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Duane Flock

3/2/2019 10:04:21 PM
It's Here!!

2/17/2019 4:40:39 PM

3/25/2018 1:05:20 PM
On Da Rocks

1/9/2018 8:45:38 PM
Collabs...Sometimes you get a Gem

7/30/2016 8:53:25 AM
Diamond in the Rough

5/25/2016 5:39:27 PM
IMP for 2 HRS!!

5/15/2016 9:29:15 AM
Just a Note

10/26/2015 7:31:35 AM
Windows 10 & Protools

6/20/2015 12:19:02 PM
For those of us with Anniversaries

6/19/2015 6:49:54 AM

1/24/2015 2:50:44 PM
Finally After Two Years!!

8/30/2014 1:49:14 PM
New and Re-mix

7/8/2013 5:43:56 PM
Last Night #2 in Blues

5/19/2013 9:00:22 AM
Worth The Wait

12/10/2012 8:21:16 PM
Tis The Season

6/7/2012 6:44:29 PM

5/15/2012 6:15:39 PM
HARD TO BELIEVE!! .......But Greatful

9/11/2011 9:08:04 PM
An evening with Acoustic Son

6/25/2011 1:35:51 PM
Vacation in LA

6/15/2011 7:01:54 PM
REALIZATION..........A wake-up call?

5/1/2011 8:02:26 PM
Long Time Coming

3/20/2011 10:04:38 PM
Stuck in Traffic?


IAC Prime Member


Duane Flock

3/2/2019 10:04:21 PM

It's Here!!
A new song called The Climax
Laid back and easy listening.

This one I worked on about half a year. It has a crescendo (climax) that I tried to put in one of my songs for years but would never work until now. The chords go down while the lead notes go up.

A special thanks to Dolores and Judy (SCS) for keys, synth and production / mix! They did an AWESOME job on this one!

(I lost my piece of paper that had the link thingy to just click on the title)

Enjoy everyone!!

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Bryon Tosoff

3/3/2019 10:54:23 AM

will check the tunage out Duane

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Shoe City Sound

3/3/2019 2:28:46 PM

Always great to work on a Duane Flock tune! Great instrumental and amazing guitar playing.

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Richard Scotti

3/3/2019 3:27:43 PM

Nice chill collab - added to Under The Overs, Instrumentally Yours and Richard Scotti's Love Fest

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Duane Flock

3/3/2019 8:22:04 PM

A BIG Thank-You to everyone that listened and put The Climax on their stations!!

I had to work today and haven't yet been able to thank everyone.
It's the shitz being on the Left Coast! Bare with me, I'll get to ya!

more Great tunes to come!!!



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Chandra Moon

3/4/2019 5:26:33 AM ---- Updated 3/4/2019 5:34:01 AM

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Chandra Moon

3/4/2019 5:35:40 AM

Yes good work - I've added it to Airspace where I add great chilled out music.

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