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3/4/2021 1:07:54 PM
so how's your state of mind?

1/27/2021 1:31:34 AM
Golden Kayak results coming in around a week.

1/1/2021 7:40:06 PM
a big thank you

11/8/2020 1:41:24 PM
only a few more days to get in songs eligible for the upcoming Golden Kayaks

10/15/2020 3:47:29 AM
Golden Kayaks are coming up, less than 4 weeks left to upload songs eligible for this year.

10/7/2020 5:45:36 PM
if marketing trolls show up on your threads

9/6/2020 8:58:24 AM
Golden Kayak Best Female Artist 2005 releases new song with Sting!

7/6/2020 8:46:01 AM
Indie Day Fundraiser time is here, everybody please read

5/28/2020 11:26:31 AM
announcement for station managers

4/26/2020 7:15:25 PM
put heavy stuff in political forum please.

2/11/2020 9:42:51 PM
2019 Golden Kayak Winners, check in here.

2/8/2020 6:12:33 AM
Here it is, the 2019 Golden Kayak Podcast (spoiler posts permitted)

1/2/2020 5:58:36 PM
Golden Kayak Nominations are up, ballot coming in a day or 2.

12/8/2019 7:52:43 PM
Only 2 more days to get in Golden Kayak nominations

11/18/2019 9:29:36 AM
We're going to need more nominations

11/6/2019 3:27:12 PM
Golden Kayaks coming up, 5 more days to upload songs eligible for this year.

11/3/2019 11:37:45 AM
Sorry about that folks but we're fine and dandy now

9/22/2019 5:06:14 PM
New Spotlight Interview of Elmer and the Ceramic Trees

9/21/2019 11:00:59 PM
attention everyone

9/6/2019 4:39:32 PM
Tell us about your overall social media involvement

8/31/2019 10:55:04 AM
How to create your own long-playing record (album) (DMD) for your page at IMP

8/30/2019 11:24:23 AM
some great songs arriving at our site these days

8/21/2019 4:28:53 AM
some stuff about IMP you might not know

8/13/2019 8:12:21 PM
an update on my musical stuff

8/11/2019 3:05:51 AM
Ever hear the Tielman Bros?

8/6/2019 7:11:53 PM
When You Put Tree Rings on a Record Player, The Sound Is Unexpectedly Beautiful

8/3/2019 6:55:23 PM
Station Blurb of the Week

7/30/2019 2:25:34 PM
Helping artists whenever you can

7/14/2019 7:41:45 AM
aspirations in songwriting

7/9/2019 9:22:38 AM
David Bowie's death album

7/5/2019 1:16:30 PM
Last call for donations

6/23/2019 3:42:45 AM
Rolling Thunder Revue on Netflix

6/6/2019 6:56:40 PM
RIP Dr. John

5/30/2019 4:45:38 AM
What was your first instrument?

5/26/2019 4:15:38 PM
fear of flying

5/21/2019 7:43:35 PM
I had an idea for a group songwriting project, please read..

5/3/2019 10:05:06 AM
Who are your musical heroes?

4/16/2019 12:16:51 PM
on writing lyrics

4/4/2019 6:49:21 AM
Developing Active People

4/1/2019 12:26:25 AM
wow, a half hour ago I just signed a big money record deal.

3/19/2019 8:03:55 AM
Facebook is anti-artist.

3/17/2019 2:37:33 PM
RIP Dick Dale

2/24/2019 3:19:51 PM
sleeper hooks in songs

1/23/2019 9:16:14 PM
Hear the whole show here from this thread.

1/14/2019 3:07:17 AM
2 more days left to vote in Golden Kayaks

12/19/2018 1:58:43 AM
What aspects of a song do you value most?

12/17/2018 1:52:01 PM
Indie Song of the Year Nominees

12/13/2018 5:45:13 PM
want to thank the community

12/9/2018 10:55:31 AM
only a couple days left to get your Golden Kayak nominations in

12/4/2018 10:32:18 PM
Type your life story in 100 words or less.

12/4/2018 5:59:01 PM
Do you believe in UFOs?

11/23/2018 9:54:39 AM
indie management horror stories

11/17/2018 10:34:27 AM
some easy ways to take on Golden Kayak nominations

11/16/2018 3:30:01 AM
Want to see something utterly amazing?

11/15/2018 2:14:00 PM
RIP Roy Clark

11/5/2018 2:30:03 PM
Deadline for songs to be uploaded to qualify for Golden Kayaks - 11-11-18 at 12 am ET

10/25/2018 5:03:11 PM
sometimes I think..

10/22/2018 5:40:00 AM
Golden Kayaks coming in November

9/28/2018 9:01:01 PM
RIP Marty Balin

9/27/2018 3:21:41 PM
Womankind came to the fore today.

9/25/2018 6:01:36 PM
How to PIMP UP your IMP artist page!

9/24/2018 1:50:01 PM
interesting new Beatles release coming

9/21/2018 7:27:25 AM
Steve Ison and Azwel

9/18/2018 7:00:29 PM
so what's new?

9/10/2018 10:43:27 AM
RIP Rod Underhill

9/1/2018 8:47:34 PM
NFL fans check in here

8/31/2018 3:00:04 AM
I need some promo ideas on this..

8/18/2018 11:46:27 AM
Anybody got anything exciting going on?

8/16/2018 12:08:14 PM
The King and Queen both died on the same day.

8/14/2018 4:20:05 PM
Is melody passé?

8/13/2018 12:02:48 PM
The Queen of Soul is gravely ill.

8/12/2018 10:41:34 AM
John Denver, Jim Croce, Harry Chapin. plane crash, plane crash, car crash. Which was the biggest loss?

8/9/2018 2:34:40 PM
What would you consider over the years as the perfect pop song?

8/2/2018 11:51:38 PM
David Crosby on paid streaming services

7/31/2018 7:02:42 AM
She walks all over you, you know she can

7/30/2018 2:45:34 PM
“You are what you settle for. You are only as much as you settle for.” - Janis Joplin

7/28/2018 12:27:40 PM
How do you start fresh when your past is strewn all around you?

7/15/2018 11:19:16 AM

7/10/2018 4:46:38 AM
I'd like to hear details about everyone's creative process.

7/4/2018 6:29:15 AM
everybody please read

7/1/2018 3:33:44 PM
Neil Sedaka - songwriter

6/16/2018 3:49:04 PM
New support email, please file this so you have it.

6/14/2018 5:07:00 AM
Nobody noticed.

6/7/2018 6:48:05 AM
How much of a factor is an artist's looks in your appreciation of their live performances?

6/5/2018 6:11:06 PM
the need for critical opinions in music

6/5/2018 9:45:03 AM
Some "music lovers' are just too lazy to appreciate indie.

6/3/2018 9:11:17 AM
Frank Sinatra's letter to George Michael

5/26/2018 12:55:58 AM
I found this wild statement in a very obscure place on Neil Young's archive site.

5/13/2018 1:28:01 PM

5/12/2018 7:34:33 PM
the best ever artist website

5/3/2018 11:57:47 AM
Great David Crosby Interview

5/1/2018 6:39:18 AM
the battle

4/24/2018 9:35:41 AM
some notes about the IMP player

4/6/2018 5:13:21 PM
My life basically starts today.

4/1/2018 4:56:11 PM
Lennon, Cobain and Jimi are all alive.

3/24/2018 9:19:25 AM
great new Neil Young interview

3/19/2018 7:51:27 PM
Is that Francesca on the Alfa Romeo commercial?

2/3/2018 7:19:51 AM
taking your songs to a publisher

1/22/2018 4:59:08 PM
The DMD (digital CD) now works for all artists!

1/14/2018 7:22:31 PM
The Golden Kayak Wall of Fame has been updated with the new winners.

1/14/2018 8:02:54 AM
How to listen to tonight's Golden Kayak broadcast at 5 PM ET (New York) time.

1/8/2018 10:12:20 AM
Oprah's speech last night at the Golden Globes was amazing, see it here

1/2/2018 8:27:18 AM
I'm proud of this

12/29/2017 10:05:50 PM
Indie Song of the Year - the Finals

12/18/2017 9:16:05 AM
It warms me

12/16/2017 9:37:03 AM
Nominations Closed for Golden kayaks

12/7/2017 4:37:21 PM
OMG I was so surprised to see this!!

12/2/2017 3:04:01 PM
Note to any artists or any others who are not thrilled with the choice of features here

12/1/2017 11:49:44 AM
A contender for the greatest indie song of all time..

11/27/2017 3:19:28 PM
2 weeks left to get your Golden Kayak nominations in.

11/22/2017 11:24:37 PM
apologies on behalf of IMP

11/15/2017 9:48:17 AM
The Indie Song of the Year Tourney for this year - please read..

11/5/2017 8:53:39 AM
an indie song that will run thru your head all day if you listen

11/5/2017 5:34:49 AM
Deadline for songs to be uploaded to qualify for Golden Kayaks - 11-11-17 at 12 am ET

10/29/2017 11:51:15 PM
new - front page ads

10/26/2017 9:40:22 AM
New Spotlight Interview with a majorly talented guy!

10/21/2017 4:53:31 PM
I'm starting to feel our gravitational pull again.

10/5/2017 3:56:26 PM
some stuff about this site that you may not know

8/19/2017 3:19:11 PM
Shades of the Righteous Bros on IMP?

8/1/2017 1:46:16 AM
IMP story blog contest, all please read..

7/18/2017 12:08:57 PM
so how does an artist get a new listener to click on a music link

7/18/2017 12:08:19 PM
Looking for volunteers regarding a committee that sets out to give IMP a presence at music trade shows

6/30/2017 2:28:07 AM
Everyone please read - How important is IMP to YOU?

6/29/2017 1:07:13 PM
Everyone please read - How important is IMP to YOU?

6/27/2017 11:48:30 PM
our friend Lesley is gone from IMP

6/19/2017 11:22:07 PM
Facebook is anti music artist in case you didn't know

6/9/2017 2:38:59 PM
the IMP in the room is you

6/1/2017 9:37:41 PM

5/19/2017 9:29:03 AM
Station managers, please read, a survey

5/18/2017 11:50:57 AM
RIP Chris Cornell

5/7/2017 4:51:23 AM
new Spotlight Interview with the overwhelming Motorbaby

4/28/2017 7:44:11 AM
artist communities

4/19/2017 5:15:01 AM
Indie artists are raisin' the bar these days, have you heard?

4/16/2017 12:20:17 PM
ok this is pretty funny

4/11/2017 5:32:33 AM
What are the factors involved that cause you to click on a song to listen to it? Everybody please comment.

4/2/2017 2:43:00 AM
New Spotlight Interview with the band Whitherward!

4/1/2017 4:44:14 PM
I love artists.

3/28/2017 9:12:39 PM
the elasticity of a song

3/28/2017 8:11:55 AM
one more note about the political pipeline

3/26/2017 10:52:54 PM
We have a new political forum, link above..

3/21/2017 6:08:43 AM
New Spotlight Interview with TonyGirl

3/19/2017 12:06:26 AM
We made a change in the song page.

3/12/2017 11:55:40 AM
What the world needs now

3/2/2017 2:25:15 AM
the red button on the front page works now

3/1/2017 5:15:54 PM
new video by MonaLisa Twins covers another Beatle song

3/1/2017 4:50:59 PM
What makes for the perfect pipeline topic?

2/21/2017 5:58:20 AM
Despair on Indie Avenue

2/20/2017 2:21:33 PM
update on site issue

2/17/2017 2:27:17 PM
We just had another correspondence from the server co.

1/25/2017 1:05:09 PM
New Spotlight Interview with James Stanley Howen

1/24/2017 11:32:02 AM
Anybody know some good songs with fiddles on IMP?

1/23/2017 1:05:01 PM
new realms in the arena of artist promotion..

1/22/2017 12:21:12 AM
Indie icon Ainjel Emme just posted an amazing new song related to the women's march

1/20/2017 7:14:37 PM
note for all

1/16/2017 2:30:05 PM
All Golden Kayak Winners check in here.

1/16/2017 6:13:29 AM
Miss the show last night? You can stream it now

1/13/2017 5:45:31 AM
Song of the Year is really close, please vote if you haven't.

1/11/2017 7:11:57 AM
Radio show announcing winners is THIS Sunday at 5:00 New York Time

1/11/2017 12:01:54 AM
David Crosby's new song is here now, on his page.

1/10/2017 1:18:42 AM
The Finals for the Indie Song of the Year are here!

1/5/2017 1:55:28 PM
Indie Music vs Indie Artist

1/2/2017 2:47:20 PM
I made a decision

1/1/2017 9:56:57 PM
You folks know there is a short url for IMP, right?

1/1/2017 12:57:40 PM
a funny story for yas

1/1/2017 7:01:00 AM
Semifinals Round for The Song of the Year Tourney

12/24/2016 6:25:48 PM
a new Spotlight Interview is right off the presses, it's Pancake Riot

12/24/2016 1:04:25 PM
Golden Kayak Voting Ballot - Please vote!

12/17/2016 12:22:15 PM
I love it but I hate it.

12/13/2016 11:16:44 PM
Golden Kayak Nominations closed - Song of the Year moves into next round, winners bracket.

12/7/2016 11:30:08 AM
5 days left for Golden Kayak Nominations, get them in please

12/6/2016 12:58:45 PM
new heat in Indie Song of the Year is up - Need more nominations for Golden Kayaks too!

12/3/2016 9:53:16 AM
Golden Kayak Nominations Form

12/2/2016 12:08:39 AM
need your Golden Kayak nominations soon! and don't forget to vote in the front page poll

11/29/2016 11:22:12 AM
How do we grow the indie culture?

11/28/2016 9:00:09 PM
a note about site issues

11/24/2016 10:01:07 PM
Time to start working on your Golden Kayak Nominations

11/23/2016 11:25:10 AM
new heat in Indie Song of Year is Up, Winner of Last Heat announced

11/18/2016 1:22:31 PM
Voting for Kayak song of the Year begins, please read..

11/10/2016 5:02:57 AM
so we're back up again

11/2/2016 1:49:58 PM
8 more days to upload songs that will be eligible for Golden Kayaks!!

10/12/2016 11:49:40 AM
Golden Kayaks coming up soon. To be eligible, a song must be uploaded before Nov 11, 12 AM.

9/25/2016 10:06:57 AM
announcement - we're discontinuing the Triple C Club

8/4/2016 5:07:52 AM
New Spotlight Interview with Neil w Young

7/16/2016 5:01:20 PM
paging Lyin Dan

7/10/2016 10:53:39 AM
hey station managers

7/8/2016 2:34:36 PM
Genre chart adjustment coming in next day

7/8/2016 6:25:36 AM
The Lady Voices of Indie DMD is still for sale

7/6/2016 1:54:25 PM
Artists with emotional energy

7/6/2016 6:20:40 AM
Can you folks help spread this around?

7/4/2016 4:07:45 AM
Happy INDIES Day!

6/21/2016 7:24:08 AM
Do you like rock festivals?

6/18/2016 5:09:50 PM
A note about the compilation charity DMD that Evie helped put together

6/17/2016 3:06:04 AM
New Spotlight Interview with Francesca Tamellini

6/13/2016 9:24:17 PM
Attn: New Feature!

6/12/2016 12:34:25 AM
re: the Triple C Club

6/7/2016 3:10:52 AM
new Spotlight Interview with DeMonicka!

5/31/2016 11:33:58 AM
New Spotlight interview with Denquar

5/30/2016 8:03:09 AM
There aren't as many indie bands out there as there used to be

5/22/2016 8:37:54 AM
Welcome to all the great new artists who are checking in today!

5/18/2016 11:04:55 PM
well today is the 1 year anniversary of indiemusicpeople.com

5/18/2016 3:12:54 PM
pipeline perks

5/15/2016 10:39:06 PM
a note about an adjustment we're making to the Stat Cave

5/12/2016 8:45:21 PM
Today was IMP's best day ever for traffic

5/12/2016 7:44:08 AM
the joy of being me - Gamers take note.

5/9/2016 6:34:39 AM
please remove the letters IAC from your stations and what not.

5/8/2016 10:41:30 AM
New Spotlight Interview with Chloe Collins!

5/3/2016 4:51:07 AM
Important note about the new front page, everybody read..

4/27/2016 6:28:12 PM
Another New Development at IMP! please read

4/26/2016 8:05:52 AM
People who make music, it's the very best part of them..

4/25/2016 11:59:26 AM
Have you started a station lately ?

4/21/2016 3:17:56 AM
response to music depends a lot on mood

4/19/2016 1:14:28 PM
Here's some good news..

4/19/2016 7:50:49 AM
a note to all about IMP and Facebook, please read..

4/6/2016 11:13:26 AM
RIP Merle Haggard

4/3/2016 10:08:58 AM
the volatility of listeners and the Surge Factor

4/2/2016 9:34:39 PM
Pipeline Radio Show hosted by Ken (Two Silo Complex) is this coming Wednesday night at 8 PM EDT

3/27/2016 6:16:01 PM
New Spotlight Interview with Ben Elliot

3/15/2016 4:23:43 PM
I had a thought

3/10/2016 1:22:52 PM
pipeline brainstorming session..

3/9/2016 1:39:17 PM
folks we need more songs - we're doing a group radio show from the pipeliners, please read..

3/8/2016 2:06:35 PM
idle chatter

3/6/2016 7:53:21 PM
an idea about how to bring non-artists listeners to IMP.

3/5/2016 9:28:28 AM
I.M.P. and the challenge of indies selling their music

2/21/2016 12:48:20 PM
Do you know any good indie songwriters who are not on IMP?

2/17/2016 7:31:23 AM
New Spotlight interview with Dave Elwert

2/17/2016 6:46:55 AM
looking for something to blow me away

2/5/2016 11:13:54 PM
stats issue

2/3/2016 10:54:53 PM
Mention IMP wherever you go on the web

1/28/2016 12:34:42 PM
2 new college stations added as affiliates for Kayak Big 25 show

1/28/2016 5:36:03 AM
What's your favorite indie song of all time other than your own?

1/27/2016 6:33:31 PM
planning your next musical move in public - please read..

1/25/2016 11:56:46 AM
We're looking for content for IMPeccable Radio

1/18/2016 12:41:08 PM
The Golden Kayak Wall of Fame has been updated

1/13/2016 3:17:58 AM
You're all invited to a party on Sunday

1/8/2016 12:57:05 PM
ok, Golden Kayak ballots due by MIDNIGHT PST TONIGHT!, Time to vote if you haven't yet.

1/4/2016 12:32:39 AM
IMP is the ticket.

1/3/2016 8:04:41 AM

12/30/2015 2:07:25 PM
another quick note about Kayak voting

12/25/2015 4:16:54 AM
Finals Heat is up in Kayak Song of the Year - please vote

12/15/2015 2:52:52 PM
Golden Kayak Nominations extended - due by 12 AM 12-29

11/22/2015 6:19:21 AM
Got any masterpieces coming?? Now's the time, to be eligible for Golden Kayaks, songs must be on site before Dec 1st.

11/19/2015 2:00:22 PM
site outage

11/16/2015 1:09:05 PM
New Spotlight Interview with Azwel

11/12/2015 3:44:58 PM
State of the Pipeline ?

11/4/2015 12:35:06 PM
New Spotlight Interview with Time Cat

10/30/2015 1:12:52 PM
Operation Homecoming - pipeline regulars, please read..

10/27/2015 6:41:49 PM
New Spotlight Interview with Piranya

10/23/2015 2:06:27 PM
one of our artists has recently started doing live performances

10/22/2015 12:23:15 AM
Remember folks to take advantage of the Review/Commentary section

10/15/2015 12:03:46 PM
The Golden Kayaks are only a month and a half away

10/8/2015 5:08:09 AM
New Spotlight Interview with Alex Siegel

10/7/2015 12:30:13 PM
We just added 2 affiliates to our Kayak Big 25 network, from Canada and Africa

10/4/2015 4:25:46 AM
There's a new facebook page for our 24/7 Radio (IMPeccable Radio), like it if..

9/30/2015 9:36:46 PM
Some will think I'm foolish for typing this

9/26/2015 1:20:51 AM
New Spotlight Interview with Dead Bed Bad

9/22/2015 6:43:04 PM
OK, folks, it's "Start a New Station Week" at IMP, time to start a new station

9/22/2015 1:34:58 PM
What do the Netherlands, Costa Rica, Brazil, and Argentina have in common?

9/21/2015 1:53:55 PM
a special welcome to all the fabulous new artists on the site!

9/17/2015 8:06:39 PM
New Spotlight Interview with Bob Elliott

9/14/2015 12:34:20 PM
Do you remember the first song that in your youth captured your imagination?

9/13/2015 5:40:19 PM
how to post links on our 2 forums (pipeline and the R/C)

9/13/2015 8:52:27 AM
Could you give it a spin and put up a song in our Review/Commentary area?

9/11/2015 12:06:13 PM
looking for anybody here who loves indie gospel music

9/11/2015 12:18:38 AM
logo contest for Kayak Big 25 - any of you good at this sort of thing?

9/10/2015 7:52:41 AM
Feedback area is now Review/Commentary and IS ON FRONT PAGE - bottom left!

9/9/2015 9:37:24 PM
big announcement on Export Player, please read..

9/9/2015 9:02:28 PM
New Spotlight Interview with the one and only Zeeza

9/6/2015 2:37:10 AM
New Spotlight Interview with Soft Cactus

9/3/2015 6:45:34 AM
the latest project I'm working on..

9/3/2015 12:29:36 AM
you know what gets me down?

9/1/2015 3:26:30 AM
New Spotlight Interview - Ice Giants

8/25/2015 4:02:46 AM
crazy ramblings, read at your own risk

8/23/2015 1:44:02 PM
In news related to artists who are members here

8/16/2015 5:19:50 PM
Brand New Spotlight Interview with our own Steve Ison

8/13/2015 1:28:36 PM
more things all new artists should know

8/8/2015 4:40:30 PM
re: a songwriters' museum on this site?

8/1/2015 9:56:11 AM
Song blurbs on stations

7/26/2015 10:14:00 AM
asking for help for all on this matter

7/25/2015 6:33:10 AM
What bonds us all together?

7/23/2015 1:52:35 PM
Operation Banner Mania - everybody please read..

7/20/2015 10:28:25 PM
the you tube thread

7/15/2015 9:45:55 AM
site alumni week - please read..

6/26/2015 7:50:08 AM
Elvis "the King"'s last words were ?

6/20/2015 1:19:48 AM
the IMP late night club

6/16/2015 12:38:49 AM
a noteworthy new station to check out - Alltime Kayak Hits

6/14/2015 12:35:45 PM
discouraging news from the indie world

6/10/2015 1:56:05 AM
major investigative movie on Kurt Cobain coming out tomorrow, the 11th

6/4/2015 1:46:32 PM
I remember when they were just an indie :)

6/3/2015 12:04:32 PM
Things you can do at (for) IMP today

6/1/2015 12:03:56 PM
new Kayak Big 25 up.

5/21/2015 6:24:44 PM
a note about featured stations, please read, all station managers


Basic (free) Member



3/9/2016 1:39:17 PM ---- Updated 3/24/2016 9:22:04 PM

folks we need more songs - we're doing a group radio show from the pipeliners, please read..

Anyway here's the idea, subject to adjustments. We all submit one song, recorded in one take as if it were a live performance. Then Ken has volunteered to do intros for the songs and make it into a cohesive show for IMPeccable Radio.

Who is in?

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3/9/2016 2:14:35 PM

I think everyone should bang out a few tunes live in Second Life. Way more fun and exciting than a radio show. Forget this old 20th-century stuff.

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Two Silo Complex

3/9/2016 2:22:23 PM

Scott has said in the past that Impeccable radio shows need to be at least 30 minutes.

If there is enough submissions to fill 30 minutes of air time then I will create the show.

The songs will be played in the order they are submitted to this thread.

and yes Larree I'm ignoring you. If you don't want to be on the radio show then don't submit a song for it

The second life thing is a different event that may or may not happen.

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3/9/2016 2:24:10 PM

You're not ignoring me. You said my name.

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3/9/2016 2:29:22 PM

... and if a SL concert doesn't happen it will ony be because people are afraid to try it.

Cheers! :D

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3/9/2016 2:35:28 PM

I agree that the SL thing would rock, Larree, I just don't think we have that sort of crowd here. I know Debbie would come though.

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Two Silo Complex

3/9/2016 2:38:05 PM

Alright Larree have it your way your right I'm not ignoring you. I'm correctly informing you that this is a separate event from the second life concert which may or may not happen for various reasons.

If you or anyone else wants to be on the show its very simple record a song respond to the thread with the song name on your page that you want played and it will get on the show.

I will add that the intro will simply be the artist name and the song title. I will not be commenting on the songs unless I decide to do so. Hey its my show featuring you so I'll do what I want -)
Excuse my while I practice my best Casey Casum impression.

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3/9/2016 2:48:09 PM

ah I was hoping you'd loosen up a little and have fun with it.

Also we should encourage folks to record new stuff for this I think.

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Two Silo Complex

3/9/2016 2:52:15 PM

Well see how the mood strikes me maybe I'll get (inspired) if you know what I mean....

That is if we get any submissions for the show.

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3/9/2016 2:59:46 PM

well I'm in, will come up with something.

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Steve White

3/9/2016 3:57:01 PM


I don't have the equipment to record live anymore. I won't have anything till I get a new interphase for my iPad Pro. I had one for the Air but the Pro is too big for that so yeh.


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Duane Flock

3/9/2016 5:12:15 PM

What's the deadline for this? I still work a 40hr/wk job.

Do we get at least a week or two?

I'm in.

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3/10/2016 1:31:16 AM

Okay, well, we just (as we mentioned a moment ago in a different thread)
did one that we recorded on purpose, to sound totally Live.

So, we'll come back and post the link to that one here....

(we're also going through a backlog of oldies of ours, both ALJ and Bsex,
even a gem by Mistress Of Sound, and that'll get it's own
thread-announcement on the Pipeline once we're done putting 'em all out...)

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3/10/2016 9:03:18 AM

Okay, here it is,

our new BEATLESEX record

(the new new one... we also released a ton of previously released
material, for B'sex, ALJ, even a Mistress Of Sound record...
I'll post about that in a moment.... )

"SONY Have Honor!" by BEATLESEX

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3/10/2016 9:50:25 AM

Great work ALJ! Sounds really good.


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3/10/2016 9:55:58 AM

Thank you Stone. God Bless, Much Love, ~Lesley, Leader of BEATLESEX

(With now three other members besides me, John, George & Other George)

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Two Silo Complex

3/10/2016 10:14:28 AM

There is no hard set deadline. Once there is enough submissions to create at least a 30 minute show I will create it. I am hoping we will get enough submissions by the end of the month but so far the only submission is from BEATLESEX.


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3/11/2016 5:58:03 AM

Okay, so all American Lesley Jane has to do,
is make about a twenty five minute live set, and you've got your 30 minutes...
I'll bear that in mind.

Also, we remastered the mp3 file
for the new B'sex one "SONY Have Honor!" by BEATLESEX....

as it was mad hot overdriven, I realized yesterday,
so I then made the command decision to fix that, this morning. ~L

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Two Silo Complex

3/11/2016 7:29:44 AM

I think your kidding about the 25 minute set. As Scott mentioned 1 song per artist.
so far Scott and Duane said they might post something we will see what happens.
Since you have multiple accounts if you submit one song as ALJ that is a reasonable length then I will add it to the show with your BEATLESEX song.

The idea here was to give a sort of live concert type feel to the show which is why we asked for live recordings. So far not much interest has been shown. Maybe over the weekened when people have more time the thread will get more attention.

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3/11/2016 8:12:01 AM

Well yes Ken... LOL...

I was of course kidding about doing a 25 minute song....

BEATLESEX, is in fact, it's own entity,

and I, American Lesley Jane, am my own entity....

may appear to be 'simply the same person' but it isn't.

So, I appreciate the open door to
I can submit one as well,

and I shall keep that in mind, truly I will, who knows,
might think of something, it could happen!

BEATLESEX actually was out first, in early 2001.

Well received on mp3.com.

Once 9-11 happened,

American Lesley Jane was born.

It was my solo site, and my voice as the Living Lady Liberty....

The Phonix, if you will, Rising from the Ashes of 9-11.

That'd be me....

plus the easy answer is quite often
ALJ is girl stuff and Bsex is boy stuff...

though it's not always that simple,
I am, of course a member of BEATLESEX,
and I have on occasion snuck a girl song in there, haha....

But mostly we keep it as Bsex is the boy stuff,

and ALJ is either the girl stuff, or,
whatever else I wanna do really...

But that's my realm...

BEATLESEX tends to be, well it's a group effort,
so even though I'm the Leader, whether John likes that or not
(and quite often he doesn't, you know)
there still is a group consensus.

With John and George. Both members of BEATLESEX.

Oh if you're curious about John's work,
we just put out a 12 minute Hip Hop Record, that John
did a few years ago....

WARNING: This Record May Offend You, play safe, don't listen to it.

No that wasn't to you per se, Ken.
That was to anybody.

Thanks again, God Bless, Much Love, ~Lesley

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Two Silo Complex

3/11/2016 7:30:07 PM

Father Time
3/11/2016 2:41:49 PM

I just put up a cover of Ohio as my contribution to the radio show, it was recorded live at a second life show.

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Father Time

3/11/2016 7:33:53 PM


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3/12/2016 9:36:01 AM

"Ohio" by Father Time (recorded live)

There we are, there's a link...

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zeman ruckus

3/13/2016 9:44:43 PM

Kris & I could put one up. I will have it up sometime tomorrow. Cheers :)

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Psyche's Muse

3/14/2016 6:46:49 AM

"keleidoscope" ...


...it's about as "Live" as "live" can be.
...and being neither "Knew" nor "Known" kinda makes it "New"

...it is just about as "Independent" as music can be, no boundaries... plus it makes me laugh!
...who knows, you just may need another 5 minutes to finish your station adds.

...and if that one seems a bit "disrespectful" for your liking here's something sad:



...Hilarious and Sad.
...what a personal commentary about my own stuff! hahaha! -M-

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Two Silo Complex

3/14/2016 9:19:35 AM

Psyches Muse,
Whatever song you want will be on the show I am not evaluating show content.
You tell me which song you want on the show.

With the first song you submitted right now the total length of the show is around 11 minutes and 15 seconds with no into's. So if the intro/summary are 20 seconds each then we have 12 minutes 14 seconds.

We need at least 30 minutes of content to create the show so more submissions are still needed.

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zeman ruckus

3/15/2016 5:16:04 AM

I tried like hell to get a song uploaded, but regardless of which mp3 converter, bitrate, etc., I couldn't get them to work. I will try again when I get more time to mess with it. It isn't a problem with the site, i noticed the other new uploads from other artists were streaming just fine, and I haven't had this problem before. oh well.

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Two Silo Complex

3/15/2016 2:21:44 PM

zeman ruckus,
I use drop box to share files with other artists send me an artist mail not PM as PM does not work. I can share a drop box folder with you you can upload the file and share it to me I can convert it to mp3 320kbs and share it back to you.

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3/15/2016 2:30:14 PM

yeah you can also email the wav to me thru hightail.com and I'll fix it for ya.

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3/15/2016 2:53:07 PM

Well, that was a BEATLESEX record we presented here before....

Here's a recent ALJ song, also with an energetic live feel...

though on this one we didn't add the roar of a stadium full of people...
(if that's a technical requirement, I could put out an alternate like that I suppose)

"It Takes The Cake" by American Lesley Jane

You did mention presenting also an American Lesley Jane record
would be allowed, and I very much appreciated this,
because I need a place where I'm not overshadowed by the Rock Gods as it were.

Well that's kind Boys, very kind indeed.
They think me one of them. I gotta love and adore them for that.
What Nice Boys.

Anyway, Ken Two Silo, please let me know if this song,
will be adequate, and if not, I'll work up another one.
Probably longer. This one's maybe all of three minutes or something...

Thank you.


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3/15/2016 2:58:02 PM


I don't see the man himself as having presented anything here yet,

and he's a virtual fountain of genius and talent.
Please don't get embarrassed, Stoneman, takes one to know one
if that makes you feel any better.

I Nominate His New Record,

"Stank It Up Tonight" by Stoneman

It's Fresh, Live-Club Feeling, f***ing Brilliant.
Unless he himself objects, please consider adding this record,
it's a party in a can, I tell ya.

Thank you again.


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3/15/2016 3:00:35 PM

Jay Dyall probably has a bunch of records
which would be suitable for this project,

but I'll leave it to him to pick one....

My mentioning him will at least give him the introduction into it, I hope....

Stone, please don't be mad at me
for nominating your song for this virtual live show project,
your new one is great, a solid club hit, it should be in this show!
Well I think so, which is why I said so.

God Bless, Much Love & Respect,


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Two Silo Complex

3/15/2016 6:50:08 PM

As I told Phychic Muse a couple posts above your latest post

"Whatever song you want will be on the show I am not evaluating show content.
You tell me which song ALJ you want on the show."

I am only creating the show from the content that is submitted.

If stoneman wants his song that you voted for him on the show then he can let us know.

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3/16/2016 7:20:56 AM

Okay, Ken. Fair enough.

In that case,

since you're not all full up yet,
let me consider which ALJ song
I wish to submit.

Because I think it's one I haven't recorded yet,
but I have one in mind. Get back to you...

Thank you.


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Steve White

3/16/2016 4:09:34 PM

Someone suggested I add "I Don't Know Why" to the show here.

It's the top song on my page.


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3/16/2016 4:58:15 PM

Just to reset. On 3/9 Scott posted this:

3/9/2016 1:39:17 PM

we're doing a group radio show from the pipeliners, please read..

Anyway here's the idea, subject to adjustments. We all submit one song, recorded in one take as if it were a live performance. Then Ken has volunteered to do intros for the songs and make it into a cohesive show for IMPeccable Radio.

Who is in?

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Chandra Moon

3/17/2016 3:39:40 AM

I'll try and get one up - where do I upload it?

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Two Silo Complex

3/17/2016 7:53:01 AM

Chandra you don't submit it anywhere just post the name of the song you want on the show in the thread and I will go get it from your page and put it in the show.

I have to check where the total numbers are at with Steve's latest submission to see how many minutes the show is at right now. Last time I checked we were still short by 18 minutes we need 30 total minutes to create the show.

Thank you Larree.

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Two Silo Complex

3/17/2016 8:02:30 AM

As it stands right now we have 15 minutes and 33 seconds of show with 10 second intro and 10 second summary's added.

ALJ song not added to the total yet since he is still deciding which song he wants or is making a new one but we still have room.

Here are the submissions:
"Ohio" by Father Time (recorded live)
Psyches Muse "keleidoscope"
Steve White "I Don't Know Why"

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zeman ruckus

3/19/2016 12:36:48 AM

Well, My upload worked this time. I knew I was doing it right. I guess the site was glitching out on me.
Here is the link
Deep Fried Unplugged (LIVE)


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Two Silo Complex

3/19/2016 1:28:15 PM

Here are the submissions:
Father Time "Ohio" by (recorded live)
Psyches Muse "keleidoscope"
Steve White "I Don't Know Why"
Zeman Ruckus "Deep Fried Unplugged (LIVE)"

19 minutes 14 seconds.
Still need more songs for 30 minutes.

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Two Silo Complex

3/21/2016 11:44:50 AM


Still need a few more songs for the impeccable radio show.

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Duane Flock

3/21/2016 4:31:36 PM

OK here's mine. You'll have to turn it up a little though.
I did a Steely Dan cover.


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Two Silo Complex

3/21/2016 7:55:10 PM

no problem Duane I can fix the volume when I import it.
I have to do this anyway with the rest of the songs to make sure they are equal volumes.
Here are the submissions:
Father Time "Ohio" by (recorded live)
Psyches Muse "keleidoscope"
Steve White "I Don't Know Why"
Zeman Ruckus "Deep Fried Unplugged (LIVE)"
Duane Flock “Ricki”
23 minutes 30 seconds
still need 6 minutes 10 seconds with 10 second intro and 10 second summary added to next song

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Two Silo Complex

3/24/2016 9:08:13 PM

still need a couple more songs.

Judging from the lack of interest in submissions I'm wondering if the show is even worth creating or if anyone would bother to listen.

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Noah Spaceship

3/24/2016 11:04:31 PM

if acoustic is ok, I'll bang out a Noah Spaceship song tonight. ..?

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Two Silo Complex

3/25/2016 7:13:46 AM

@ noah
There is no format it just needs to be a live recording so that it sounds like live concert.

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The Rhythm Kings

3/26/2016 4:57:12 PM

Hey Guys We did a song today. How do I upload it for consideration for the show???

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The Rhythm Kings

3/26/2016 5:05:55 PM ---- Updated 3/26/2016 5:34:44 PM

Sorry guys How do I share our MP3 with you??

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Richard Scotti

3/26/2016 6:43:59 PM

Ken ~ The song I'm submitting is called URBAN SYMPHONY. It's the last song on my page. Lot's of applause and crowd cheers can be heard in key parts of this instrumental of "urban meets classical meets rock." The "live" element is very evident.

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Two Silo Complex

3/26/2016 8:15:58 PM

The Rhythm Kings
can you upload the song to your page please?

Richard the song "URBAN SYMPHONY" is not playing on your page when I click it the player does not start. can you check on it?

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Richard Scotti

3/26/2016 8:40:44 PM ---- Updated 3/26/2016 9:34:05 PM

KEN ~ URBAN SYMPHONY It's playing now!

It's now the first song on my page.

For some reason, the only way I could make it work was to lower the bit rate from 320 to 192.

Still sounds fine.

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The Rhythm Kings

3/27/2016 4:58:32 AM

OK I added to our page Just in my head Live for the show.

Thanks! Bruce and Don

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3/27/2016 9:29:34 AM ---- Updated 3/27/2016 9:33:22 AM

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3/27/2016 9:33:41 AM ---- Updated 3/27/2016 9:34:31 AM

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3/27/2016 9:36:26 AM

This is the nearest I have to a live performance, just me a piano and Verity doing harmonies.

The sinking ship sea shanty

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Two Silo Complex

3/27/2016 10:45:50 AM

Very cool.Thank you for all the great submissions I'll get started on the show soon.

Here are the submissions:
Father Time "Ohio" by (recorded live)
Psyches Muse "keleidoscope"
Steve White "I Don't Know Why"
Zeman Ruckus "Deep Fried Unplugged (LIVE)"
Duane Flock “Ricki”
The Rhythm Kings "JUST IN MY HEAD LIVE"
Richard Scotti "URBAN SYMPHONY "
Jillidom "The sinking ship sea shanty"
Two Silo Complex (The mystery cover song in progress to be released on 3/31)

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Noah Spaceship

3/29/2016 2:27:33 AM

It took me a few extra days to round up a couple thousand people to help with the atmosphere, but here it is -
Noah Spaceship - Electric Showers Live

enjoy haha

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Two Silo Complex

3/29/2016 8:02:05 AM

ok Noah,
I nixed my cover due to some outstanding issues an put you in. I will create the show soon.

Here are the submissions:
Father Time "Ohio" by (recorded live)
Psyches Muse "keleidoscope"
Steve White "I Don't Know Why"
Zeman Ruckus "Deep Fried Unplugged (LIVE)"
Duane Flock “Ricki”
The Rhythm Kings "JUST IN MY HEAD LIVE"
Richard Scotti "URBAN SYMPHONY "
Jillidom "The sinking ship sea shanty"
Noah Spaceship - "Electric Showers Live"

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Ben Elliot

3/29/2016 11:21:20 AM

Hey, just seen this. I'd be up for doing something. Might not be until the end pf the week though, so no worries if its too late by then.

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Two Silo Complex

3/29/2016 11:48:31 AM

Hi Ben,
I plan on making the show soon. So I can get the rest of it together later this week and add yours at the end since the show is by order of submission.


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Ben Elliot

4/3/2016 2:23:02 PM

hey, hopefully I'm not too late. I've not managed to do what I wanted but here is a live track i recorded a few weeks ago with a looper pedal. No worries if its too late.


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4/3/2016 2:30:57 PM

That will have to go on the next one I'm afraid.

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Ben Elliot

4/3/2016 2:35:51 PM

No probs, my fault, busy week.

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Two Silo Complex

4/3/2016 5:21:49 PM

Sorry Ben I had some free time available so I was able to get the show done but I'm going to listen to your song anyway for my own enjoyment.

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Richard Scotti

4/4/2016 10:02:41 PM

How are things going with the show, Ken? I'm really looking forward to it. Thanks for making the effort. It will be great fun.

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Father Time

4/4/2016 11:02:40 PM

It's this Wednesday at 8 PM EDT. on IMPeccable.

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Two Silo Complex

4/5/2016 8:33:27 PM

It's this Wednesday at 8 PM EDT. on IMPeccable. be there or be square.

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