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Hop On Pop
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6/9/2020 7:33:54 PM
Mr. Troll -- RIP

6/7/2020 5:41:42 PM
Live online performances

5/20/2020 7:56:17 PM
I'd like this to be a manly music forum

5/2/2020 10:50:28 AM
I was interviewed for a podcast

3/26/2020 1:20:44 PM
I've been doing live stream concerts, too

2/24/2020 10:47:42 PM

2/4/2020 12:36:06 PM
Every write a "thank you" note to your favorite musicians?

9/29/2019 3:14:27 PM
The Alan Lomax of Indie music

9/11/2019 7:30:19 PM
Daniel Johnston died

8/8/2019 7:32:09 AM
RIP David Berman (Silver Jews)

6/12/2019 9:01:48 PM
A message from Ray Porter

5/21/2019 1:22:39 PM
The greatest live show I ever attended...

5/15/2019 1:53:19 PM

5/10/2019 2:59:16 PM
Listen to me live on the radio TODAY (5/10)

2/28/2019 10:05:15 AM
Saw The Chills last night!

2/6/2019 4:01:04 PM
Booked another gig -- in May!

2/1/2019 5:15:39 PM
I'm thinking of stepping into Brazilian Pop

12/14/2018 8:06:23 AM
A great quote about playing guitar

12/9/2018 8:08:46 PM
How many of you have actually recorded to TAPE?

11/15/2018 10:12:59 AM
Anyone gonna be around Chicago for the Holidays?

10/18/2018 2:41:47 PM
SONGWRITERS: Is there a singer you would love to hear sing one of your songs?

8/27/2018 8:39:33 AM
Woke up with a completed song in my head!

8/20/2018 1:18:27 PM
I have this song about my little baby boy, Cary

7/5/2018 2:43:50 PM

6/15/2018 8:36:36 AM
Meeting IMPeople

5/8/2018 5:32:45 PM
Coming soon...the Hop On Pop BOX SET!!!

3/25/2018 9:40:15 PM
I think I have achieved my goal as a musician.

3/1/2018 2:28:05 PM
Which should I record next?

2/22/2018 6:57:58 PM
I'm gonna be a baby now

2/4/2018 10:54:01 AM
I saw a guy who looked like Scott last night

12/18/2017 7:32:11 AM
Thank you SO much for the "Best Band" nomination!

11/13/2017 6:30:24 PM
New songs are UP!!!

10/13/2017 9:48:24 AM
New songs—mixes are coming in!

9/30/2017 11:11:11 AM
Recording next week!

9/14/2017 10:46:42 AM
RIP Grant Hart

8/30/2017 9:51:19 AM
Tomorrow is my 20th wedding anniversary!

8/18/2017 9:13:28 AM
Cary turns 18 today!

7/1/2017 6:44:21 PM
I did a Facebook Live stream

5/1/2017 8:03:38 AM
The Monkees

4/10/2017 7:20:20 AM
Where did Larree's topic about The Beatles go?

4/5/2017 7:31:26 PM
I'm playing at Billy Corgan's place next week

3/24/2017 7:03:39 AM
If any of you are ever in Chicago

3/20/2017 8:08:09 PM

3/6/2017 7:53:07 PM
Chance the Rapper donates $1M to Chicago Public Schools

12/2/2016 7:35:56 PM
The perfect Christmas gift!!!

12/2/2016 1:30:27 PM
Why is there a picture of Stoneman at the bottom of the front page?

10/23/2016 6:26:43 AM
Somewhere, Steve Goodman is smiling...

7/23/2016 6:04:51 AM
Live on the radio 7/29—stream or over the air!

7/8/2016 7:54:23 AM
I've been covered again -- this time by BEATLESEX!

5/16/2016 10:11:22 AM
I was on TV last night

4/21/2016 10:36:51 AM
Prince: Rest In Peace O(+>

3/24/2016 8:13:54 AM
Just finished writing my first song in almost 2 years!

3/15/2016 5:49:20 AM
Just catalogued my entire music collection!

2/26/2016 8:38:28 AM
Emitt Rhodes! His first album in 40 years released TODAY!!!

2/18/2016 6:34:00 PM
Writing on instruments that you don't actually play

1/7/2016 7:38:02 AM
Are there any artists whose new albums you will ALWAYS buy?

1/2/2016 5:28:44 PM
Free damn download

12/21/2015 6:24:03 AM
Happy Holidays, from Hop On Pop

12/15/2015 6:55:34 AM
Todd's top albums of 2015

11/27/2015 7:20:14 AM
In Chicago? I'm playing a show tonight (11/27)!

9/4/2015 11:17:13 AM
Twitter account from "Person Who Sits Next to Kim Davis"

8/22/2015 7:45:49 AM
My band got some airplay in Sweden!

8/14/2015 4:47:00 AM
I've been writing full-on record reviews

7/24/2015 11:09:54 AM
MY stumper questions for music geeks

5/29/2015 5:08:24 PM

5/27/2015 6:41:39 AM
What music is on your iPod/phone/portable device?

5/21/2015 4:20:23 PM
Rock quote of the day

5/20/2015 9:03:22 AM
A dissertation on… my lyrics?!

5/19/2015 7:20:04 AM
Looks great! So… any new features we should know?

4/29/2015 4:32:18 AM
Hooray! I've been waiting to post this NEW song!!!

3/5/2015 8:01:07 AM
New song: "We Made It To the Middle"

2/26/2015 5:01:03 AM
A couple of recipes, if you like to cook:

1/9/2015 12:24:15 PM
Sunday -- recording session

9/19/2014 7:50:00 AM
First full-band rehearsal in a long time

8/27/2014 6:14:48 AM
New way of releasing an album

6/23/2014 10:43:19 AM
Okay, so the new song is UP "Spinning, Standing Still"

6/12/2014 12:04:32 PM
Anyone in ST. LOUIS?

4/23/2014 8:35:19 AM
One of the best songs I have ever written

4/22/2014 5:07:29 AM
Muscle Shoals documentary -- you should ALL see this

3/4/2014 6:46:59 AM
Brand New FULL-BAND recording

2/26/2014 10:19:40 AM
Video from 2/21 show

2/13/2014 11:31:58 AM
I'll be on the radio tomorrow (2/14/2014)

1/2/2014 9:11:46 AM
It's been 10 years since my first album came out

12/16/2013 6:02:50 AM
The Curtis Mayfield Story

12/9/2013 12:05:06 PM
Your best of 2013?

12/6/2013 10:25:40 AM
Happy Holidays!!!

11/14/2013 10:34:41 AM
Back in the studio

11/12/2013 6:28:34 PM
Are we in a new Golden Age of mainstream pop?

10/11/2013 6:40:55 AM
This salsa...

10/9/2013 7:50:11 AM
When the demo is better than the released version

9/26/2013 5:34:43 AM
Anybody remember this guy from Garageband.com?

8/16/2013 7:44:31 PM
So, what is/are your main axe(s)?

8/8/2013 10:05:14 AM
Help me get a little press? Thanks!

7/14/2013 4:41:08 PM
It's nice to be on the Hitline

6/29/2013 12:45:14 PM
Giving it all away

6/18/2013 4:41:49 AM
Interviewed for a blog

6/3/2013 4:30:59 PM
One of those moments that keeps me going...

5/1/2013 4:53:15 PM
The one UK punk band that actually LIKED Thatcher

5/1/2013 2:02:23 PM
Money and time

4/30/2013 4:04:12 PM
My friend Phil almost died

4/18/2013 10:06:19 AM
What have I been listening to?

2/22/2013 7:31:46 AM
New single for download at my Bandcamp page

2/4/2013 7:16:59 AM

1/8/2013 8:23:34 AM
Not feeling very inspired

1/2/2013 5:10:59 AM
The No-Getters - "Sympathy"

12/31/2012 6:40:42 AM
A Happy New Year song!!!

12/28/2012 11:46:03 AM
Todd's Top 10 (or so) albums of 2012

12/6/2012 6:46:07 AM
Maybe my favorite album of the year

11/28/2012 10:33:28 AM
Holiday special:

11/27/2012 7:15:20 AM
Happy 70th birthday Jimi Hendrix

11/21/2012 2:56:51 PM
A bunch of new acoustic tunes posted

11/6/2012 7:23:04 AM
In or around Chicago? Playing a show Thursday night.

10/22/2012 11:12:32 AM
A work tape of a new song

10/18/2012 6:44:58 AM
Hop on Pop is on Spotify

9/14/2012 12:17:47 PM

9/6/2012 6:18:52 AM
Whiteboarding an arrangement.

8/21/2012 5:35:18 AM
I was listening to Chicken on a Bicycle last night...

7/20/2012 11:04:16 AM
Another song from the new EP -- so hard to sing

6/11/2012 6:26:08 AM
Anyone pitch their songs to "major" artists?

4/17/2012 6:20:19 AM
Another song from the new EP -- my newest composition

4/13/2012 2:14:34 PM
Just got the first bit of radio play for my new album!

4/9/2012 10:32:47 AM
I have my new EP available for download (and streaming)

4/5/2012 10:34:34 AM
A song unlike I've ever done before... or since

3/26/2012 10:30:18 AM
First song streaming from my new EP

3/26/2012 7:24:45 AM
Release date for my new EP: 4/10

3/5/2012 5:35:39 AM
CHICAGO: playing a show Thursday (3/8)

2/13/2012 10:07:06 AM
Where the hell was the love for Don Cornelius at the Grammys last night?

2/8/2012 10:15:41 AM
If you're gonna be in or around CHICAGO next month...

1/13/2012 12:50:25 PM
JESSE ADAMS! Another one who is finally getting his due on the front page.

1/1/2012 7:20:29 AM
Thanks for putting "Suckers" on the Hitline

12/22/2011 7:09:13 AM
Nice one, Phlegm and Coversation Suicide!

12/14/2011 6:22:33 AM
Another overdue artist gets theirs... congrats SILVERWOOD STUDIO

12/5/2011 11:17:54 AM
Nice work, Hugh Hamilton.

8/30/2011 8:05:58 AM
Interview with Todd at Hearts of Country Radio

7/5/2011 5:46:10 AM
More than a year and a half after its release... another review. Weird.

6/28/2011 8:01:46 AM
Thanks for (finally) paying me

5/31/2011 7:39:38 PM
The first new song that I've written in THREE YEARS?!?!

5/18/2011 5:40:25 AM
VIDEO of me playing live, on the air (5/20)!

5/9/2011 10:04:58 AM
Well, thank you!!

4/16/2011 9:42:43 AM
Chicken T-shirts!

3/22/2011 7:35:08 AM
Who here is from the Chicago area?

3/16/2011 6:50:33 AM
Recording my first official "solo" record?

3/7/2011 8:48:06 AM
I would like to get involved here again, but...

2/16/2011 8:36:45 AM
Happy birthday -- CHICKEN ON A BICYCLE

2/14/2011 5:46:13 AM
As long as we're on the subject of Facebook...

2/9/2011 6:26:28 AM
If you think that you hate rap music... think again

12/21/2010 6:37:18 AM
The nature of the creative mind:

12/9/2010 5:42:28 AM
Tribute to Alex Chilton

12/2/2010 5:48:39 AM
CHICKEN named one of the "10 Best Albums of the Year"!

12/2/2010 5:24:49 AM
Death Cab for Cutie!

11/23/2010 7:00:03 AM
New YouTube for "Here"

11/11/2010 8:55:11 AM

11/9/2010 6:48:52 AM
Whoever bought 2 songs from me today... THANK YOU!

11/8/2010 5:48:00 AM
An interview with Hop On Pop at Aussie web mag Tomatrax

11/2/2010 6:35:00 AM
Taking a page from Bryon's book: play this tune and help out Hop on Pop...

10/29/2010 5:33:31 AM
Both HoP albums AND the Cash Cow album are ALL available for DL

10/25/2010 6:59:05 AM
Hop On Pop knows egg rolls!

10/22/2010 9:04:27 AM
Playing a gig in Chicago -- 11/6

10/21/2010 7:22:23 AM
For those of you who like Jackass

10/21/2010 5:40:28 AM
"Sheila of the Worms" has crawled onto the HITLINE

10/19/2010 7:45:31 AM
New demo posted

10/8/2010 8:36:52 AM
F*cking disheartening

10/1/2010 9:08:50 AM
My label is folding

9/28/2010 6:19:20 PM
October 16 -- come see me play in Chicago

9/20/2010 5:07:03 AM
Is anybody listening? Strange.

9/10/2010 11:14:50 AM
Interviewed at Wobblehouse.com

9/9/2010 4:48:56 AM
Happy New Year!

9/1/2010 7:59:27 AM
What the hell? I'll post another song from CHICKEN...

8/26/2010 4:51:23 AM
Thanks for putting me on the Hitline

8/20/2010 12:56:22 PM
"What a Fool Believes" played entirely ON TOY INSTRUMENTS!!!

8/17/2010 12:01:10 PM
The "LIKE" buttons on our IAC pages...

8/16/2010 7:14:01 AM
I don't know what to say anymore

8/4/2010 10:26:57 AM
New rap/hip hop station... accepting submissions

7/19/2010 6:20:47 AM
Gonna record a follow-up single: A- and B-sides

7/9/2010 10:50:06 AM
Roky Erickson playing for little kids.

6/30/2010 6:01:17 AM
Heard my song on the radio last night... and IT WAS A REQUEST!

6/28/2010 5:26:48 PM
Follow me on Twitter?

6/28/2010 11:34:39 AM
Chicago -- CITY -- gig 7/24: advance ticketing!

6/25/2010 6:36:12 AM
R.I.P.: Pete Quaife (original Kinks bassist)

6/15/2010 4:04:09 PM
New Hop On Pop website!

6/14/2010 11:46:38 AM
Hop On Pop (Todd) live ON THE RADIO (streaming, too)

6/14/2010 5:47:44 AM
What's Todd Listening to in 2010? (part 2)

6/14/2010 5:13:24 AM
Back From Vacation. Hey!

6/2/2010 6:37:10 AM
What's your favorite chord? Do you have one?

5/18/2010 7:05:25 AM
I still just want to be heard

5/18/2010 5:03:38 AM
Chicken On a Bicycle -- pay what you want!!

5/5/2010 10:19:04 AM
Hey... Nashville!!!

4/23/2010 1:34:27 PM
Chicago... I am playing this weekend, if you are near here or whatever.

4/14/2010 2:23:09 PM
Bring the topics back to the front page!

4/9/2010 2:10:08 PM
IAC just feels dead.

3/30/2010 9:11:55 AM
What inspired you to start playing music? Writing music?

3/29/2010 7:51:34 AM
Just a thread to say "thank you"

3/25/2010 8:21:01 AM
Why I write songs

3/18/2010 6:42:56 AM
Alex Chilton (Box Tops/Big Star) is dead

3/15/2010 7:26:11 AM
AllMusic entry for CHICKEN...

3/8/2010 6:38:36 AM
Check out The Garden Clots -- I love these songs!

3/4/2010 7:49:23 AM
Holy crap! "HERE" is at #13 on the OVERALL charts?!?!

2/26/2010 8:31:59 PM
VIDEO: "Here" live and acoustic at the record release party 2/18

2/26/2010 2:43:36 PM
"TORTURED ARTIST" for your listening pleasure

2/22/2010 1:10:12 PM
So, I decided to post another song... "Sheila Of the Worms"

2/15/2010 7:20:41 AM
RIP: Doug Fieger (The Knack)

2/3/2010 2:35:05 PM
Second CHICKEN song on the Hitline in as many weeks?!?!

2/1/2010 9:38:23 AM
The first CHICKEN review arrived today!

2/1/2010 9:12:51 AM
Turning my 10-year-old on to music!

1/30/2010 8:56:14 PM
I PUT UP A THIRD SONG: so, which is "The Single"?

1/30/2010 10:39:05 AM
Drum solos

1/28/2010 2:05:21 PM

1/25/2010 1:24:01 PM
So, a tune of mine is being used on a radio commercial...

1/19/2010 12:47:48 PM
Hop On Pop - Chicken On a Bicycle: NOW AT ITUNES

1/19/2010 10:44:11 AM
So, IAC Support... did you get my email?

1/11/2010 10:54:18 AM
NEW!!! songs up at IAC... welcome the Chicken.

1/8/2010 7:14:41 AM
RECORD RELEASE PARTY!!! (if you're in or around Chicago at the time)

1/5/2010 7:38:11 PM
Do I have "The Eye Of the Tiger"? I'm gonna find out.

1/4/2010 6:51:14 AM
What is Todd Listening to in 2010?

12/31/2009 9:29:23 AM
"New Year's Eve" on New Year's Eve

12/24/2009 6:40:52 AM
Merry Christmas, you sexy people, you!!!

12/15/2009 7:56:30 AM
Just bought a new guitar last night!

12/10/2009 7:03:45 AM
Hey Larree: Who's The Guitar God NOW?!?!

12/7/2009 8:21:11 AM
CHICKEN ON A BICYCLE: official release date announcement

12/2/2009 6:22:17 PM
A Genius. And the documentary film about him!

11/29/2009 1:20:14 PM
Muppet "Bohemian Rhapsody"

11/16/2009 9:43:37 AM
I started a new blog

11/13/2009 1:56:33 PM
This song has been broken so long, I need to promote it now that IT'S FIXED!

11/9/2009 9:29:34 AM
Is the CD dead? Am I wasting my money?

11/9/2009 8:05:06 AM
Perry Como -- this is not a joke

11/3/2009 8:33:12 AM

11/2/2009 8:34:46 AM
You may have noticed that I removed a few songs from my page.

10/28/2009 8:28:30 AM
To those of you who have AutoPlay enabled at any of your pages...

10/19/2009 2:29:21 PM
Mojo Nixon is GIVING it ALL away for FREE!

10/13/2009 12:17:17 PM
Do you remember your first gig?

10/8/2009 2:21:33 PM
Another Todd song faceoff: "Sweet Jane" vs. "Blitzkreig Bop"

10/7/2009 12:57:05 PM
I have NO new songs up!!!

10/6/2009 9:37:24 AM

10/5/2009 9:59:06 AM
I have $25 to spend at Borders how should I spend it?

9/25/2009 8:36:46 AM
Todd's song challenge: "Waterloo Sunset" vs. "God Only Knows"

9/21/2009 12:52:48 PM
HOP ON POP versus XTC?!?!

9/17/2009 8:12:53 AM
Another new Good Stuff Station!

9/16/2009 5:01:18 PM
It's people like THIS that bring this place to a whole nother level!

9/16/2009 3:29:39 PM
Favorite LONG jams?

9/13/2009 9:42:13 PM
Jim Carroll DEAD?

8/31/2009 7:59:09 PM
I bought a piano at an estate sale this weekend

8/5/2009 7:38:06 PM
Ever have one of your best songs not make it onto the album?

8/5/2009 2:37:43 PM
My ChewToy entry in the Punk/Emo/Ska contest is top 10? Help, please?

7/31/2009 4:39:24 PM
The Takers dirtyass country in a bottle.

7/27/2009 2:40:01 PM
Okay, so a new song IS up: "I'm Pathetic"

7/22/2009 7:55:41 PM
The big number at the top of the page!

7/16/2009 4:12:59 PM
The greatest Drummer Joke EVER!

7/15/2009 10:09:55 PM
This is weird. How did this happen?

7/15/2009 2:59:49 PM
What defines a "BAND"?

6/25/2009 6:28:13 PM
Farrah Fawcett: RIP

6/19/2009 7:26:07 PM
Discovering your favorite albums in a record store. Ever happen to you?

6/17/2009 6:22:58 PM
Excellent rant on the death of music criticism

6/3/2009 2:30:30 PM
So, what is your "Day Job"?

6/2/2009 9:07:27 PM
A true demo

6/2/2009 12:43:33 PM
What's Todd Listening to Today? 2009 Edition, vol. 2

5/12/2009 7:08:31 PM
Pre-release CHICKEN ON A BICYCLE Buzz!

5/11/2009 1:34:41 PM
Not your typical High School Musical (Neutral Milk Hotel!)

5/6/2009 2:34:26 PM
Which song of yours is unfairly overlooked?

5/4/2009 6:19:29 PM
Yeah, I put it on here for streaming, but can I RELEASE it like this?

4/29/2009 2:29:40 PM
With sites like IAC, et. al., is there a need for an "official" site for your band?

4/28/2009 4:04:58 PM
Can you say CONSERVATIVE Media Bias?

4/24/2009 4:42:30 PM
Chicago tomorrow morning free festival show

4/16/2009 3:14:35 PM
Pop/Rock Suites?

4/15/2009 2:18:08 PM
Placing your music into TV/Films/Commercials?

4/7/2009 8:27:36 PM
IAC artist HAPPY ASHTRAY song on TV tonight (4/7/09)!!!

4/2/2009 2:14:10 PM

4/1/2009 2:21:13 PM
Favorite quotes Muhammad Ali version

3/31/2009 1:02:46 PM
New song from this weekend - "Sheila of the Worms"!

3/26/2009 11:40:57 AM
"Ashes On the Water" #35 in the Underground 40!

3/19/2009 12:45:56 PM
The Killed Spirits

3/11/2009 1:15:23 PM
"I'm Pathetic" well, it's true!!!

3/4/2009 2:16:36 PM
I think I'm becoming a producer.

3/3/2009 1:47:31 PM
You like beer? I do.

3/2/2009 3:49:47 PM
Kevin White - "A Song For Holly"

2/25/2009 1:56:26 PM

2/24/2009 8:31:34 PM

2/22/2009 2:50:13 PM
I might be a little absent for a bit

2/18/2009 2:47:56 PM
Writing a song? Can't finish it?

2/17/2009 6:38:06 PM
Thelonious Monk's advice to Steve Lacy

2/16/2009 5:53:11 AM
Say what you want about her boobies...

2/9/2009 8:12:52 AM
I called the radio station to request a song and...

1/30/2009 8:59:59 AM

1/30/2009 6:40:00 AM
Funny thing about the blogs/internet boards

1/29/2009 6:10:53 AM
Math: the language of God, which makes Music....

1/27/2009 12:09:22 PM
This one's for Holo!

1/27/2009 6:02:57 AM
I know what's happening!!!

1/20/2009 7:20:30 AM
Licensing cover songs?

1/19/2009 6:01:45 AM
New song is only up for a short time "Come On, Let's Go"

1/15/2009 11:54:34 AM
Rob the Rich - "Forbes"

1/14/2009 6:53:30 AM
The newest GOOD STUFF station!

1/14/2009 6:30:01 AM
Not just favorite music movies, but also favorite movie quotes...

1/12/2009 6:23:50 AM
With which (non-IAC) artists do you most wish to collaborate?

1/7/2009 5:54:39 AM
The hardest song to sing?

1/2/2009 5:43:33 AM
The 2009 "What's Todd Listening To?" thread

12/29/2008 6:19:22 AM
Your favorite quotes from the film: "A Christmas Story"

12/26/2008 8:21:39 PM
Just a reminder about this excellent song

12/25/2008 7:23:21 PM
Does this work?

12/24/2008 8:54:38 PM
Something deep for you all to ponder.

12/24/2008 6:07:20 PM
New Year's Eve song

12/19/2008 11:01:26 AM
I love you all

12/15/2008 10:33:51 AM
Give me a reason to keep this song up at IAC

12/14/2008 8:12:59 PM
What would REALLY happen if you got to open for THE BEATLES?!?!?!?!

12/11/2008 8:39:39 AM
Ray Porter's interview with Phlegm

12/10/2008 11:01:36 AM
Cash Stream Buy-In value has dropped? Already?

12/8/2008 11:16:50 AM
Leo Goldberg is now available for streaming.

12/8/2008 7:36:28 AM
Bringing in an outside SINGER?

12/1/2008 10:18:38 AM
Converting .m4a to .mp3 for use here?

11/28/2008 7:06:35 AM
What I'm thankful for

11/26/2008 6:10:49 AM
So, I'm being covered... TWICE. Make that THREE times!!!

11/16/2008 10:13:26 AM
Any of you struggle with disabilities

11/16/2008 9:43:22 AM
Interview with legendary producer Jim Dickinson on Public Radio

11/11/2008 9:37:36 AM
A song for Veteran's Day

11/11/2008 6:09:57 AM
To those of you who served in the Military:

11/11/2008 5:59:17 AM
Dear Man With No Band Sam,

11/10/2008 7:36:51 AM
When an artist has a mountain of music at their IAC page...

11/7/2008 11:13:13 AM
Can you tell it's been slow at work for me?

11/6/2008 12:46:41 PM
Hear where it all started!

11/6/2008 11:20:07 AM
Adding songs to a DMD, but not to your artist page?

11/6/2008 5:19:01 AM
Those of you who noticed the new DMD at my page....

11/4/2008 1:39:49 PM
Photographic evidence that I really did vote!

10/30/2008 12:51:25 PM
I just got an AllMusic entry for me, by myself.

10/30/2008 11:46:58 AM
You who have autoplay enabled...

10/29/2008 7:48:32 AM
I am so ready for this election to be over!

10/28/2008 8:00:55 AM
You know, the great thing about democracy....

10/23/2008 6:19:23 AM
Chicago area: I'm playing a rare club show... November 13!

10/22/2008 12:18:39 PM
Chinese Democracy FOR REAL... do you care?

10/17/2008 12:16:12 PM
Levi Stubbs dead

10/15/2008 6:59:39 AM
A Year With Swollen Appendices: The Diary of Brian Eno

10/13/2008 10:39:02 AM
LISTEN TO MY NEW SONG!!!!!!! or something.....

10/9/2008 5:02:20 AM
"C'mon Angel" is at #12 on the Country charts!

10/2/2008 6:44:47 AM
So you like albums to have a consistent sound, or to sound different from song-to-song?

9/29/2008 8:30:23 AM
I am such a wuss now.

9/22/2008 10:28:37 AM
The best rock n' roll scream on IAC?

9/19/2008 6:48:21 AM
Where Todd recommends specific music for specific folks here at IAC:

9/18/2008 11:30:12 AM
The craziest, coolest song that I have yet heard on IAC

9/17/2008 9:20:47 AM
All options to promote on the web: iLike

9/8/2008 11:01:24 AM
Great new tune...

9/8/2008 5:26:32 AM
One of my favorite songs has made the Hitline

9/5/2008 2:30:10 PM
Totally psyched! My birthday concert will be...

9/5/2008 5:20:40 AM
Ricky Skaggs?

9/3/2008 5:52:55 AM
How many of you here actually entertain the idea of making a living with your music?

9/2/2008 4:32:52 AM
This is why I make music

8/20/2008 6:21:33 AM
Nick Lowe fans: LISTEN UP!!!

8/20/2008 5:11:15 AM
Brought my guitar to work

8/18/2008 12:39:27 PM
Not just spam, but I am having issues playing my songs

8/15/2008 7:42:51 AM
My top 100 albums of all-time

7/26/2008 3:35:51 PM
"Hey" remixed and up for only a couple of days.

7/22/2008 3:15:18 PM
Open Mic night: I'll be at Fitzgerald's (Chicago) tonight (7/22)

7/18/2008 12:37:00 PM
The Truth about McCain and his Bush

7/15/2008 6:20:57 AM
My station: "The Good Stuff"

7/9/2008 6:55:33 AM
Hop On Pop recording updates

7/7/2008 8:50:59 AM
Lest you all think that I was serious...

7/4/2008 9:23:22 AM
A wonderful musician who wants to TEACH

7/2/2008 7:36:38 AM
Needed: Chicago-area bluegrass musicians

6/23/2008 5:23:46 AM
Second MIXTAPE song posted... again for a short time, only.

6/11/2008 5:54:55 PM
Your favorite moment gigging?

6/10/2008 11:37:59 AM
Now YOU can listen to some of my extensive music collection

5/29/2008 7:36:41 PM
Basic tracking for MIXTAPE song #2 is done!

5/22/2008 12:16:25 PM
I'm trying to bring this guy to IAC

5/22/2008 7:52:18 AM
A NEW SONG -- well, a new old song...

5/19/2008 6:01:53 AM
What's Todd Listening to Today? -- 2008 Edition, vol. 2

5/19/2008 5:59:19 AM
Whoever bought a HoP DMD: Thank you!!!

5/16/2008 5:03:41 AM
Todd: Solo, Live, and Acoustic -- CD available

5/12/2008 11:52:17 AM
No more small shows in CHICAGO??!? --- STOP THIS!!!

5/8/2008 11:05:12 AM
Post the link to your IACer-selected cover tune here!!!

5/7/2008 12:12:52 PM
Pick a Cover for another IAC Musician

5/5/2008 10:44:30 AM
What is up with ukelele?!?!?!

5/5/2008 6:59:02 AM
Which of your songs surprised you?

4/30/2008 12:15:44 PM
Kids review Yo La Tengo

4/29/2008 11:29:40 AM

4/29/2008 4:58:52 AM
Oblique Strategies

4/28/2008 12:41:23 PM
Another MIXTAPE demo is up for your perusal

4/21/2008 9:26:46 AM
CHICAGO: I'm playing a show on Apr. 24

4/11/2008 6:38:04 AM
If you like the new song...

4/9/2008 6:27:28 AM
New station - The Good Stuff, Too!

4/7/2008 5:01:58 AM
FIRST "MIXTAPE" SONG UP (for a short time only)

3/28/2008 7:28:28 AM
How do we (CAN we) search by city?

3/25/2008 11:49:47 AM
One of my best-ever songs... is incomplete. What would you do?

3/7/2008 7:35:00 AM
And... WOW!!! Thank You!

3/6/2008 4:26:12 AM
I saw The Pogues last night.

3/5/2008 5:53:30 AM

2/22/2008 8:47:12 AM
A meditation for you:

2/19/2008 6:57:09 AM
Songs that you wrote around a song title.

2/7/2008 7:39:12 AM
Because we could all use a good laugh

1/31/2008 10:53:59 AM
I have been here since the beginning and never had a Top-50.

1/31/2008 9:32:30 AM
A new station: Yin/Yang

1/22/2008 7:23:26 AM
I don't wanna be famous.

1/17/2008 11:18:04 AM
You have the power... I know that I do.

1/15/2008 6:38:50 AM
Anyone see Roky Erickson on Austin City Limits the other night?

1/9/2008 6:09:17 AM
I fear that I've lost my passion

1/2/2008 7:30:12 AM
What's Todd listening to today? -- 2008 Edition

12/26/2007 9:18:07 AM
Chicago: I'm playing a show on Jan. 4

12/24/2007 7:51:19 AM
My end-of year mix

12/10/2007 9:42:27 AM
Volume control issues?

12/4/2007 9:03:58 AM
What's the most-embarassing album in your collection?

11/29/2007 10:34:20 AM
List here ALL of the projects that you have on IAC

11/27/2007 3:08:12 PM

11/26/2007 11:11:04 AM
Have you ever shared a gig with an IAC artist? How was it?

11/26/2007 9:45:33 AM
My "The Good Stuff" station is #33 on the station charts?!?!

11/20/2007 10:14:23 AM
Creating stations of entirely your own music?!?!

11/14/2007 3:15:10 PM
Who is selling HARD-COPIES of CDs here?

11/1/2007 12:12:44 PM
I'm going to play for my son's 2nd Grade class tomorrow!

10/29/2007 3:38:42 PM
Let's hook up on MySpace, too!

10/26/2007 8:49:43 AM
Let's hear your musician jokes.

10/24/2007 3:35:22 PM
Scott, add a new genre? Lo-Fi?

10/24/2007 2:14:32 PM
So. Cal. IACer check-in. Are you okay? Status?

10/10/2007 9:49:56 AM
Post your AllMusic listings/reviews

10/10/2007 9:09:26 AM
So, I won concert tickets to see... Steve Earle

10/5/2007 10:21:51 AM
I just upped the first song I ever wrote

10/2/2007 9:13:54 AM
I bought a resonator guitar yesterday!

9/26/2007 3:44:33 PM
Hop On Pop planning to record again in the near future!

9/25/2007 9:05:27 AM
New station -- BlergleFlorp

9/10/2007 1:29:16 PM
Anyone ever organize a Benefit concert?

9/10/2007 10:40:31 AM
Why I love IAC

9/7/2007 12:25:30 PM
A universal invitation to all you IACers

9/6/2007 11:45:35 AM
Drop me a line to see HoP live on TV

9/5/2007 9:44:57 AM
What was your FIRST gig?

8/31/2007 8:44:47 AM
It's my 10-year wedding anniversary!!!

8/28/2007 9:52:21 AM
Another community for IACers to take advantage of....

8/23/2007 9:18:33 AM
You know what pisses me off?

8/20/2007 3:48:31 PM
The next logical step for IAC? Their own LABEL!

8/15/2007 3:16:47 PM
CHICAGO!!! I'm calling to you!

8/9/2007 10:27:43 AM
Updated daily: What is Todd listening to today?

8/7/2007 8:12:39 AM
Anybody in Chicago wanna play with me?

8/3/2007 9:57:52 AM
I decided that i LIKE our album!

7/30/2007 3:11:33 PM
Finally got a MySpace page up!

7/30/2007 9:00:39 AM
Back from vacation -- and I'm not happy about it.

7/20/2007 12:13:29 PM
To those of you who have cover songs up here...

6/28/2007 8:26:02 AM
Anyone see the Paul Simon tribute on PBS last night?

6/19/2007 8:49:27 AM
Making "mixes" for friends... want a mix?

6/13/2007 12:08:35 PM
Is it me, or do you always see the same artists on the front page?

6/11/2007 8:52:21 AM
Perpetual member?

6/6/2007 1:45:44 PM
Just created a new, Live music-only station

5/25/2007 9:55:36 AM
Another site that I think many here could benefit from... JPFolks

5/18/2007 10:33:53 AM
I'll be playing a solo/acoustic show May 24.

5/17/2007 1:54:52 PM
What makes for a good cover song?

5/14/2007 3:49:49 PM

5/11/2007 10:37:40 AM
One time, when I was taking with the late Stanley Kubrick...

5/8/2007 9:25:49 AM
One World, One Music

5/1/2007 2:51:27 PM
What inspires me? What inspires you?

4/23/2007 9:41:25 AM
Autoplay: Good marketing, or just-plain annoying?

4/12/2007 2:45:13 PM
Getting airplay on our local station?

4/4/2007 2:53:54 PM
A special offer from Hop On Pop:

3/27/2007 11:56:06 AM
Calling Nick Lowe! Nick Lowe: you are being paged!

3/20/2007 10:43:42 AM
Back to the basement...

3/16/2007 9:18:05 AM
I'm playing a free acoustic show Sunday!

3/9/2007 2:32:17 PM
The change in season does something to me

3/6/2007 4:14:40 PM
A crazy, all-over the place mix for you

2/5/2007 8:39:15 AM
Um.. Prince at the Super Bowl... WOW!

2/2/2007 10:14:55 AM
Is there any way to convert from .m4a to .mp3 on a Mac?

1/31/2007 8:48:40 AM
Allow me to rephrase: MY STATION NEEDS SONGS!!!

1/30/2007 2:13:06 PM
The Demonstration Station!!!

1/17/2007 4:12:28 PM
The WGN vid has been taken down.

1/8/2007 12:14:06 PM
I finally got our TV performance up on the web!!!

9/25/2006 10:22:55 AM
All I want is to be heard...

7/17/2006 9:07:29 AM
Hop On Pop is on the Hitline.


IAC Prime Member


Hop On Pop

8/9/2007 10:27:43 AM

Updated daily: What is Todd listening to today?
I'll be updating this little thread daily, as it's always something different. Maybe you'll get an idea of where the heck I'm coming from. Or maybe you'll discover a new favorite band. Or maybe you'll say, "Hey! I like that too! Maybe I should check these guys out!!!"

Anyway, here's what I am listening to today (8/9/07):
Café Tacvba - Un Viaje
Massive Attack - Mezzanine
Son Volt - The Search

It'll get more interesting, day-by-day (I hope).
Any questions about something? Drop me a line and I'll be more than happy to tell you all about it.


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Hop On Pop

8/10/2007 7:56:41 AM

Okay, so today's CD selections (8/10/07):
Shrimp Boat - Something Grand (disc 2)
Tenpole Tudor - Swords Of 1,000 Men
Prince - The Black Album
Dogbowl - Flan
Brian Wilson - Smile

And, of course, as always, there will be a random selection of new and favorite songs from IAC.

Also, as always, feel free to ask me about any of the above albums.

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8/10/2007 8:29:48 AM

I'll join you for Brian Wilson - Smile Todd - never get tired of that one.

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Hop On Pop

8/13/2007 8:12:05 AM

After a break for the topic for the weekend, I'm back.
Today's selections:
Tenpole Tudor - Swords Of 1,000 Men (a holdover from last week)
Guided By Voices - Alien Lanes
The Feelies - Crazy Rhythms
Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

And much IAC!

It's gonna be a good day.

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Hop On Pop

8/14/2007 7:53:47 AM

Cowboy Junkies - The Trinity Sessions
Todd Rundgren compilation
Pat DiNizio - Songs & Stories

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Hop On Pop

8/15/2007 8:57:11 AM

Nothing but IAC!

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Hop On Pop

8/16/2007 8:32:56 AM


John Cale - Paris, 1919
My Bloody Valentine - Loveless
The Band - Music From Big Pink
Joe Pisapia - Daydreams
Velvet Crush - Teenage Symphonie To God

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8/16/2007 9:15:42 AM

Good choices - you been 'borrowing' my cd's?......just off to check..........ha ha ha :)

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Hop On Pop

8/17/2007 7:55:39 AM ---- Updated 9/6/2007 8:04:52 AM

It's my parent's 38th wedding anniversary, and I brought NOTHING in to celebrate that! In particular:
Eric B. & Rakim - 20th Century Masters Collection
Los Lobos - By the Light Of the Moon
Spoon - Girls Can Tell*
Rockpile - Seconds Of Pleasure
The Quintet - Jazz At Massey Hall

The last album, being in memorium to the great Max Roach, who died yesterday at age 83.

*denotes IAC artist

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Hop On Pop

8/20/2007 8:05:26 AM

Mavis Staples - We'll Never Turn Back
Flatt & Scruggs - Songs Of the Famous Carter Family
Self - Gizmodgery
Shrimp Boat - Speckly
Brian Eno - Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy
Various Artists - Discos Matador: Intended Play 2007

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Hop On Pop

8/21/2007 9:20:08 AM

Martin Newell - A Summer Tamarind
Various (Matador) Artists - Intended Play 2007 (yesterday's holdover)
Eleventh Dream Day - Zeroes and Ones
Stevie Wonder - Songs In the Key Of Life

That new Newell is quite an excellent album. I do hope that we can get Mr. Newell here to IAC at some point. (Recommended for fans of XTC, Robyn Hitchcock, The Kinks, and acoustic-informed BritPop, in general.)

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Hop On Pop

8/22/2007 8:01:30 AM

Various Artists - SST Acoustic (compilation from many moons ago.)
The White Stripes - White Blood Cells
Naked Raygun - Throb Throb
Naked Raygun - Jettison
Big Star - #1 Record/Radio City

Remember, let me know if you like what you see or want some more info on any of the bands/records. I love to geek out like that.

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Hugh Hamilton

8/22/2007 2:05:07 PM

Hmm...I could start a thread like this...of course it would be 365 days a year of typing the same stuff over and over...Rubber Soul...Abbey Road...Sgt. Pepper...Anthology...and the IAC crowd...how do you have so much listening time, Todd?

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Hop On Pop

8/22/2007 2:20:25 PM

I listen to music at work.
Easy enough with a desk job that has no client contact, and a tolerant boss who doesn't mind me wearing headphones.

It's pretty much the ONLY time that I get to listen to the music that I want.

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Hop On Pop

8/23/2007 8:02:23 AM ---- Updated 9/6/2007 8:05:51 AM

I certainly won'te get to all of these today (esp. w/ IAC in the mix), but:
Dungen - Tio Bitar
Steve Ison - The Stars Are Never Really Distant*
The Yardbirds - Roger The Engineer
Belle & Sebastian - Tigermilk*
Falstaff - Falstaff
Tom Zé - Estuando O Pagode
The Replacements - All Shook Down

Look for which ones I have on my list tomorrow, too!!!

*denotes IAC artist

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8/23/2007 2:49:46 PM


can we add to this thread what we're listening to ?

If so, here's mine..

X - Wild Gift
Badfinger - Greatest Hits
Al Green - Greatest Hits
Heaven 17 - The Luxury Gap
Steely Dan - Katy Lied
Never Mind the Bollocks - Sex Pistols
Queen - A Day At the Races

and of course lots of IAC.

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Hop On Pop

8/23/2007 2:59:18 PM


Of course you can.
And I'm diggin' the selections today, Scottie.

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Hop On Pop

8/24/2007 8:04:27 AM

8/24/04 – In the wake of the flood (shoulda brought that one, actually, but...):

Roky Erickson - The Evil One
Blur - Parklife
Iron Maiden - Killers
Hank Williams, Sr. - 24 Greatest Hits, Vol. 2

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Hugh Hamilton

8/24/2007 10:35:53 AM

Today I've heard Ray Porter, Music Mistress, Isle of Ewe, and Jeff Allen Myers...for the rest of the day I've decided to be content with the voices in my head...ta-ta...

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Hop On Pop

8/25/2007 4:15:16 PM ---- Updated 9/6/2007 8:06:27 AM

A rare weekend edition:
Aimee Mann - Whatever*

*denotes IAC artist

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Hop On Pop

8/27/2007 10:42:37 AM

Roy Wood - Archive Series
Damn, I loves me some Roy!

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Hop On Pop

8/28/2007 8:11:53 AM

Kirsty MacColl - Tropical Brainstorm (rest in peace, my dear)
Kings Of Leon - Aha Shake Heartbreak
Yo La Tengo - I Am Not Afraid Of You and I Will Beat Your Ass
Wire - Send
Sam and Dave - The Very Best Of...

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Hop On Pop

8/29/2007 8:13:44 AM ---- Updated 9/6/2007 8:07:09 AM

Squ!re - Sing Along with Squ!re (comp)
Various Artists - The Birmingham Sound: The Soul of Neil Hemphill
Teenage Fanclub - Songs From Northern Britain*
Mavis Staples - We'll Never Turn Back
Pixies - Doolittle
The Decemberists - Picaresque

(look for leftovers tomorrow)

*denotes IAC artist

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Hop On Pop

8/30/2007 8:59:24 AM ---- Updated 9/6/2007 8:07:52 AM

Teenage Fanclub - Bandwagonesque*
The Decemberists - Picaresque*
Willie Nelson - 16 Greatest Hits *
Wilco - Being There
The Soft Boys - Underwater Moonlight

*denotes IAC artist

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Hop On Pop

9/4/2007 8:56:08 AM

Roy Orbison - For the Lonely: 18 Greatest Hits
Shrimp Boat - Cavale
Caesaria Evora - Roogamar

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Hugh Hamilton

9/4/2007 9:23:08 AM

Hugh Hamilton - Anniversary



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Hop On Pop

9/4/2007 9:41:13 AM

I just saw that.
(Had no computer access this weekend.)

Thanks, Hugh!!!


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Hugh Hamilton

9/4/2007 10:40:41 AM

I'm sure I'm not the only one here who is glad that you were offline during your anniversary weekend (lol) - many happy returns of the day to you & yours...


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Hop On Pop

9/5/2007 8:13:20 AM

Marvin Gaye - Super Hits
Grant Hart - Intolerance
The Pogues - If I Should Fall From Grace With God
Pulp - Different Class

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Hop On Pop

9/6/2007 8:02:11 AM

Bob Dylan - The Basement Tapes
Os Mutantes - Mutantes
Belle & Sebastian - The Life Pursuit*
Steve Earle - I Feel Alright
Wilco - Summerteeth

*denotes IAC artist

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Hop On Pop

9/7/2007 8:35:52 AM

Afghan Whigs - Uptown Avondale and Other Soul Classics (1992-1998)
Brinsley Schwarz - Cruel To Be Kind (Live @ the BBC)
The Auteurs - New Wave
Dire Straits - Dire Straits
Caetano Veloso - Velõ

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Hop On Pop

9/10/2007 8:30:47 AM

David Grahame - (mix I got in the mail)
"Al's Jukebox" - (another mix I got in the mail)
The Judy's - Washarama
The Format - Dog Problems
Fishstick - Professional Fishstick

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Hop On Pop

9/11/2007 8:39:16 AM

The Replacements - Pleased To Meet Me
The Byrds - Younger Than Yesterday
Los Lobos - Collossal Head
Lauryn Hill - The Miseducation Of...
The Waterboys - Best Of '82-'90

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Hop On Pop

9/12/2007 8:09:55 AM

House Of Freaks - Tantilla
O Brother Where Art Thou? - OST (‡)
Talk Talk - Spirit Of Eden
Steve Ison - The Stars Are Never Really Distant*
Syd Barrett - The Madcap Laughs

*IAC artist
(‡) Features an IAC artist (Emmylou Harris)

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Bat Lenny

9/12/2007 2:24:37 PM

oooooooh ... spirit of eden ... shhhhh ... ... ... KERRRRRRANGGGGGG!!!!!

I love that album. The extremes. Mark Hollis' voice is spectacular. Can't understand a word but it feels so good going in the ear.

And of course Barrett. I love "If It's In You" - "Yes I'm thiiiii-i-i*%+#^ Look I, you know I was... start again..." yum yum yum... Poor guy.

It's fun trying to convey music through typing.


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Hop On Pop

9/14/2007 8:36:10 AM ---- Updated 9/14/2007 10:06:19 AM

Tom Zé - Danç Eh Sah
Johnny Cash - American V: A Hundred Highways*
Oasis - (What's the Story) Morning Glory?
Fugees - The Score

I think that's eclectic enough.

*Denotes IAC artist

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Hop On Pop

9/17/2007 8:22:37 AM

The Coctails - Peel
Meat Puppets - Forbidden Places
British Sea Power - The Decline Of British Sea Power
Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Blank Generation
Martin Newell - A Summer Tamarind

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Hop On Pop

9/18/2007 8:04:23 AM

The Magistrates - SunSpray
Dan Penn - Do Right Man
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Abbatoir Blues/The Lyre Of Orpheus
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - The Ultimate Collection

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Hop On Pop

9/19/2007 8:22:58 AM

A couple of first-time listens today...
Kanye West - Graduation
Various Artists - Instant Karma: Save Darfur (songs of John Lennon)
Television - Television
Sly & The Family Stone - There's a Roit Goin' On
Tom Zé - Danç Eh Sã

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Hop On Pop

9/20/2007 8:06:57 AM ---- Updated 9/20/2007 8:08:50 AM

The Rosenberg Trio - 3 Originals (Disc 1)
The Fall - The Real New Fall LP
The Beatles - Rubber Soul
Gram Parsons - GP/Grievious Angel
Oasis - (What's the Story) Morning Glory?

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Hop On Pop

9/21/2007 7:59:45 AM

Latin Playboys - Latin Playboys
Shrimp Boat - Something Grand (disc 3)
Brian Eno - Before & After Science

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Hop On Pop

9/21/2007 2:46:07 PM

9/21/07 addendum:

Just borrowed...
Lyle Lovett and His Large Band - It's Not Big, It's Large

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Hop On Pop

9/21/2007 3:58:27 PM

Another 9/21 addendum:
Gilberto Gil - Frevo Rasgado

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Hop On Pop

9/24/2007 9:01:15 AM

Violent Femmes - Hallowed Ground
Sylvain Sylvain & The Criminals - s/t
Fiona Apple - When the Pawn...
The Wrens - The Meadowlands
Paul Weller - Wild Wood

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Hop On Pop

9/25/2007 8:22:06 AM

Various Artists - Welcome To Woop Woop (original soundtrack)
The Zombies - Odyessy & Oracle
Tonio K. - Life In the Foodchain
Roy Wood & Wizzard - Archive Series
© - ©
The Band - Music From Big Pink

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Hop On Pop

9/26/2007 8:38:04 AM ---- Updated 9/26/2007 9:17:12 AM

Some stuff that I haven't listened to in a while...
Peter Laughner - Take the Guitar Player For a Ride
Shuggie Otis - Inspiration Information
Stereolab - Transient Random Noise Bursts With Announcements
Grandpa Boy - Mono
The Gerbils - Are You Sleepy?
The Garden Of Earthly Delights - Kelly Joe Phelps Session Mix

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Hop On Pop

9/27/2007 8:17:24 AM

Dogbowl - Flan
Thelonious Monk - Best Of the Blue Note Years
The Shins - Oh, Inverted World!
Guided By Voices - Alien Lanes*
Steve Earle - Transcendental Blues

*Features IAC artist Robert Pollard

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Hop On Pop

10/1/2007 9:03:45 AM

Mark Sultan - The Sultanic Verses
Sun Ra - Supersonic Jazz
The Smiths - Louder Than Bombs
Beach Boys - Today/Summer Days

...and a variety of IAC music.

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Hop On Pop

10/2/2007 8:19:40 AM

M.O.T.O. - Single File
Son Volt - The Search
Too Much Joy - Cereal Killers
Joe Pisapia - Daydreams

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Hop On Pop

10/3/2007 9:52:01 AM

The Red Plastic Buddha - Sunflower Sessions
60-Ft. Dolls - Supernatural Joy EP
Blur - Modern Life Is Rubbish
Jimmy Cliff - The Harder They Come (OST)
Toots & The Maytalls - Funky Kingston/In the Dark
Cleaners From Venus - My Back Wages

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10/3/2007 11:43:45 AM

I haven't been following this thread too much Todd because as I've told you I'm sure I don't own any music myself and don't recognise many of the names. Do you hear this stuff on the radio or do you have a huge private collection or do you borrow it from the library. Also do you listen to anything twice on this list. Also how do you decide what to play. Also are you going to keep this thread going for 365 days or will you run out before that and start repeating yourself. Finally when do you do all this listening? :) Jilly x

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Hop On Pop

10/3/2007 11:52:30 AM

Do you hear this stuff on the radio or do you have a huge private collection or do you borrow it from the library.
-I have a huge private collection. Maybe too big, if there is such a thing.

Also do you listen to anything twice on this list.
-Not in a single day.

Also how do you decide what to play.
-As the mood strikes me. Sometimes I let the kids pick my music for the day.

Also are you going to keep this thread going for 365 days or will you run out before that and start repeating yourself.
-If I can.

Finally when do you do all this listening?
-Lucky enough to be able to do it at work.

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10/3/2007 11:58:34 AM

Thanks for that Todd, you are obviously a good multi-tasker and have an understanding boss ;) Are you writing your posts from the workplace too ?

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Hop On Pop

10/4/2007 8:21:19 AM

Johnny Cash - American Recordings V: A Hundred Highways*
Roxy Music - Roxy Music
Velvet Crush - Teenage Symphonies to God
The Magic Numbers - The Magic Numbers

*IAC artist

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Hop On Pop

10/5/2007 9:33:24 AM

The Smoke - The Smoke
October Country - October Country
Tony Hazzard - Sings Tony Hazzard
Lyle Lovett - Pontiac
Mavis Staples - We're Never Going Back
Mark Sultan - The Sultanic Verses

I also have a copy of my FIRST band's EP from 1991 that I'll rip to my iTunes.

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Hop On Pop

10/8/2007 9:28:08 AM ---- Updated 10/8/2007 9:35:13 AM

Garden OF Earthly Delights HOP ON POP Session Mix*
Uncle Tupelo - Still Feel Gone
Falstaff - Falstaff
Television - Marquee Moon
Brian Eno - Another Green World*

Oh yes, and that "Garden Of Earthly Delights" mix comes from the British internet radio show of the same name.

Clicking www.gardenofearthlydelights.com
Will find you many wonderful mixes, including the one that has me on it. All you gotta do is contact the Head Gardener over there.

*Includes music from an IAC artist

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Hop On Pop

10/9/2007 9:24:51 AM

Falstaff - Falstaff (didn't get to it yesterday)
Parliament - Up For the Down Stroke
Sebadoh - Bakesale
The Replacements - Let It Be

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10/9/2007 9:35:28 AM

Hey Todd, good to see you mate............

cheers, niteshift

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10/10/2007 12:51:07 AM

Do you ever listen to Hop on Pop these days Todd? :)

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Hop On Pop

10/10/2007 8:53:33 AM

But, when I do, I don't really list it... 'tis just assumed.

Today's offerings (10/10):
Café Tacvba - Un Viaje
Caesaria Evora - Roogamar
Various Artists - Discos Matador: Intended Play 2007
Steve Earle - Train a' Comin'

Oh yeah, and I'm going to see Steve Earle tonight, too!! (Won free tickets to a club show through my local radio station -- WXRT.)

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Hop On Pop

10/11/2007 11:09:49 AM

The Wolfgang Press - Queer
My Bloody Valentine - Loveless
Magnetic Fields - The Charm Of the Highway Strip
Various - A Matter Of Degrees (OST)
Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

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Hop On Pop

10/12/2007 11:28:16 AM

np: mix from my friend (and old boss) Al: (np: Aimee Mann - "Taking It Back"*)

Golden Smog - Weird Tales
Brinsley Schwarz - Silver Pistol
Aimee Mann - Whatever

*IAC Artist

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10/12/2007 5:05:41 PM

Here's what I'm listening to.

Highway to Hell - AC/DC
Devil With the Blue Dress on - Mitch Ryder
Evil Woman - ELO
Devil Woman - Cliff Richard
The Devil Went Down to Georgia - Charley Daniels
One Hell of a Woman - Mac Davis
Shaft - Issac Hayes

They say that cat Shaft is a bad mother...

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Hop On Pop

10/15/2007 10:15:46 AM

Today I decided to bring a sampling of my picks for best of the new century:

Nick Cave - Lyre Of Orpheus/Abbatoir Blues (2004)
Joe Pisapia - Daydreams (2002)
Andrew Bird - And the Mysterious Production Of Eggs (2005)*
The Format - Dog Problems (2006)

*IAC artist

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10/15/2007 3:27:48 PM

Hey Todd - have a listen to The CODE over @


and tell me what you think!!!

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Hop On Pop

10/15/2007 3:56:35 PM

Only if you listen to me first.

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10/15/2007 4:37:41 PM

I'll listen to anything!!!

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10/15/2007 4:45:26 PM

Hey Todd - loving those flangers (or phasers!?)

What rig u using???

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Hop On Pop

10/16/2007 9:05:48 AM

It's magazine sampler day!

Paste Magazine Sampler #35
Paste Magazine Sampler #36
Oxford American 2007 Southern Music CD #9
Mojo Magazine Sampler - 15 Mind-Bending Freak-Outs!

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Hop On Pop

10/16/2007 9:06:25 AM

On what song?
We recorded most of this in a studio.

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10/16/2007 10:34:50 AM

Hi Todd - not sure of the track name, but the effects kicked in towards the end!

It was late over here in UKland! when I had a listen!

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Hop On Pop

10/16/2007 10:46:00 AM

Oh, I think that's "Miles From Monday" and I have no idea as to what the effect was. Thought it was just some kind of overdrive or something, but then, I'm no audio engineer.

And I did listen to your tracks; they took me back to my college days and this band from St. Louis that I used to like called The Unconscious. Solid.

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10/16/2007 11:20:31 AM

Still not sure what track it was - I'll have a search round!

Never heard of The Unconscious, but that is a great band name!

Back to college day's - what era was that???

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Hop On Pop

10/17/2007 11:41:11 AM

Super Furry Animals - Radiator/OutSpaced
Burning Brides - Fall Of the Plastic Empire
Nirvana - In Utero
The Jayhawks - Blue Earth

Lotsa rockin' fun.

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Hop On Pop

10/18/2007 9:38:16 AM

Nirvana - In Utero (left over from yesterday)
Martin Newell - A Summer Tamarind
Elliott Smith - XO
Fugees - The Score
Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

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Hop On Pop

10/19/2007 9:48:24 AM

Massive Attack - Mezzanine
Tom Zé - Danç Eh Sá
Meat Puppets - Meat Puppets II
Steve Ison - The Stars Are Never Really Distant
Oasis - (What's the Story) Morning Glory?

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Hop On Pop

10/22/2007 8:26:12 AM

Ike Turner - I Like Ike: The Best Of...
Dwight Yoakam - The Best Of...
Aimee Mann - Whatever
Big Star - Pick Some Posies & Let's Play (Live @ Metro, Chicago - 1994)

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Hop On Pop

10/23/2007 7:45:32 AM

Brian Eno/John Cale - Wrong Way Up
The Hollies - 30th Anniversary Collection
The Cure - Staring At the Sea (The Singles)

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Hop On Pop

10/24/2007 10:20:14 AM

Pugwash - Almanac
Joe Pisapia - Daydreams

...and a whole mess of IAC stuff

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Hop On Pop

10/26/2007 7:59:08 AM

Wire - Chairs Missing
James - Laid
Dennis Wilson - Pacific Ocean Blue
Mark Sultan - The Sultanic Verses
X - Los Angeles/Wild Gift

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Hop On Pop

10/29/2007 8:02:40 AM

The Small Faces - The Singles: A's & B's
V/A - Garden Of Earthly Delights: Garden of Punky Delights
Beastie Boys - Paul's Boutique
Toots & The Maytalls - Funky Kingston/In the Dark
Sugar - Beaster

And, of course, IAC (as always).

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Hop On Pop

10/30/2007 12:32:10 PM

Dan Penn - Do Right Man
The Band - Music From Big Pink
Yo La Tengo - I Am Not Afraid Of You and I Will Beat Your Ass
Pugwash - Almanac

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Hop On Pop

10/31/2007 8:52:47 AM

Frank Lenz - The Hot Stuff
Jimi Hendrix - Axis: Bold As Love
Johnny Cash - American V: A Hundred Highways
The Arcade Fire - Funeral
Belle & Sebastian - The Life Pursuit

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Hop On Pop

11/1/2007 8:06:39 AM

Belle & Sebastian - The Life Pursuit* (left over from yesterday)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Fever To Tell
The Knack - Get The Knack
Paul Simon - Surprise
V/A - Wayne Kramer Presents: Beyond Cyberpunk

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Hop On Pop

11/5/2007 10:21:18 AM

Willie Nelson - To Lefty, From Willie
D'Angelo - Voodoo
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Live Seeds
Brinsley Schwarz - Cruel To Be Kind

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Hop On Pop

11/6/2007 9:51:23 AM

11/6/07: Hoodoo Gurus - Electric Soup
The Breeders - Pod
The Judy's - Washarama

And then, whatever IAC and Pandora music I feel like digging into.

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Steve Ison

11/6/2007 5:05:32 PM

Wow Todd..You listen to an incredible and varied amount of music!..I'm very flattered indeed that my album's been getting played in such exalted company..Seriously mate,it means alot :)

Whole album listening is abit of a dying thing with the ipod shuffle pick'n'mix incredibly short attention span modern culture we have..
I really wish it wasn't that way tho...

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Hop On Pop

11/7/2007 8:12:40 AM

Well, you made a very good album, Steve. And I'm not the only one in my family who thinks so; the wife and kids dig it, too.

I wholeheartedly agree with you on the album-listening tip. Things are going back to the 1950's singles-era. But on the other hand, artists do have more freedom than they did back then, to release what they want, how they want. So, it's a give and take. (Still, I prefer listening to albums.)

That said, here's what I got today (11/7/07):
Jeff Buckley - Grace
Pink Floyd - The Early Singles
Shrimp Boat - Something Grand: disc 4
Compilation from Feb. '05

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Hop On Pop

11/8/2007 8:16:48 AM

Richard Davies - There's Never Been a Crowd Like This
Sonic Youth - Daydream Nation
V/A - O' Brother Where Art Thou? (OST)
Mission Of Burma - Vs.

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Hop On Pop

11/9/2007 8:26:20 AM

John Prine - Aimless Love
Exploding Hearts - Guitar Romantic
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - Ultimate Collection
Until the End Of the World (OST)
Built To Spill - Keep It Like a Secret

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Hop On Pop

11/12/2007 10:08:31 AM

XTC - Black Sea
© - ©
Kings Of Leon - Youth & Young Manhood
Uncle Tupelo - Anodyne
An old indie pop mix

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Hop On Pop

11/13/2007 8:38:39 AM

Richard Thompson - 1000 Years of Popular Music
Emmitt Rhodes - Daisy-Fresh From Hawthorne, CA
Radiohead - OK Computer
Jonathan Richman - Havin' a Party With Jonathan Richman
The Pixies - Trompe Le Monde

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Hugh Hamilton

11/13/2007 2:23:37 PM

When I read your playlists I feel as though researchers should have sensors pasted onto your scalp...lol...

What's Hugo listening to? Applicable to any day of the week:

Nat King Cole
Ray Charles
Allman Bros
Classic Rock
Classic Rock


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Hop On Pop

11/14/2007 8:18:17 AM

Loretta Lynn- Van Lear Rose
Shrimp Boat - Duende
Various Artists - Melodies de Paris (a French pop compilaion)


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Hop On Pop

11/15/2007 8:49:10 AM

Magnetic Fields - 69 Love Songs (vol. 3)
Wire - Chairs Missing
Iron Maiden - Killers
Sly & The Family Stone - Fresh
Fiona Apple - When the Pawn...

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Hop On Pop

11/19/2007 8:53:10 AM

The Minders - Golden Street
Jeff Mangum - Live @ Jittery Joe's
Matthew Sweet - Girlfriend
Andrew Bird - And the Mysterious Production Of Eggs

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Hop On Pop

11/21/2007 7:40:15 AM

Pulp - Different Class
My Bloody Valentine - Loveless
The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds
Dogbowl - Flan

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Hop On Pop

11/26/2007 8:44:49 AM

The Creation - Our Music Is Red With Purple Flashes
Wire - 154
The Bobby Fuller Four - Best Of...

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Hop On Pop

11/27/2007 8:24:13 AM

Jason Isbell - Sirens Of the Ditch
The Shins - Chutes Too Narrow
Squeeze - Singles: 45s and Under

Also, "The Todd Show" some live, rehearsal space recordings that I did last night with my friend, who is also named Todd. (One of the tunes needs to be recorded with a band and given the full Procul Harem treatment.)

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Hugh Hamilton

11/27/2007 11:58:05 AM

One of my favorite college bands was called Three Guys Named Burt. I guess that means I'm predisposed to enjoy Two Guys Named Todd. None of the Burts were actually named Burt...and there were variously four or five band members (I think). Go figure.

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Hugh Hamilton

11/27/2007 11:58:22 AM

One of my favorite college bands was called Three Guys Named Burt. I guess that means I'm predisposed to enjoy Two Guys Named Todd. None of the Burts were actually named Burt...and there were variously four or five band members (I think). Go figure.

So where's the The Todd Show page?

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Hop On Pop

11/27/2007 12:29:40 PM

There may be a third Todd before all is said and done (who is also a REAL Todd).
And I put up one of the (solo) songs up at the HoP page. Don't want to put up the still-in-progress co-written tune until it's totally written.

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Hop On Pop

11/29/2007 8:25:45 AM

John Cale - Paris, 1919
Roky Erickson - The Evil One
Mark Sultan - The Sultanic Verses
Toots & The Maytalls - Funky Kingston/In the Dark

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Hop On Pop

11/30/2007 7:26:46 AM

Paul Weller - Stanley Road
Minutemen - Double Nickels On the Dime
Kinks - Something Else
Sun Ra - Supersonic Jazz

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Hop On Pop

12/3/2007 8:24:02 AM

Nickel Creek - Why Should the Fire Die?
Velvet Crush - Teenage Symphonies To God
Jason Isbell - Sirens Of the Ditch
Arcade Fire - Funeral
Apples In Stereo - Fun Trick Noisemaker
Carlene Carter - Musical Shapes

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Hop On Pop

12/4/2007 8:05:10 AM

Tom Zé - Danç Eh Sa
Martin Newell - A Summer Tamarind
Shrimp Boat - Speckly
Nick Lowe - The Wilderness Years
Caetano Veloso - Transa

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Hop On Pop

12/5/2007 9:38:37 AM

Pugwash - Almanac
Eleventh Dream Day - Zeroes and Ones
Sly & The Family Stone - There's a Riot Goin' On
The Band - Music From Big Pink
The 13th Floor Elevators - The Psychadelic Sounds Of The 13th Floor Elevators

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Hop On Pop

12/6/2007 9:29:08 AM

Bloque - Bloque
Robert Plant & Allison Krauss - Raising Sand
Willie Nelson - 16 Greatest hits
Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Abbatior Blues/Lyre Of Orpheus

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Hugh Hamilton

12/6/2007 11:35:41 AM

You gonna start a new one on January 1 so we don't have to scroll down this giant list anymore?


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Hop On Pop

12/6/2007 12:12:15 PM

Why not?
Even though this one only started in August.

On Jan. 1 (or 2, as the case may be) I'll start the 2008 edition.
It's fun to think that folks are actually curious as to what I'm listening to.

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Hop On Pop

12/7/2007 8:35:42 AM

Steve Ison - The Stars Are Never Really Distant
Guided By Voices - Alien Lanes
The Judy's - Washarama
Tonio K. - Life In the Foodchain
Spoon - Girls Can Tell

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Hop On Pop

12/10/2007 8:17:39 AM

A whole lotta IAC!

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Hop On Pop

12/11/2007 8:50:38 AM

A whole lotta IAC, again...
and some iTunes

(trying to buy an album w/ iTunes gift card, but don't have an account. Do I need one?)

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Hop On Pop

12/14/2007 8:19:53 AM

Latcho Drom (OST)
Los Lobos - Kiko
The Bunk Project (dixieland project feat. Woody Allen)
Super Furry Animals - Rings Around the World

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Hop On Pop

12/17/2007 8:24:48 AM

Tomasz Stanko - Litonia
Café Tacvba - Un Viaje
October Country - October Country
The Smoke - The Smoke
John Cale - The Island Years

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Hop On Pop

12/18/2007 8:07:10 AM

Jason Isbell - Sirens Of the Ditch
Doug Martsch - Now You Know
The Harder They Come (original soundtrack)

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Steve Ison

12/18/2007 8:54:12 AM

The Harder They Come soundtrack is frikkin' ace Todd..No one ever mentions that..Nearly every track on its an absoloute gem..
My favourite i thinks Johnny Too Bad..

A song murdered by UB40 unfortunately.

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Hop On Pop

12/18/2007 9:15:59 AM

How can you pick a favorite on The Harder They Come?
Every time I listen to it I have a different one. Today I think it's "Rivers Of Babylon"

And here's an analogy for you:
Toots Hibbard is the Otis Redding to Jimmy Cliff's Sam Cooke.
Two of the greatest voices in rocksteady, if not of all time.

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Hop On Pop

12/19/2007 8:42:53 AM

Love - Forever Changes
Dogbowl - Flan
Pulp - Different Class
Mix from www.gardenofearthlydelights.com - "Garden Of Punky Delights"

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Hop On Pop

12/20/2007 7:59:10 AM

Bonzo Dog Band - Gorilla
Brinsley Schwarz - Cruel To Be Kind (live @ the BBC)
Caesaria Evora - Cabo Verde
Oasis - (What's the Story) Morning Glory?
Guided By Voices - Alien Lanes

Getting toward the end of the year.
Look for the new daily thread starting 1/2/08.

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Hugh Hamilton

12/20/2007 10:33:39 AM

You can listen to Bonzo without sequeing into the Rutles?


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Hop On Pop

12/20/2007 10:46:15 AM

I, sadly, do not have All You Need Is Cash.
Although, you know, I do have a $15 gift card to iTunes!

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Hop On Pop

12/20/2007 11:54:39 AM

There were no Rutles albums at iTunes.
But there was a Daniel Johnston album that I had been looking for.
Oh, and DJ is an IAC artist, too!:

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Hugh Hamilton

12/20/2007 1:15:27 PM


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Hop On Pop

12/20/2007 1:24:39 PM

No joke.
I am, and have been a fan for a very long time.

Maybe his vocals take some getting used to, but he is an amazing songwriter. Check out the tribute record tha came out a couple of years ago. Listen to versons of his songs by: Beck, Death Cab For Cutie, Tom Waits, Pearl Jam, Bright Eyes, Teenage Fanclub, and a kabillion more that would make your head spin.

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Hugh Hamilton

12/20/2007 2:06:38 PM

My laughter was solely about the idea of you running off to buy some Rutles!


I'll check out the link you sent me...

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Steve Ison

12/20/2007 2:22:03 PM

I love The Rutles too Todd..Cheese and Onion is a fantastic song!

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Pauline Kyllonen

12/20/2007 2:41:05 PM

Updated daily?

So, what happened to Aug 11, 12, 18, 19, 26, 31...

and on....Sept 1, 2, 3, 8. 9....

Never mind, I'm just being silly!! HA


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Hop On Pop

12/21/2007 8:03:25 AM

I generally skip weekends.
So, that be known, here is my last update until Christmas Eve:
Olivia Tremor Control - Animation Music/Black Foliage, Vol. 1
M.O.T.O. - Single File
Prince - O(+>
The Zombies - Odyessy & Oracle

(neat how I got that Prince symbol, huh?)

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Hop On Pop

12/24/2007 7:49:00 AM

Happy Christmas, all!
Only two selections today:
Def Leppard - YEAH!
Martin Newell - A Summer Tamarind

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Hop On Pop

12/26/2007 8:36:59 AM

It's Boxing Day!

The Format - Dog Problems
Lambchop - Thriller
Self - Gizmodgery
Mekons - Rock n' Roll
Fugees - The Score

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Hop On Pop

12/27/2007 7:33:57 AM

My Bloody Valentine - Isn't Anything
Caetano Veloso - Livros
Shrimp Boat - Something Grand (disc 3)
Badfinger - Best Of
Charlie Parker/Dizzie Gilsepie/Bud Powell/Max Roach/Charles Mingus - Jazz at Massey Hall

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Hop On Pop

12/28/2007 7:47:03 AM

For my penultimate update (I don't do weekends) of '07, here is my batch o' tunes:
The Jam - Direction Reaction Creation (disc 2)
Leadbelly - Where Did You Sleep Last Night?
Various Artists - The Late, Great Daniel Johnston: Discovered/Covered
Barry Adamson - Oedipus Schmoedipus
Dwight Yoakam - The Very Best Of...

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Hop On Pop

12/31/2007 9:13:32 AM

Happy New Year, y'all!!!
Today, all I'm listening to is what's left over from my stash on Friday; so, basically nothing new to report.

I'll start a new listening blog on Wednesday.

Hope y'all have a great one and you enjoyed reading some of these little posts.


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Steve Ison

12/31/2007 11:27:50 AM

Hey,have a great new year Todd-n keep lovin' all that excellent music!:)

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