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2/7/2017 6:17:50 AM
writer's block and inspiration

2/3/2017 9:21:32 AM
New song

1/13/2017 2:26:22 PM
don't give up

1/12/2017 8:22:55 AM
Happiness isn’t as inspiring...

1/11/2017 10:38:30 AM
And even the horses had wings cover

1/10/2017 12:10:46 PM
I love when people ask me ''why do you sing in English?''

1/1/2017 1:04:29 PM


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2/7/2017 6:17:50 AM

writer's block and inspiration
Inspiration is so whimsical.

It comes and it goes. It comes, stays for a while, and it goes. Doesn't come when you want it too, but when you least expect it to. Goes when you're done for the day.

As much as I don't like having writer's block, I'm not too bothered by it (or at least try not to be so much), because I know that inspiration will come. It always comes. Songs which I wrote while being truly inspired are my greatest songs and songs which I 'forced' myself to write are not my best ones.

inspiration chooses its time. On 1st day of January I just sat at my laptop, enjoying my time and suddenly I thought 'I want to make a cover' and just one hour later I had a cover of ''and even the horses had wings''. I've been trying to make that cover for few years. never could get around to do this and last month I did it so effortlessly. it's only one example out of several ones, but the most recent one.

Sometimes it doesn't come for weeks or months. But when it finally shows up, I love what it brings. everytime it shows up, I feel like writing my best song yet. so yeah, I am having a writer's block now. But no worries. Inspiration will come.

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Father Time

2/7/2017 7:16:31 AM

For me the block is not usually about songwriting because I have hundreds of songs I never recorded anyway. For me it's about the desire to turn on my recorder and get serious about a song. After a bad experience with a collaborator I have had a lot of difficulty getting back in the fray of that. However the seeds of late have been in my head and are starting to sprout, I do have a new song that I want to do, along with several covers, I might only be a day away from getting to it. Or it might be a week or a month.

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2/7/2017 7:46:14 AM

Good luck with your song and your covers! even if you're a week or month away, what you will write once the block's gone will be truly worth the waiting :)

for me it's simply about the total lack of ideas, not even about the desire itself. The desire itself is always there, but no matter how much time I spent playing/singing or working on my songs and how serious I am about it, I end up being frustrated, because I don't like what I come up with. I force it instead of letting the best ideas flow naturally. It's not that way when I'm inspired - when I'm inspired, I easily finish everything within just few hours or less and I love the end result. So even if I don't like the writer's block, I prefer to wait it out because I know that in the end I will not write anything good.

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Father Time

2/7/2017 8:02:09 AM

Have you ever tried automatic writing? You seem like the spiritual sort who might be able to use that path.

What you do is, some say you should light a candle because it allows the netherworld an entry. Then you make your mind go completely blank and just write down the first words that come into your head. It may not make any sense but eventually you get a flow going and it's always a nice surprise to see what you wrote when you're done. I've written some of my best lyrics this way. If you can't get started, ask the sky a question and then try.

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2/7/2017 9:26:54 AM

I don't believe in writer block. I am currently writing the second draft of my first novel, a guitar book, a few short stories, and a football related song for a paid assignment.

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2/7/2017 12:56:04 PM

I've never tried this particular technique before, although quite often I do write down first words that come to my mind. they are mostly just sentences that wait for better days, but then they actually trigger the avalanche of ideas for lyrics. But I do agree, that it can create the best lyrics :)
writers' block mostly hits me when it comes to composing and mastering. the lyrics are ready, melody is ready, but the arrangement is just not there...and sometimes it takes weeks to come, but when it does, it's excellent :)

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2/7/2017 3:57:21 PM

Never had writers block. I suppose it is because I see everything and everyone in my life as possible song material. Also, I have this radio playing in my head and there is always musical inspiration there. I consider myself to be a trained observer of life as it unfolds. Music is my way of capturing a moment or two.

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2/8/2017 2:06:45 AM

well just because you don't experience something doesn't mean it doesn't exist at all

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Lee Burke

2/8/2017 4:13:20 AM ---- Updated 2/8/2017 6:15:50 AM

hardest thing writing inspiration is spelling it lol

I think writers block happens when you 'Try', but the mind can only 'try' for so long, and then it gives up, when it gives up 'trying', you end up writing anything that comes out.

I myself dont get writers block, as my mind is stuck in daydream mode 60% of the time, and the other 40% my minds exploring whats out there, so Its difficult for me to get a block unless someone throws me a block lol but i do find it difficult structuring what i wanna write and using the right words to express it.

There are 3 solutions from which I've found,

1) Is to keep a mini notepad on ya, when inspiration strikes, write the whole song the lyrics the music everything, till its complete knowing that your inspiration is only temporary till it comes back.

2) Go to a new city you haven't been before, explore the area, and find out what triggers your inspiration, as something would need to alter your perception based on either your experiences and imagination, finding out what makes you tick and keeping to those thoughts fuels the inspiration

3) write a mini song first, just 1 verse and 1 chorus, the less you have to write the less inspiration you need, as a full song requires the full inspiration. then if you like what you done you can build on it, but not the whole thing, just 1 more verse, then following day, 1 more verse etc till its done

Also you mention liking what you wrote, I believe that wether you enjoy your own lyrics is irrelevant to the songwriting process, as the lyrics on there own can look nothing special to you, but once you add the music it can change the way you see your own lyrics.

one last thought, is your own creativity affects how you see your own work, so if you did well your most likely gonna enjoy the finished result, but if you could of done much better, you wont think of it.

hope this helps
Da Burkstar

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2/9/2017 12:12:44 AM

I never said it doesn't exist. i just said I have never experienced it. maybe I am lucky or some shit like that. Or maybe other are very unlucky. I say look around and you will a world of material out there.


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