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1/27/2021 1:31:34 AM
Golden Kayak results coming in around a week.

1/1/2021 7:40:06 PM
a big thank you

11/8/2020 1:41:24 PM
only a few more days to get in songs eligible for the upcoming Golden Kayaks

10/15/2020 3:47:29 AM
Golden Kayaks are coming up, less than 4 weeks left to upload songs eligible for this year.

10/7/2020 5:45:36 PM
if marketing trolls show up on your threads

9/6/2020 8:58:24 AM
Golden Kayak Best Female Artist 2005 releases new song with Sting!

7/6/2020 8:46:01 AM
Indie Day Fundraiser time is here, everybody please read

5/28/2020 11:26:31 AM
announcement for station managers

4/26/2020 7:15:25 PM
put heavy stuff in political forum please.

2/11/2020 9:42:51 PM
2019 Golden Kayak Winners, check in here.

2/8/2020 6:12:33 AM
Here it is, the 2019 Golden Kayak Podcast (spoiler posts permitted)

1/2/2020 5:58:36 PM
Golden Kayak Nominations are up, ballot coming in a day or 2.

12/8/2019 7:52:43 PM
Only 2 more days to get in Golden Kayak nominations

11/18/2019 9:29:36 AM
We're going to need more nominations

11/6/2019 3:27:12 PM
Golden Kayaks coming up, 5 more days to upload songs eligible for this year.

11/3/2019 11:37:45 AM
Sorry about that folks but we're fine and dandy now

9/22/2019 5:06:14 PM
New Spotlight Interview of Elmer and the Ceramic Trees

9/21/2019 11:00:59 PM
attention everyone

9/6/2019 4:39:32 PM
Tell us about your overall social media involvement

8/31/2019 10:55:04 AM
How to create your own long-playing record (album) (DMD) for your page at IMP

8/30/2019 11:24:23 AM
some great songs arriving at our site these days

8/21/2019 4:28:53 AM
some stuff about IMP you might not know

8/13/2019 8:12:21 PM
an update on my musical stuff

8/11/2019 3:05:51 AM
Ever hear the Tielman Bros?

8/6/2019 7:11:53 PM
When You Put Tree Rings on a Record Player, The Sound Is Unexpectedly Beautiful

8/3/2019 6:55:23 PM
Station Blurb of the Week

7/30/2019 2:25:34 PM
Helping artists whenever you can

7/14/2019 7:41:45 AM
aspirations in songwriting

7/9/2019 9:22:38 AM
David Bowie's death album

7/5/2019 1:16:30 PM
Last call for donations

6/23/2019 3:42:45 AM
Rolling Thunder Revue on Netflix

6/6/2019 6:56:40 PM
RIP Dr. John

5/30/2019 4:45:38 AM
What was your first instrument?

5/26/2019 4:15:38 PM
fear of flying

5/21/2019 7:43:35 PM
I had an idea for a group songwriting project, please read..

5/3/2019 10:05:06 AM
Who are your musical heroes?

4/16/2019 12:16:51 PM
on writing lyrics

4/4/2019 6:49:21 AM
Developing Active People

4/1/2019 12:26:25 AM
wow, a half hour ago I just signed a big money record deal.

3/19/2019 8:03:55 AM
Facebook is anti-artist.

3/17/2019 2:37:33 PM
RIP Dick Dale

2/24/2019 3:19:51 PM
sleeper hooks in songs

1/23/2019 9:16:14 PM
Hear the whole show here from this thread.

1/14/2019 3:07:17 AM
2 more days left to vote in Golden Kayaks

12/19/2018 1:58:43 AM
What aspects of a song do you value most?

12/17/2018 1:52:01 PM
Indie Song of the Year Nominees

12/13/2018 5:45:13 PM
want to thank the community

12/9/2018 10:55:31 AM
only a couple days left to get your Golden Kayak nominations in

12/4/2018 10:32:18 PM
Type your life story in 100 words or less.

12/4/2018 5:59:01 PM
Do you believe in UFOs?

11/23/2018 9:54:39 AM
indie management horror stories

11/17/2018 10:34:27 AM
some easy ways to take on Golden Kayak nominations

11/16/2018 3:30:01 AM
Want to see something utterly amazing?

11/15/2018 2:14:00 PM
RIP Roy Clark

11/5/2018 2:30:03 PM
Deadline for songs to be uploaded to qualify for Golden Kayaks - 11-11-18 at 12 am ET

10/25/2018 5:03:11 PM
sometimes I think..

10/22/2018 5:40:00 AM
Golden Kayaks coming in November

9/28/2018 9:01:01 PM
RIP Marty Balin

9/27/2018 3:21:41 PM
Womankind came to the fore today.

9/25/2018 6:01:36 PM
How to PIMP UP your IMP artist page!

9/24/2018 1:50:01 PM
interesting new Beatles release coming

9/21/2018 7:27:25 AM
Steve Ison and Azwel

9/18/2018 7:00:29 PM
so what's new?

9/10/2018 10:43:27 AM
RIP Rod Underhill

9/1/2018 8:47:34 PM
NFL fans check in here

8/31/2018 3:00:04 AM
I need some promo ideas on this..

8/18/2018 11:46:27 AM
Anybody got anything exciting going on?

8/16/2018 12:08:14 PM
The King and Queen both died on the same day.

8/14/2018 4:20:05 PM
Is melody passé?

8/13/2018 12:02:48 PM
The Queen of Soul is gravely ill.

8/12/2018 10:41:34 AM
John Denver, Jim Croce, Harry Chapin. plane crash, plane crash, car crash. Which was the biggest loss?

8/9/2018 2:34:40 PM
What would you consider over the years as the perfect pop song?

8/2/2018 11:51:38 PM
David Crosby on paid streaming services

7/31/2018 7:02:42 AM
She walks all over you, you know she can

7/30/2018 2:45:34 PM
“You are what you settle for. You are only as much as you settle for.” - Janis Joplin

7/28/2018 12:27:40 PM
How do you start fresh when your past is strewn all around you?

7/15/2018 11:19:16 AM

7/10/2018 4:46:38 AM
I'd like to hear details about everyone's creative process.

7/4/2018 6:29:15 AM
everybody please read

7/1/2018 3:33:44 PM
Neil Sedaka - songwriter

6/16/2018 3:49:04 PM
New support email, please file this so you have it.

6/14/2018 5:07:00 AM
Nobody noticed.

6/7/2018 6:48:05 AM
How much of a factor is an artist's looks in your appreciation of their live performances?

6/5/2018 6:11:06 PM
the need for critical opinions in music

6/5/2018 9:45:03 AM
Some "music lovers' are just too lazy to appreciate indie.

6/3/2018 9:11:17 AM
Frank Sinatra's letter to George Michael

5/26/2018 12:55:58 AM
I found this wild statement in a very obscure place on Neil Young's archive site.

5/13/2018 1:28:01 PM

5/12/2018 7:34:33 PM
the best ever artist website

5/3/2018 11:57:47 AM
Great David Crosby Interview

5/1/2018 6:39:18 AM
the battle

4/24/2018 9:35:41 AM
some notes about the IMP player

4/6/2018 5:13:21 PM
My life basically starts today.

4/1/2018 4:56:11 PM
Lennon, Cobain and Jimi are all alive.

3/24/2018 9:19:25 AM
great new Neil Young interview

3/19/2018 7:51:27 PM
Is that Francesca on the Alfa Romeo commercial?

2/3/2018 7:19:51 AM
taking your songs to a publisher

1/22/2018 4:59:08 PM
The DMD (digital CD) now works for all artists!

1/14/2018 7:22:31 PM
The Golden Kayak Wall of Fame has been updated with the new winners.

1/14/2018 8:02:54 AM
How to listen to tonight's Golden Kayak broadcast at 5 PM ET (New York) time.

1/8/2018 10:12:20 AM
Oprah's speech last night at the Golden Globes was amazing, see it here

1/2/2018 8:27:18 AM
I'm proud of this

12/29/2017 10:05:50 PM
Indie Song of the Year - the Finals

12/18/2017 9:16:05 AM
It warms me

12/16/2017 9:37:03 AM
Nominations Closed for Golden kayaks

12/7/2017 4:37:21 PM
OMG I was so surprised to see this!!

12/2/2017 3:04:01 PM
Note to any artists or any others who are not thrilled with the choice of features here

12/1/2017 11:49:44 AM
A contender for the greatest indie song of all time..

11/27/2017 3:19:28 PM
2 weeks left to get your Golden Kayak nominations in.

11/22/2017 11:24:37 PM
apologies on behalf of IMP

11/15/2017 9:48:17 AM
The Indie Song of the Year Tourney for this year - please read..

11/5/2017 8:53:39 AM
an indie song that will run thru your head all day if you listen

11/5/2017 5:34:49 AM
Deadline for songs to be uploaded to qualify for Golden Kayaks - 11-11-17 at 12 am ET

10/29/2017 11:51:15 PM
new - front page ads

10/26/2017 9:40:22 AM
New Spotlight Interview with a majorly talented guy!

10/21/2017 4:53:31 PM
I'm starting to feel our gravitational pull again.

10/5/2017 3:56:26 PM
some stuff about this site that you may not know

8/19/2017 3:19:11 PM
Shades of the Righteous Bros on IMP?

8/1/2017 1:46:16 AM
IMP story blog contest, all please read..

7/18/2017 12:08:57 PM
so how does an artist get a new listener to click on a music link

7/18/2017 12:08:19 PM
Looking for volunteers regarding a committee that sets out to give IMP a presence at music trade shows

6/30/2017 2:28:07 AM
Everyone please read - How important is IMP to YOU?

6/29/2017 1:07:13 PM
Everyone please read - How important is IMP to YOU?

6/27/2017 11:48:30 PM
our friend Lesley is gone from IMP

6/19/2017 11:22:07 PM
Facebook is anti music artist in case you didn't know

6/9/2017 2:38:59 PM
the IMP in the room is you

6/1/2017 9:37:41 PM

5/19/2017 9:29:03 AM
Station managers, please read, a survey

5/18/2017 11:50:57 AM
RIP Chris Cornell

5/7/2017 4:51:23 AM
new Spotlight Interview with the overwhelming Motorbaby

4/28/2017 7:44:11 AM
artist communities

4/19/2017 5:15:01 AM
Indie artists are raisin' the bar these days, have you heard?

4/16/2017 12:20:17 PM
ok this is pretty funny

4/11/2017 5:32:33 AM
What are the factors involved that cause you to click on a song to listen to it? Everybody please comment.

4/2/2017 2:43:00 AM
New Spotlight Interview with the band Whitherward!

4/1/2017 4:44:14 PM
I love artists.

3/28/2017 9:12:39 PM
the elasticity of a song

3/28/2017 8:11:55 AM
one more note about the political pipeline

3/26/2017 10:52:54 PM
We have a new political forum, link above..

3/21/2017 6:08:43 AM
New Spotlight Interview with TonyGirl

3/19/2017 12:06:26 AM
We made a change in the song page.

3/12/2017 11:55:40 AM
What the world needs now

3/2/2017 2:25:15 AM
the red button on the front page works now

3/1/2017 5:15:54 PM
new video by MonaLisa Twins covers another Beatle song

3/1/2017 4:50:59 PM
What makes for the perfect pipeline topic?

2/21/2017 5:58:20 AM
Despair on Indie Avenue

2/20/2017 2:21:33 PM
update on site issue

2/17/2017 2:27:17 PM
We just had another correspondence from the server co.

1/25/2017 1:05:09 PM
New Spotlight Interview with James Stanley Howen

1/24/2017 11:32:02 AM
Anybody know some good songs with fiddles on IMP?

1/23/2017 1:05:01 PM
new realms in the arena of artist promotion..

1/22/2017 12:21:12 AM
Indie icon Ainjel Emme just posted an amazing new song related to the women's march

1/20/2017 7:14:37 PM
note for all

1/16/2017 2:30:05 PM
All Golden Kayak Winners check in here.

1/16/2017 6:13:29 AM
Miss the show last night? You can stream it now

1/13/2017 5:45:31 AM
Song of the Year is really close, please vote if you haven't.

1/11/2017 7:11:57 AM
Radio show announcing winners is THIS Sunday at 5:00 New York Time

1/11/2017 12:01:54 AM
David Crosby's new song is here now, on his page.

1/10/2017 1:18:42 AM
The Finals for the Indie Song of the Year are here!

1/5/2017 1:55:28 PM
Indie Music vs Indie Artist

1/2/2017 2:47:20 PM
I made a decision

1/1/2017 9:56:57 PM
You folks know there is a short url for IMP, right?

1/1/2017 12:57:40 PM
a funny story for yas

1/1/2017 7:01:00 AM
Semifinals Round for The Song of the Year Tourney

12/24/2016 6:25:48 PM
a new Spotlight Interview is right off the presses, it's Pancake Riot

12/24/2016 1:04:25 PM
Golden Kayak Voting Ballot - Please vote!

12/17/2016 12:22:15 PM
I love it but I hate it.

12/13/2016 11:16:44 PM
Golden Kayak Nominations closed - Song of the Year moves into next round, winners bracket.

12/7/2016 11:30:08 AM
5 days left for Golden Kayak Nominations, get them in please

12/6/2016 12:58:45 PM
new heat in Indie Song of the Year is up - Need more nominations for Golden Kayaks too!

12/3/2016 9:53:16 AM
Golden Kayak Nominations Form

12/2/2016 12:08:39 AM
need your Golden Kayak nominations soon! and don't forget to vote in the front page poll

11/29/2016 11:22:12 AM
How do we grow the indie culture?

11/28/2016 9:00:09 PM
a note about site issues

11/24/2016 10:01:07 PM
Time to start working on your Golden Kayak Nominations

11/23/2016 11:25:10 AM
new heat in Indie Song of Year is Up, Winner of Last Heat announced

11/18/2016 1:22:31 PM
Voting for Kayak song of the Year begins, please read..

11/10/2016 5:02:57 AM
so we're back up again

11/2/2016 1:49:58 PM
8 more days to upload songs that will be eligible for Golden Kayaks!!

10/12/2016 11:49:40 AM
Golden Kayaks coming up soon. To be eligible, a song must be uploaded before Nov 11, 12 AM.

9/25/2016 10:06:57 AM
announcement - we're discontinuing the Triple C Club

8/4/2016 5:07:52 AM
New Spotlight Interview with Neil w Young

7/16/2016 5:01:20 PM
paging Lyin Dan

7/10/2016 10:53:39 AM
hey station managers

7/8/2016 2:34:36 PM
Genre chart adjustment coming in next day

7/8/2016 6:25:36 AM
The Lady Voices of Indie DMD is still for sale

7/6/2016 1:54:25 PM
Artists with emotional energy

7/6/2016 6:20:40 AM
Can you folks help spread this around?

7/4/2016 4:07:45 AM
Happy INDIES Day!

6/21/2016 7:24:08 AM
Do you like rock festivals?

6/18/2016 5:09:50 PM
A note about the compilation charity DMD that Evie helped put together

6/17/2016 3:06:04 AM
New Spotlight Interview with Francesca Tamellini

6/13/2016 9:24:17 PM
Attn: New Feature!

6/12/2016 12:34:25 AM
re: the Triple C Club

6/7/2016 3:10:52 AM
new Spotlight Interview with DeMonicka!

5/31/2016 11:33:58 AM
New Spotlight interview with Denquar

5/30/2016 8:03:09 AM
There aren't as many indie bands out there as there used to be

5/22/2016 8:37:54 AM
Welcome to all the great new artists who are checking in today!

5/18/2016 11:04:55 PM
well today is the 1 year anniversary of indiemusicpeople.com

5/18/2016 3:12:54 PM
pipeline perks

5/15/2016 10:39:06 PM
a note about an adjustment we're making to the Stat Cave

5/12/2016 8:45:21 PM
Today was IMP's best day ever for traffic

5/12/2016 7:44:08 AM
the joy of being me - Gamers take note.

5/9/2016 6:34:39 AM
please remove the letters IAC from your stations and what not.

5/8/2016 10:41:30 AM
New Spotlight Interview with Chloe Collins!

5/3/2016 4:51:07 AM
Important note about the new front page, everybody read..

4/27/2016 6:28:12 PM
Another New Development at IMP! please read

4/26/2016 8:05:52 AM
People who make music, it's the very best part of them..

4/25/2016 11:59:26 AM
Have you started a station lately ?

4/21/2016 3:17:56 AM
response to music depends a lot on mood

4/19/2016 1:14:28 PM
Here's some good news..

4/19/2016 7:50:49 AM
a note to all about IMP and Facebook, please read..

4/6/2016 11:13:26 AM
RIP Merle Haggard

4/3/2016 10:08:58 AM
the volatility of listeners and the Surge Factor

4/2/2016 9:34:39 PM
Pipeline Radio Show hosted by Ken (Two Silo Complex) is this coming Wednesday night at 8 PM EDT

3/27/2016 6:16:01 PM
New Spotlight Interview with Ben Elliot

3/15/2016 4:23:43 PM
I had a thought

3/10/2016 1:22:52 PM
pipeline brainstorming session..

3/9/2016 1:39:17 PM
folks we need more songs - we're doing a group radio show from the pipeliners, please read..

3/8/2016 2:06:35 PM
idle chatter

3/6/2016 7:53:21 PM
an idea about how to bring non-artists listeners to IMP.

3/5/2016 9:28:28 AM
I.M.P. and the challenge of indies selling their music

2/21/2016 12:48:20 PM
Do you know any good indie songwriters who are not on IMP?

2/17/2016 7:31:23 AM
New Spotlight interview with Dave Elwert

2/17/2016 6:46:55 AM
looking for something to blow me away

2/5/2016 11:13:54 PM
stats issue

2/3/2016 10:54:53 PM
Mention IMP wherever you go on the web

1/28/2016 12:34:42 PM
2 new college stations added as affiliates for Kayak Big 25 show

1/28/2016 5:36:03 AM
What's your favorite indie song of all time other than your own?

1/27/2016 6:33:31 PM
planning your next musical move in public - please read..

1/25/2016 11:56:46 AM
We're looking for content for IMPeccable Radio

1/18/2016 12:41:08 PM
The Golden Kayak Wall of Fame has been updated

1/13/2016 3:17:58 AM
You're all invited to a party on Sunday

1/8/2016 12:57:05 PM
ok, Golden Kayak ballots due by MIDNIGHT PST TONIGHT!, Time to vote if you haven't yet.

1/4/2016 12:32:39 AM
IMP is the ticket.

1/3/2016 8:04:41 AM

12/30/2015 2:07:25 PM
another quick note about Kayak voting

12/25/2015 4:16:54 AM
Finals Heat is up in Kayak Song of the Year - please vote

12/15/2015 2:52:52 PM
Golden Kayak Nominations extended - due by 12 AM 12-29

11/22/2015 6:19:21 AM
Got any masterpieces coming?? Now's the time, to be eligible for Golden Kayaks, songs must be on site before Dec 1st.

11/19/2015 2:00:22 PM
site outage

11/16/2015 1:09:05 PM
New Spotlight Interview with Azwel

11/12/2015 3:44:58 PM
State of the Pipeline ?

11/4/2015 12:35:06 PM
New Spotlight Interview with Time Cat

10/30/2015 1:12:52 PM
Operation Homecoming - pipeline regulars, please read..

10/27/2015 6:41:49 PM
New Spotlight Interview with Piranya

10/23/2015 2:06:27 PM
one of our artists has recently started doing live performances

10/22/2015 12:23:15 AM
Remember folks to take advantage of the Review/Commentary section

10/15/2015 12:03:46 PM
The Golden Kayaks are only a month and a half away

10/8/2015 5:08:09 AM
New Spotlight Interview with Alex Siegel

10/7/2015 12:30:13 PM
We just added 2 affiliates to our Kayak Big 25 network, from Canada and Africa

10/4/2015 4:25:46 AM
There's a new facebook page for our 24/7 Radio (IMPeccable Radio), like it if..

9/30/2015 9:36:46 PM
Some will think I'm foolish for typing this

9/26/2015 1:20:51 AM
New Spotlight Interview with Dead Bed Bad

9/22/2015 6:43:04 PM
OK, folks, it's "Start a New Station Week" at IMP, time to start a new station

9/22/2015 1:34:58 PM
What do the Netherlands, Costa Rica, Brazil, and Argentina have in common?

9/21/2015 1:53:55 PM
a special welcome to all the fabulous new artists on the site!

9/17/2015 8:06:39 PM
New Spotlight Interview with Bob Elliott

9/14/2015 12:34:20 PM
Do you remember the first song that in your youth captured your imagination?

9/13/2015 5:40:19 PM
how to post links on our 2 forums (pipeline and the R/C)

9/13/2015 8:52:27 AM
Could you give it a spin and put up a song in our Review/Commentary area?

9/11/2015 12:06:13 PM
looking for anybody here who loves indie gospel music

9/11/2015 12:18:38 AM
logo contest for Kayak Big 25 - any of you good at this sort of thing?

9/10/2015 7:52:41 AM
Feedback area is now Review/Commentary and IS ON FRONT PAGE - bottom left!

9/9/2015 9:37:24 PM
big announcement on Export Player, please read..

9/9/2015 9:02:28 PM
New Spotlight Interview with the one and only Zeeza

9/6/2015 2:37:10 AM
New Spotlight Interview with Soft Cactus

9/3/2015 6:45:34 AM
the latest project I'm working on..

9/3/2015 12:29:36 AM
you know what gets me down?

9/1/2015 3:26:30 AM
New Spotlight Interview - Ice Giants

8/25/2015 4:02:46 AM
crazy ramblings, read at your own risk

8/23/2015 1:44:02 PM
In news related to artists who are members here

8/16/2015 5:19:50 PM
Brand New Spotlight Interview with our own Steve Ison

8/13/2015 1:28:36 PM
more things all new artists should know

8/8/2015 4:40:30 PM
re: a songwriters' museum on this site?

8/1/2015 9:56:11 AM
Song blurbs on stations

7/26/2015 10:14:00 AM
asking for help for all on this matter

7/25/2015 6:33:10 AM
What bonds us all together?

7/23/2015 1:52:35 PM
Operation Banner Mania - everybody please read..

7/20/2015 10:28:25 PM
the you tube thread

7/15/2015 9:45:55 AM
site alumni week - please read..

6/26/2015 7:50:08 AM
Elvis "the King"'s last words were ?

6/20/2015 1:19:48 AM
the IMP late night club

6/16/2015 12:38:49 AM
a noteworthy new station to check out - Alltime Kayak Hits

6/14/2015 12:35:45 PM
discouraging news from the indie world

6/10/2015 1:56:05 AM
major investigative movie on Kurt Cobain coming out tomorrow, the 11th

6/4/2015 1:46:32 PM
I remember when they were just an indie :)

6/3/2015 12:04:32 PM
Things you can do at (for) IMP today

6/1/2015 12:03:56 PM
new Kayak Big 25 up.

5/21/2015 6:24:44 PM
a note about featured stations, please read, all station managers


Basic (free) Member



3/5/2016 9:28:28 AM ---- Updated 3/5/2016 10:09:44 AM

I.M.P. and the challenge of indies selling their music

This has been a topic recently discussed on the pipeline and I just wanted to let you all know that we have a new initiative addressing this.

Of course the climate for selling music is difficult when streaming is such a mainstay in this era. If you can go online on your devices and stream practically every song ever made for free, and even download many songs for free, why would anybody buy anything?

The answer is because artists, indies in particular, may not be around forever. This has happened to me many times with indie songs I like. Artists give up, throw in the towel, and you can't find them or their music anywhere. Also you may want the convenience of being able to place songs on your iPod or even play them on your stereo if you have one.

Anyway we had an idea brought to us by Lesley. To be fair it was also in another form suggested by somebody else a few years ago, but finally now we decided to try it. If it makes anybody consider buying songs again, or selling them, I see that as a plus. It's also another way to get some exposure for your songs. It also is helpful in other obvious ways.

We've developed something called the Triple C club. The 3 Cs are Commerce (as we want to enhance commerce on the site), Contribution (Lesley and others, myself included, have decided to donate all proceeds of our song sales to the operational costs of running this site), and Culture (because indie music does indeed have value and shouldn't be offered for free so comprehensively).

If you join the Triple C club, you'll get a banner on your page, your link will be listed on the Triple C commerce page, and your songs will be set up for sale at 60 cents each. Any sales go to our site for running expenses. We decided that a lower price will promote sales better. If you're interested you can write me at indiemusicpeople@aol.com and we'll enroll you. If not we encourage you to check out the page and buy some songs if you find some you like.

Here is what the banner looks like.

We're providing a front page link to this also, at the bottom of front page.

I'd also add that we encourage you to sell your songs here even if you don't want to join the club. You may not know this but your commerce is a direct link to paypal so IMP takes nothing out of your proceeds (unless you join the Triple C club.

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3/5/2016 1:33:46 PM

so nobody likes the idea then?

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Bryon Tosoff

3/5/2016 1:54:00 PM

I like the slogan,very creative and clever, good idea, I think I may just participate, been shopping and protesting today, not a lot of time and the garden beacons ,sunny and lovely, planning and planting things, protest seeds ,others might be at those Trump rallies so maybe later you will get some hits here.

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Two Silo Complex

3/5/2016 4:53:47 PM

Well I don't think it will do IMP much good for me to join. I have my songs at 50 cents each and only ever sold one single song and that was back at IAC. I doubt a banner is going to encourage sales and if it did I would not see any benefit other than increased traffic.
I would consider it more if the split was 50 %percent indy music site 50 % the artist.

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3/5/2016 5:09:14 PM

I think it is a cool idea. Unfortunately, most of my songs are under contractual agreements with my labels and publishers. I would have to get special written permission to do something like this. Not sure they would go with it because they are in the business to make money. But I would try.

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3/5/2016 8:31:24 PM

I would love to say that I believe it could work. The key is bringing value back to the music itself. There is nothing out there that I want to hear that I can't hear for free. Unless I want to go out for some live music. Music is in a really weird place right now. Value wise.

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Bryon Tosoff

3/6/2016 4:58:29 AM

I have to say, I like what Larree brought forth, and it is true, as well, the reality of the circumstance is this, how are we the organization going to drive Traffic here. Sure it is a cool idea to sacrifice and give away our music we have spent time in developing for the sake of keeping the pulse of the site going and for it to continue to survive and breathe. But is it something but a very few will do. I think so. We need to think bigger then that. It will not be enough, and is it really the way to go, sure like i said the idea is fine, generous and thoughtful. Who really is going to come here and buy the music that will be offered here. Maybe it will catch on, but we ultimately need a bigger audience, and why should we give up something that we own for the sake of the site, should not the site be offering incentives to us to help our own cause?

How is it that and in what way will the site engage new people, fans and most importantly new members.Who would even entertain the idea of buying our music? What is it that compels them to? that is the key right there, the idea is brilliant, but the fact remains, what is the impetus and the way to improve the real traffic, not just visits but new and re-occurring visits that can broaden the scope and interest within this site.

What really do we have to offer?

Let's be honest now. Is there something unique and better then the other music sites, sure we say the stations, but look Pandora has that idea and has been growing it for years and Pandora has grown it far more effectively then we have, speaking honestly, and there are many more internet music sites out there, what is it that IMP can offer. We boast about how great this site is, but really is it, and if it really is that great, why hasn't it grown, and why dont more people take a greater interest. How do you hold onto people and make then stick around and take a vested interested in IMP.

The fact remains, people interests are changing, and the average person is quite mobile, and it is not the 1990's 2000's any more, that is obvious, people dont want to sit in front of a monitor, on a chair typing away and pointing and clicking on a music site, sure some do, i think what is lacking is a compelling inviting site with new and fresh ideas with a stunning interesting looking portal, entry port which points to various places that can offer more then what we have here.

Quite honestly the topics on the blog sometimes , not always sometimes,and the fact is many blogs are weak, disengaging and at times goofy, which I guess is ok.
And the fact remains, it is always the same people who start threads and the same people who interact.

How many fresh new faces are showing up here and for how long, what is the length of the visit and how is it being tracked

I hope better ideas will be brought forth to help this site stand out with a more engaging interesting and compelling look, because even though there has been a relaunch the site looks the same as it did back in the day, of course there are some new innovations, like the IMP STATION MASH thing which is cool and letting people know when there music is added to stations. I think we have to think bigger if IMP is ever going to reach the masses, and that may be impossible.

Some thoughts FWIW

As well, do we know how many new visits we are getting,and where from, and how to improve it, I am sure IMP has the google analytic system in place, what is it indicating

I see that station managers of late are not adding songs, including myself, I have been busy with other things, my own projects and others, so my time to participate as in the past will be very limited this year, so station managers, start stepping up and make the site look alive, because frankly, it seems to be dropping off the precipice with the old guard not being as engaged as in the past



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3/6/2016 6:39:17 AM

Well, I like the idea, which is why I participate. ~Lesley Jane

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3/6/2016 6:42:14 AM

We all like the idea, which is why we participate. ~Lesley, and now here's the boys...

This is a unique and fantastically great place,
we're happy to do all we can to support it.
So now each and every BEATLESEX record
that you buy is in and of itself a contribution to Indie Music People.
So quit being a tightwad and buy a bundle of 'em. Thanks. ~John

I was gonna say that, you get all the good stuff to say, it's not fair, John.

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3/6/2016 6:44:30 AM

4 out of 5 Dentists recommend Indie Music People for their patients who chew gum.
~Mistress Of Sound

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Bryon Tosoff

3/6/2016 8:35:55 AM ---- Updated 3/6/2016 8:37:36 AM

can we have an intelligence discourse, or intercourse here ALJ,

i brought forward some legitimate concerns, things i have observed over the years and i am concerned about the longevity and health. where are we going to be in one year or five. There has to be made some short term goals and long term goals, some vision, and i guess this Triple C Club is one, what is the plan for the future, are we going to just survive and be stagnant. It seems this place is on life support.

I know a number of us gave a donation recently seeing the need, and some I know actually in the past dumped a lot of their personal money over the last 5 years , one very good friend of mine and a collaborator dumped thousands of $ because he loves the place for the sake to to keep it breathing, if things dont change and their is a concerted effort we may not have an IMP , it is more a small club almost a cult then a thriving enterprise.

Where to from here.

And dont be cute with your tight wad comment ALJ, this is serious business, and yes I am glad you suggested it, but as a businessman for 40 plus years running my own enterprises and proprietorships. from construction to promotion, one has to be resourceful and promote and advertise to help build a strong and dynamic organization that will last , not just hold on by a breath at a time

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3/6/2016 8:51:47 AM

Byron. What comment of mine do you refer to exactly?
I'm ignoring the crudeness. State your point, please.

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Neil w Young

3/6/2016 8:57:28 AM

Been there, said that and done that - and I'm still here. I rest my case.

Well said and presented here, Bryon, thank you.

Yes indeed, it is a serious business. As for the money - "thousands" is an understatement.

IMP needs to be much better and more than it is now.

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3/6/2016 8:59:54 AM

Well Neil, I'll simply say I agree with you there.

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Neil w Young

3/6/2016 9:04:26 AM

Agreement is a good starting point, ALJ. Thank you.

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3/6/2016 9:11:59 AM

Don't mention it, Neil. You're very welcome. I'm all for making Indie Music People not only the Best Indie Site Ever, but the Most Successful for all concerned.

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3/6/2016 9:38:41 AM

What can we offer that no one else can offer? There is so much music. And all the be a pop star game shows have made it so bad because everybody thinks they are the next thing. And no one really gets a chance to develop artistically because we all live under the microscope of social media and want to please and be pleased and get on to whatever is next quickly. We need to come up with something different if we want to to stand out and attract new people. Then this place will have value.

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3/6/2016 9:51:23 AM

Nice suggestion as an abstract, Larree. Any particulars?

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3/6/2016 9:53:52 AM

I think one of the things that does make Indie Music People stand out
as A Cut Above The Rest, is exactly that the climate here artistically,
is one where particular trends are in fact not followed,
and artists by and large, make the music they truly want to.
That right there makes us leagues better. Because here it really is
all about the artist, and all about the music.

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Neil w Young

3/6/2016 9:56:19 AM

I sense a circling of the wagons beginning to form here, all with the same objective - to improve and add value to the site. I like what I'm seeing.

Now if we can only harness this initiative, pool the creative thoughts and offer the indie community a tangible reason and/or reasons to want to be here, IMP might be on the way to a better future for the benefit of all.

What we have is good, just not good enough - yet.

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3/6/2016 10:00:13 AM

Well, Neil, as a shareholder and someone already aware we need
someone to lead the charge towards a greater site, you're well placed
to do exactly that. I'm listening. How do you think we can make IMP better?

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Neil w Young

3/6/2016 10:24:07 AM

Thank you for that vote of confidence, ALJ. Let me say first though that such an undertaking would be without question, a big job for anyone.

Secondly, I want to add that Scott has done fine a great job as CEO and COO of IMP since the relaunch. He has been tireless in giving his time in both managing the site and in his determination to improve it. I know some of the frustrations he has experienced - some I have also felt. One only has to come to the Pipeline to get a sense of how active Scott is in presenting new ideas and thoughts to the membership and of his love for the site and indie music.

Having said all of the above, and while I have struggled over the past year, and in years here prior to that both as a member and shareholder, to have that "Eureka" moment of what could be done to make the site a destination, I have not yet arrived at that point.

I wonder if we might be too close to the forest to see the trees, and if in fact we might need fresh eyes, ideas and experience.

I realize that does not entirely address your post, ALJ, but as I said earlier, for the first time in a long time I sense a consensus to make a concerted effort to reach our common goal and objective.

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3/6/2016 10:29:27 AM

Neil. Thank you for responding. Every step we take is towards the betterment
of IMP. I wholeheartedly agree with you. Scott is an Incredible CEO. Working tirelessly (seemingly) and ceaselessly, to make Indie Music People, The Premiere Site Of ALL Indie Music Sites. And he continues to do so.
And yet, all of us can use a bit of help sometimes...
And the more we're all pushing in the same direction,
the sooner I imagine we'll actually get there.

I therefore Neil, encourage you, to be one of those of us pushing
this fine and excellent site towards its greatest potential.
And to be there for Scott, as his friend and a shareholder
obviously concerned for its future as both a business,
and a platform for true artists second to no other platform. Anywhere.


I believe in Indie Music People, I have Great Faith in what We Can Accomplish.

Thank you.


Boys nodded, they too agree.

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3/6/2016 10:30:25 AM


We all like the new TripleC program, we're glad to be a part of it,
and it's all about Ideas, Folks. So have some. And share some.

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3/6/2016 10:37:01 AM

A few more thoughts, Neil.

It may be, that the 'Eureka' moment,

is not in fact, 'a moment', but rather, a series of moments all
laid in a row, which become a movement of thought progress.

Each step we take, forward, brings us closer to the goal
of making this place what we all know it is, The BEST. Period.

That's on all of us. It's not just on Scott.
How much can you sanely expect one man to do?
We should not just expect it all to be on him,
to whatever extent we can, to help things along,
we should do that. For us, it was coming up with the idea
of this program, which Scott himself named, (great name too)
the TripleC program; Commerce Contribution Culture....

We all got on board with that, as we're ourselves more
personally concerned with the artistic quality of our work
than if anybody notices it or tweets it or likes it on bloody facebook.

We do it, because This Place Matter, and we know it does.

I am very glad to be here, and very proud myself,
as the boys are, as I know my late wife Vanessa is as well,
to be a part of the 'push forward' as it were.

Keep On Rockin', Keep On Creatin',

and remember, It's All Of Us, With Every Thing We Do,
And with Every Record That We Make,

who makes, Indie Music People.com

The Best Indie Site In The World, Ever. Period.

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3/6/2016 10:38:07 AM


A PS John has asked me to write,
and I quote,

"if you're too close to the forest to see the trees, go to the beach,
then come back, it'll be easier to sort out then"

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3/6/2016 10:46:16 AM ---- Updated 3/6/2016 10:47:24 AM

Yeah, we also meant to say, and I tried to 'edit post' but it went wonky
and wouldn't let me....

We don't do it for the money.
One of us lives like a monk on a fixed income.
The rest of us are where money doesn't matter anymore.
I'm a channeler. Somewhat of a spiritual person (though I enjoy cooking
a nice meal and watching television, all done getting high and drunk though,
which is helpful, I make better noise now)

and for me, and for my associates,
this was just the perfect thing to do.

Yes of course we'd love to be more popular,
it's more fun for us, it's more profitable for the record company
.....that's you lot.

But we enjoy doing the music we enjoy doing.

Not following trends, refusing to, in fact.

If anything IMP is about a Trend of Following Your Own Trend.

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3/6/2016 10:49:52 AM

Yes, ultimately that's a Eureka moment right there.

The More You All Become YOURSELVES, Boldly, Vividly, GRANDLY.

The More Indie Music People Is The BEST. Ever of All Time.

Now, I've talked for a while now. I'm leaving the floor open for others
to step forward with Your Ideas and Suggestions, Of
How To Make A Better IMP. Don't be shy. It's Your Home Too.


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Neil w Young

3/6/2016 11:31:02 AM

Again, thank you ALJ and BEATLESEX … and for the John Lennon quote regarding the forest and the trees – and the beach. I included that timeworn cliché purely for its value as a figure of speech and not a limitation that I had placed on myself, but more as an observation from a distance in trying to focus on the matter at hand.

There is no question that we cannot expect Scott to carry any more of a load here that he already is doing, and, yes indeed, what we are endeavoring to achieve does and will require teamwork, and a leader or leadership group.

While I have every reason to want to see the site blossom as an indie artist destination and to succeed in all respects, my other responsibilities – family included, commitments and projects in the works could preclude my ability to devote the serious time required to play a major role.

As you can see by my taking a more active role here on the Pipeline than I have done in some time, don’t count me out. I will do what and when and however I can to further our objective.

I do not wish to re-enter the "front page" issue here more than I already have in a previous topic other than to say that I am greatly encouraged by Bryon's words above, "what is lacking is a compelling inviting site with new and fresh ideas with a stunning interesting looking portal, entry port which points to various places that can offer more then what we have here."

I believe that we are at a crossroads, a new beginning if you will, and that my fellow friends and musicians, is most encouraging.

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3/6/2016 11:35:56 AM

Agreed, Neil.

And Folks,

Here's To Scott:

For All You Do, And Continue To Do.

We Thank You. We Love You. We Are With You. You Are Not Alone.
This place is what it is because of you and because of us.
The Best Is Yet To Come.

Thank you.


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3/6/2016 1:22:28 PM

Well thanks for all the love (blushing).

Just a few things. Part of the reason I thought the Triple C might help is that many of us weren't even using the commerce aspect of the site. So what's to lose?

On the issue of adding traffic, it's mostly about getting the word out to all the folks we know. We have some selling points that are pretty great.

1. the best station set-up in the history of the web, including the station mash.
2. a bi-weekly radio show that reaches around the globe - now a total of 37 stations, FM, college and internet.
3. the only place where you can stream in hi-fi 320 kbps at no extra cost.
4. we take nothing not one cent when you sell your songs here, it all goes to the artist

I'd add that when the stat expansion is complete, I believe traffic will double overnight due to the resumption of the play charts. Though we still anxiously await if that shall happen.

Also Bryon has joined the Triple C club, thank you Bryon!

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3/6/2016 1:45:17 PM

This is a healthy discussion, but one thing has always been glaringly obvious to me at IAC and now at IMP.( I say this with no malice, but sometimes the truth is a step too far )

Lack of any business skills-----both Dave Watson, and now Scott have made the place their "personal club" this can put peeps off if they don't feel they belong to that club, and suspect others are being treated better than they are.

Dave even refused to refund money he owed me, when the conference collapsed, back in 2009 I think------and I had already paid---luckily another true gentleman (whose name I can't mention) put pressure on and all was forgiven!

In any business the client is treated fairly, and openly, or he/she walks away it's pretty simple. Ass kissing has no place in a modern website.

To me IMP is just one of many sites Silverwood has across the web, the artists here are the best folk one could hope to encounter, but where are the listeners ?

I am sorry if this hurts anyones feelings but in my world I call a spade a fuk'n spade

Reluctant to submit this, for obvious reasons !!

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3/6/2016 2:00:46 PM

I don't see the point of bringing up stuff that happened when the site was IAC, other than to make the site look bad.

We try to make everyone feel welcome. This personal club thing is something that lives in your imagination.

I noticed you had no problem with ass-kissing when Em Giel was starting numerous threads about you being the greatest artist of all time.

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3/6/2016 2:25:29 PM

Okay, the question I heard there, bypassing all the information
about the site that is no longer, (IAC)

is 'how can we get more traffic to the site?'

and that is one for us all to reflect upon.
Myself, I've been mentioning Indie Music People every chance
I get whenever it is remotely applicable. It takes a Nation of Artists.
Fortunately, We Are One, One Nation Made of Artists, Individuals,
With Tons Of Great Music, For All.

Indie Music People.com. The Best Music In The World. You Heard Me.

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3/6/2016 2:26:39 PM

Okay, if that slogan is a bit too edgy,

perhaps this...

Indie Music People.com. The Best Music In The World.
Hear It.

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Steve White

3/6/2016 4:02:10 PM

You need to involve non musicians.

That's the only way to get listeners and buyers.

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Neil w Young

3/6/2016 4:07:24 PM

I postured that same thought, Steve, in an earlier post here: "I wonder if we might be too close to the forest to see the trees, and if in fact we might need fresh eyes, ideas and experience."

Nice to hear you say that too.

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Steve White

3/6/2016 4:13:01 PM

Sorry Neil

I didn't read all the posts.

Non musicians should be allowed to post and have a page for free as long as they only post songs from here. That would be a great start.

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Bryon Tosoff

3/6/2016 4:16:49 PM

hello to my fellow musicians all around the world, all ten of you, lol, or more,I am sure there are lurkers, who must laugh there butts off when they see funny posts m the ALJ crazy funnies, which i do love dearly, one funny talented guy, the old man Warner, etc, i wish we could track who comes here, actually there is a way to follow who shows up is by tracking the logins, i do that once in awhile out of curiosity , anyways,

One thing I have found out and been extremely blessed with is having tremendous success with people, and building good long term alliances, and with that is building relationships, well established ones, how is that done, trust and respect,totally , now along with that was embracing challenges and tackling adversity, that is the easy part, building something long lasting is a real undertaking, it takes years, and so we are all aware of that, now we may never reach the amount of people who frequented here in the past, but we can at least give it our best shot, sometimes it is difficult to build something back up after it loses its luster and shine and when it falls on hard times, and not by situations, but by some decisions that were made that got this place in some bit of a mess, lets be frank here, we can not have bickering , belittling and acting immaturely, and let our feelings get hurt, but we have to resolve to show respect, kindness and trust

Why i say this is at times here, there wasn't always the trust consideration and respect that should have been. It is all about culture, and we must aim to change the culture we had in the past, this is our responsibility, so we must have the ability to response to the challenge to make IMP a better place, and the motives must be right true too we can't change what happened in the the past folks, but we can forgive, lets not hold grudges. lets move on then things just may work out, but in order to do so, we have to have some humility and realize we are not as good as we think we are, otherwise things would be a whole lot better, now the aim is, to make it better by being a place where people are excited to come. cheers

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Neil w Young

3/6/2016 4:57:59 PM

No worries here, Steve. That wasn't a criticism, but rather an acknowledgement of the point that you made.

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3/6/2016 7:07:04 PM


we do have listener pages here, they can not only blog but start stations.

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Steve White

3/6/2016 7:12:41 PM

Hi Scott

I had no idea. Do you happen to have a rough ratio of listeners VS musicians?

Off to bed now, check back tomorrow.

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Two Silo Complex

3/6/2016 7:35:21 PM

So far I agree with everything Byron has said. He many too many good points to recap. In my opinion most of the site at least the pipeline is a handful of active members I really cant see where what Scott said would be possible

"I'd add that when the stat expansion is complete, I believe traffic will double overnight due to the resumption of the play charts. Though we still anxiously await if that shall happen."

Since the stats are only going to matter to artists not listeners and unless there is new stats to be yet reviled like "best selling artist in rock" I really can't see how stats would double traffic. It may get an initial bump and maybe a steady nibble up but double seems like a pipe dream.

I'll go back to my first post maybe the club could offer different levels like silver club donates a certain portion of sales gold donates a higher portion of sales and platinum donates all sales. I'm not opposed to joining but give me some incentive here. It would be nice if both the site and the artist could benefit from the sales.

Back to Byron's initial point the thought of the club has a good heart and maybe its a step in the right direction but without site modernization and traffic generating moves I just don't see it moving the site forward by leaps and bounds.

You can call me a nay sayer or a Debbie downer or whatever but I prefer to live in reality so show me something real. Sorry Scott a pretty banner isn't cutting the mustard

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3/6/2016 7:57:01 PM

Well we have a link to the Triple C page on the front page. I never said anywhere I expected us to sell a ton of downloads.

The reason bringing the play charts back will help traffic is because it will motivate the artists to go out and get listens.

Steve it's mostly artists right now, I guess the point is we do provide some great facilities for pure listeners.

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3/7/2016 7:33:27 AM

There's an old saying....

Leap for the moon,
if you leap for the moon, you might just hit the fence...
but if you leap for the fence,
you may just fall short of even that.

This is a backyard analogy,
and if there are dogs present,
all the more reason to clear at least the yard,
lest ye land in poop.

yes I have too vivid an imagination sometimes...


Look, it's like this.....

Before The BEATLES even happened,

John had the Dream...
and he managed, more or less
to instill it into the others...

George and John are old now,
and now it's up to me, to instill the dream into us all.

We're Going To The Toppermost Of The Poppermost!

Because I said we are, and I'm very insistent when I want to be,
need to be, or decide to be. Or all three.

This is all three.

We're Doing This.

And it all starts with You.

You who listen? IMAGINE You're IN The Place
Where The BEST MUSIC EVER, Lives. Because You Are.

You who make records? IMAGINE That You,
Make The Best Records In The WHOLE WORLD. Because You Do.

Now see how easy that is?

Really, we must we complicate things?

Decide You're The Best, Then BE It.

The rest will fall into place.

And yes, I say, We WILL Sell A TON Of Downloads.

Refuse To Believe Otherwise.

As Of Now,

I'm Insisting,

You ALL Get In The Habit Of Expecting The Era Of MIRACLES.

It Belongs TO US.

I'm Lesley Jane, and let's face it, I AM a friggin' miracle.



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Two Silo Complex

3/7/2016 7:54:38 AM

Alright I might agree chart stats might get artists to go out and get listens. What part of that will generate paid downloads who knows.

Here is what I don't understand maybe you can help me out. You post this thing like its the best thing since sliced bread. Byron raises so well thought out and legitimate concerns. I like the idea in general and I may participate but offered some suggestions on ways the club could be done in a way that might be more inviting.

So what it seems is that you presented this idea with the notion that we are all going to jump on the wagon with no questions or comments. You asked us what we think but you don't seem to want to hear what we think unless that is we think its great and we should just all sign up today and not miss out on an exciting opportunity to give away any little money we do make for the sake of the site.

I have supported this site and I do support this idea in general so don't get me wrong. I guess what I am trying to say is you asked for our opinion and we are giving it but you don't seem to want to hear it because it seems its already a done deal that won't be changed. So why ask our opinion at all just say here is the new club here is how it works and let people decide to join or not join. When you ask our opinion it hints at that you might be willing to listen to suggestions but that does not seem to be the case.

I am starting to get frustrated by this as this is not the first time. You say you want participation you got it. Its like talking into the wind that is blowing against you these days and I won't out words in your mouth but you might feel the same way about the artists these days.

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3/7/2016 8:05:04 AM

No one said we didn't want your opinion, mate. Go get that coffee.

I happened to disagree with one of your opinions,
you said 'don't kick the rats on the high street'
I said 'no, DO kick the rats on the high street'....

that said, it's one opinion, two opinion, three potato, four.

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3/7/2016 8:06:03 AM

The site traffic is a different issue from promoting song sales.

I don't think I presented a hard sale of this at all. In fact I said "I'd also add that we encourage you to sell your songs here even if you don't want to join the club."

I certainly didn't expect many to join. I mostly wanted to let y'all know what it was about. I asked if people like the idea because there was zero response, not a single post at the time.

Offering that you'd be interested if half the money went to the site presents a problem of programming and management. I suppose I should've said that in response to your post but a lot of people were chiming in at once so I neglected to do that.

My only angle really was that if you're not even putting your songs for sale to begin with, you could attempt to do that and benefit the site. and your songs might get more exposure too cause you're listed on the commerce page.

Part of the reason we discourage site discussion on the pipeline is because what that usually turns into is a lot of suggestions that take money and man hours. Artists discussing artist problems is not that readable for non-artists too, I'd add.

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3/7/2016 8:08:14 AM

Yeah. Plus I like his icon there with the multi-coloured guitars,
so I'm always happy to hear what he has to say.

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Two Silo Complex

3/7/2016 9:05:19 AM

Yes I know changing it requires money but my point was it took programming to create it right?
If you had asked our input before the programming was done we might have been able to program it differently with more choice options and maybe that means its too expensive and never gets done I don't know.

I guess no harm in joining since I haven't sold a damn thing anyway.
I'll consider it.

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3/7/2016 9:08:44 AM

No I did that with my limited html knowledge, the part that would split up the money to different recipients, either done with programming or just with extra paypal moves adds trouble to the mix. :)

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Two Silo Complex

3/7/2016 1:55:14 PM

Maybe you should call it the all or nothing club. -)

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8/9/2017 12:57:16 PM

Here's another great list of traffic sources.


Hope it helps.

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