PM
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11/4/2009 6:51:09 AM
What Steve's Listening to At THe Moment...

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Noah Spaceship-When Light Falls

4/3/2009 10:49:43 PM
Scammers using my e mail address

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Get an education (maybe)

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12/2/2008 4:03:07 PM
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11/13/2008 4:25:01 PM
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Succesful Artist dosn't mean successful person

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10/29/2007 2:07:15 PM
The Big 50

3/23/2006 2:33:07 PM


IAC Prime Member


Steve Ison

10/28/2016 4:06:37 PM ---- Updated 10/28/2016 4:07:46 PM

The Greatest Country on earth
Why does even a supposedly "liberal" and "progressive" person like Michelle Obama have to pepper her speeches with all that " we're the greatest country on earth " bullshit ? It seems almost unacceptable for a politician NOT to say that in the US if they want to get the public on their side.....

A lifetime of being forced to salute the flag makes people incredibly deluded i guess lol..

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Holo Lukaloa

10/28/2016 4:52:13 PM

I suppose being the ultimate protector for all the decent countries on earth tends to give you a complex/

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Steve Ison

10/28/2016 5:05:41 PM ---- Updated 10/28/2016 5:12:25 PM

I guess so

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Father Time

10/28/2016 5:21:45 PM

Well if it's any consolation, if Trump wins we'll be exposed as the shittiest country on earth.

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10/28/2016 5:24:19 PM

Holo can you list the good and the bad counties, you good ol' boy ??

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Holo Lukaloa

10/28/2016 5:35:57 PM

bad - North Korea, Russia, China, Australia, Canada.


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10/28/2016 6:37:11 PM

"I suppose being the ultimate protector for all the decent countries on earth tends to give you a complex/"

Yeah I'm sure the women over in Saudi Arabia think it's pretty decent... maybe compared to Afghanistan.

There is a growing campaign in Saudi Arabia to end the guardianship system which prevents women from doing vital tasks without the permission of a male relative.

We protect our best interest... regardless of the decency of the country we are "protecting"

But it sure did sound good reading that...

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Hop On Pop

10/28/2016 7:23:48 PM

I mean, I like living in the US. Or, rather, I did until political stuff started getting so very nasty.
Guess I still do like living here, but just a whole lot less.
Hell, I've never lived anywhere else so I can't really compare.

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10/29/2016 3:34:24 AM

...said someone from another country.
Aren't you British though?
So who's been forcing you to salute the American Flag?

You're quoting a First Lady.
Wife of a President. Or in Bill's case, husband of one.

No, but really. I'll argue, briefly, it's a matter of perspective and is
in fact a subjective statement.
I'm not begrudging Great Britain, as we kinda came from you,
but it's a relative term, 'greatest country on earth'....

Fiji probably thinks it's it.

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Richard Scotti

10/29/2016 7:41:27 AM

There are no "bad countries" - only bad leaders.

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10/29/2016 10:45:52 AM

No one has ever forced me to salute anything. I love living in the greatest country on Earth where no one forces me to salute anything! Go, USA!

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10/29/2016 12:06:25 PM

Yeah I lived the forced salute regimen in the military. But once I earned my honorable discharge, I no longer followed that practice. It is just a symbol of what we have tried to be as a nation. Yet, in many ways we have failed and continue to fail at bringing forth the great components of our constitution that guarantees all men are free and equal. Personally, I have begrudgingly decided that I will take a knee from now on. I will no longer stand up for a system that habitually sits down for people like me. I will not salute a government that hates me. To do so would be hypocritical and self demeaning. I will not demean myself just because I exist in the skin color I exist in. But yeah, there was a time that I devalued my innocent nature through the murder of the enemy that stood in my way. I was willing to die and to kill for my nation. There is no greater love than that of one who is willing to lay down his life for you. Or, is willing to destroy his own inner peace by taking lives for you. The patriotic bullshit ran thick in my veins. I believed that God was on our side and that the cause of democracy was a cause worthy of many sacrifices. I swallowed that shit hook line and sinker. I was another one of Uncle Sam's fish justifying my actions on the rhetoric they preached to us daily. I come from a family of warriors. My father and his father all fought in wars. My brother fought in Vietnam and my little sister lost her leg in the Marines. My other sister was in the Air force and is a Persian Gulf War veteran. My nephew is a highly decorated Marine and Iraq war veteran. My cousin had over over 300 confirmed kills in Korea and Vietnam. We are loyal to our nation but the last couple of years have been disappointing and eye opening. We no longer feel safe here. When soldiers no longer feel safe they are trained to prepare to defend themselves. I never thought that I would have to defend myself here in my own neighborhood. I am watching the forces mobilizing and the racial rhetoric and graffiti is rising on the walls of buildings. That is usually the first sign that supremacist activity is happening. I have fortified my house in preparation for an impending assault. Hopefully I am just tripping and paranoid. But if I am not, I will defend my post uh, I mean house if I have to. Tensions are very high right now as the possibility of the spreading Trump-ism becomes a real threat to me and all that I love. All my life I have subscribed to the notion that life is not fair but it is decent. When I see decency being eroded and stripped down to the pure evil that men usually hide within themselves. When I see that corrosive side of human nature strutting around boldly, I am alarmed and feel the urgency of the situation requires some kind of reaction. This is the greatest country on earth when it lives according to the doctrines and concepts of the forefathers. Their infinite wisdom and forethought was masterfully written and preserved for all to see. We are great because we have the opportunity to pursue greatness. I am sure that someone like the first lady must be bombarded with patriotic crap all day long. So, of course her speech would be filled with it. I would be surprised if it did not have several layerings of patriotism. She is the presidents wife. Jeesh, I think thou dust protest too much about too little of a thing. In regard to speeches they have protocols that must be maintained or they will be criticized for not keeping with all the stupid traditions handed down from their predecessors. Being the first first lady of color must be a very hard thing to handle. You already know that one half of the country hates you because you are Black. They hate you but they respect you because you have risen to a spot that was formerly thought impossible. But the forces of hatred only retreat for a little while. They always come back with more unnecessary critiques and attacks. That is how they perpetrate the fraud of their supposed supremacy. Yet, through it all, the president and his wife have maintained their cool and loyalty to the concepts of democracy. In order to get a true glimpse into the greatness of America one must take a look around at the rest of the world. Comparing us to other places will give you a chance to see just how much better this nation truly is compared to others.. From that standpoint I would say that we are at least in the top 5 category of nations. Sprry for all the text, I am feeling kind of long winded today.

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Shoe City Sound

10/29/2016 3:42:13 PM

Glad you felt long winded, Stoneman. This is beautifully said and I agree with every word, even though I have never been in the military - can't even imagine how much you and your family have laid on the line to put actions before rhetoric there. I would add that maybe Michelle Obama's speeches have the phrase "America is the greatest" in them because of all the negative crap from the other side have provoked her. Trump's speeches are all full of reason why the country is doomed and only he can fix it. He has been particularly heinous in his disrespect for President Obama with all the birther hate speech. So maybe she, for one, has just had it and is fighting back, since for once, she can speak her mind. She and the President will finally be free shortly of the restrictions of having to be re-elected. I'm very glad that they were so good at playing the game so far. I'll miss them as our President and First Lady so very much. So much intelligence, style and awareness representing the country has been a great source of pride for me the last 8 years.

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11/4/2016 4:42:22 PM

Stone, that ain't long winded, that's freakin' intelligent, man.
Wish everybody was that damned smart. Hope enough of us are. For real.

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Hop On Pop

11/10/2016 7:22:57 AM

And even-less great after this election.

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Bryon Tosoff

12/1/2016 12:06:03 PM

USA was great, I guess,its foundation was built upon values and principles,and having an industrious people willing to sacrifice for the common good, and solid leadership ,those with vision and foresight.

Great. its just a word. used conveniently to stir the masses into believing a lie that the nation is still a world leader, in some ways it is, as a people not really, when more then 50 % of a nation is without a moral compass and have virtually no principles and or self indulgent, then it will be in trouble.

Greatness or great. Michelle Obama needs a reality check, oh wait she already got one, Hillary got defeated by Trump, what a dose of a wake up call that was to the Liberals, as for Trump, Will he make America great again. not in 4 years he wont, or even 8, unlikely he will last for one term , if greatness is ever to be achieved by America it will take a generation to do so. As it stands. there is so much lacking in its financial ability to deal with its debt and address the needs of its own people.

Great. its just a word used loosely and foolishly by tyrants and maniacal despots

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Holo Lukaloa

12/1/2016 12:24:45 PM

America as it stands right now is a total joke.

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Hop On Pop

12/2/2016 4:42:06 AM

I heard recordings of Trump's "thank you rally" in Ohio last night and, I swear to god, it sounded like nothing so much as what I heard of Hitler's rallies back in Germany in the 30s and 40s. It was scary.
Now, despite the racist rhetoric, I am not saying that Trump is going to commit genocide, or that he is, in fact a fascist dictator, but that rally sure didn't do anything to dissuade me from those notions, either.
Seriously, listen to the rally last night -- the lambasting of the media, the gloating, the firing up of his supporters, their chanting; and then listen to Hitler's speeches. While the content was (mostly) different, the spirit was the same.
It was pretty fucking scary.

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12/2/2016 8:13:11 AM

I am so sick of the Hitler shit. I wish Trump nothing less than total success.

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Bryon Tosoff

12/2/2016 8:19:15 AM

I agree with Larree, this hitler thing is way off the mark there is no comparison to the times in Germany and the USA now. none, do your history people and get a grip, read up how Hitler got into power, and why and how it happened dont be so grasping at straws and make dumb ass remarks, should I give you a lesson on what happened. some of the remarks here are childish

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Hop On Pop

12/2/2016 8:27:33 AM ---- Updated 12/2/2016 8:31:25 AM

I wasn't saying that Trump IS Hitler, nor that he was going to do the same things. I was just making the comparison of the fervor that he stirred up at his rally to that of what was stirred up at those in Germany at the time.
You could say that is the hallmark of a great leader, and maybe it is. But it's also kinda scary at the same time, because that kind of cult of personality has proven to be so dangerous in the past.
So, no... not saying that Trump = Hitler. But that we need to be careful not to get wrapped up in it all or things could go horribly, horribly wrong, in their own ways.
Do you see what I am saying?
Can you agree with it?
Look at it objectively, through the lens of history, and it can be a little frightening.
No matter who it is on the pedestal, Trump, Bernie, Democrat, or Republican...
a demagogue is a demagogue. And, while Trump is not there quite yet, he sure looks to be moving that way.
And it's scary.

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Bryon Tosoff

12/2/2016 8:32:17 AM

Dont look here, in America, look to the middle east where it is always been the hotbed of destruction ,it is going to be one of the contributors to unrest is and has been , oh there will be some one rise up, but not in America. maybe again in Europe perhaps China or Russia not here, never here.

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Hop On Pop

12/2/2016 8:36:58 AM

Not in the American Character?
It's hardwired into the HUMAN character. It can happen anywhere, if we're not vigilant. Just awareness is all that's needed. Not denial.

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12/2/2016 8:38:38 AM

Almost should expect this (the adoration)... the voters made it clear they wanted a new voice. And they got it.
Rhetoric BS aside I wish him well.
Like no other... he will be watched and scrutinized for everything he says and does.
I'm ok with that...

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12/2/2016 8:40:57 AM

All the Hitler references over the last presidential campaign only succeeded in trivializing the evil that was Hitler. Thanks, alt-left!

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Bryon Tosoff

12/2/2016 8:44:03 AM

Geez, now we are getting classes from Todd on how we are hard wired for evil, duh thanks Todd, didnt know that we could be good and evil. the choices taht we have are endless, Not in America, ever, ever guaranfuckingteed

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Hop On Pop

12/2/2016 8:44:55 AM

Read my post, Larree.
Not trivializing it. I have relatives that were Holocaust survivors. Just pointing out disturbing similarities in their methods, that is all. We all need to be vigilant, that is all. The cult of personality is a powerful thing, and Trump is wielding that weapon deftly.

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Holo Lukaloa

12/2/2016 8:46:42 AM

Trump is a lying fascist who's done nothing but shame his supporters since election day, going against his promises of draining the swamp, bringing in a Goldman Sachs administration, doing the opposite on Carrier that he promised, now he's even looking at big oil guys to be secretary of state. Of course his "celebrate with my redneck homies" tour is reminiscent of Hitler.

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Bryon Tosoff

12/2/2016 8:48:23 AM

oh here we go, the thing that kills this place political bullshit. the thing the scares and makes people not want to come here, political bullshit the thing that will prevent this place from actually getting anywhere political bullshit.

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12/2/2016 8:50:27 AM ---- Updated 12/2/2016 8:51:33 AM

Not you specifically, Todd. I am talking about how the first thing any idiot from the alt-left would throw in the face of anyone who did not support Clinton was the racist, homophobe, xenophobe, Islamophobe, white supremacist, nazi, shitler rap. I yawn when people mention Hitler these days.

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12/2/2016 8:52:14 AM

Holo? Fuck off.

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Bryon Tosoff

12/2/2016 8:53:19 AM


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12/2/2016 8:54:57 AM

also utters a laugh. Good one, Lar.

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12/2/2016 8:55:36 AM

ever see a chipmunk yell at an oncoming avalanche?

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Holo Lukaloa

12/2/2016 8:56:24 AM

Bryon, seems to me you start with this "political bullshit" angle whenever somebody disagrees with you. It's just a fact that in several important areas, Trump has already broken crucial promises to his followers.

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12/2/2016 9:00:17 AM

For the record, Holo, you ignorant alt-left twit, President-elect Trump said very early in his campaign that all of his "promises" were start points for negotiations because he knew he would have to work with congress to get things done. So, shut up already with your hateful crap.

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12/2/2016 9:00:23 AM

Holo if you're looking for work you should get on the Soros payroll and go protest or maybe you can help with the recount in Wisconsin. ;-)

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Bryon Tosoff

12/2/2016 9:03:04 AM ---- Updated 12/2/2016 9:03:42 AM

political bullshit. never said it before, Holo, ever

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Holo Lukaloa

12/2/2016 9:41:04 AM

Jeff, whenever anybody brings George Soros into a political argument, it's a lead pipe guarantee that they read a lot of wingnut propaganda.

Meanwhile Larree, how do you feel about a big oil guy being up for Secretary of State, being that you're the guy who wrote a protest song about big oil?

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12/2/2016 9:41:21 AM

key word being 'avalanche'.

someone was bound to do it. here it comes. recount my ass. little late for that.

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12/2/2016 9:48:04 AM

Holo? I am just glad the fucking election is over, and I hope our country has a great next four years. Go do some Christmas shopping or something. Or protest on a freeway with cars whizzing by at 75 MPH if you really can't get off politics for a minute. Seriously. You'll give yourself a fucking ulcer if you keep it up.

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Holo Lukaloa

12/2/2016 9:53:33 AM

Trump IS my ulcer.

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Holo Lukaloa

12/2/2016 9:53:34 AM

Trump IS my ulcer.

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12/2/2016 10:26:40 AM

HAHAHA, I would not be all whacked out like you if Trump had lost, HAHAHA! And I probably hated Clinton more than you hated Trump! Now go repeat "Trump IS my ulcer" over and over. Put it on a loop and produce a record! HAHAHAHAHAHA

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Holo Lukaloa

12/2/2016 10:34:22 AM

I now suspect your Big Oil song was disingenuous.

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12/2/2016 11:02:37 AM

You are a dumb guy, Holo. I wrote that song when gas was $5 a gallon and it had nothing to do with any specific political figures. Get real.

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12/2/2016 11:26:51 AM

I laft...
out loud.

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12/2/2016 1:38:16 PM ---- Updated 12/2/2016 1:39:05 PM

Here you go Holo... no right winged conspiracy... just his words.


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Holo Lukaloa

12/2/2016 2:06:28 PM

I'm not watching that, why don't you summarize.

Lemme guess, you believe the wingnut propaganda that the Trump protests were all fake and staged by Soros.

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12/2/2016 4:38:51 PM

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12/2/2016 5:09:50 PM

One more. Because this is the best. Happy holidays, Holo. I mean, I really wasn't going to gloat about knowing he would win, but you are such a dick sometimes and kind of deserve some clownin'. Much love, junior.

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Hop On Pop

12/2/2016 7:19:25 PM

I've seen that SNL skit before. It's incredible.

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