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4/24/2017 12:45:29 AM
How many zero's do you need?

4/24/2017 12:36:42 AM
Liars did not kill Honesty

4/11/2017 6:04:20 PM
+++Let me know your views on Artist Pictures+++

4/5/2017 6:17:35 PM
I need expert help with music licencing- calling out to a music lawyer or specialist.

3/24/2017 10:16:35 PM
If it were the very last thing of you.

3/23/2017 11:35:36 PM
?????+++++++The Ultimate Equisound Censoring+++++++

3/15/2017 11:39:50 PM
The music will play inside your head and will record your emotions


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4/24/2017 12:45:29 AM

How many zero's do you need?
I am a self produced Artist that has almost nothing to show except a few little perks here and there from the industry. I have made less then $$25.000 in 17 years making music. I'm not complaining! 800 downloads of a song is somewhat awesome.

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4/24/2017 12:47:27 AM

I have not spent one cent on promotions so far, maybe I just don't want to be a "star". Why would I?

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Shoe City Sound

4/24/2017 7:27:27 AM

Congrats on the 800 downloads! We've had similar results in the same amount of time as you. Except the one tune with the most downloads wasn't even an original - it's a cover of "Politics of Dancing" haha - well a re-mix anyway. The one experience we had with a development deal was insulting and stifling in every way - we wormed our way out of it eventually. Since then it's been just put the tunes out there. I feel like each one is the drop in the water that creates the wake of concentric circles. I love the stream of the internet. That's how I've found my favorite artists as well. The music finds it's audience for sure, and if the zeroes happen, that's OK too.

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Bryon Tosoff

4/24/2017 5:56:21 PM

Zeeza, love what you do do what you love. everybody heard that saying a ton. you are right,. attitude is a big help, respect and consideration, things sometimes happen in the strangest and unusual unexpected ways, I took the long road and its shorter now and i think i have learned something along the way. its like that box of chocolates

keep making your beautiful music. I am trying to get my head back on of late after some life things that whacked me good


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4/26/2017 4:39:26 PM

Thanks for the sweet words Bryon, I agree with you. I love making music and always will ( and I love chocolate).

Shoe City, I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one.

At another site in the early 2000, there I made many thousands of dollars in less then one year. It was great. What I think did it, was the free features and promotions that I got. I think it made a difference back then.

The whole aspect of pay for play is somewhat a decoration and half promises to pay Artists for music. Those who pay for regular promotions may not even make more money then me and some do.
I still believe that music should be free for all who to listen and the bill should be sent to the servers. Sites are making billions using music to lure more customers. Its a fact. Youtube, Spotify and Google play for example should pay Artists way more. The only reason that they can't is probably because the very popular Artists of the moment would sink the company if they paid 99 cents per stream.

oh well, just came in for a few minutes, going back out to my garden!


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