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3/4/2021 1:07:54 PM
so how's your state of mind?

1/27/2021 1:31:34 AM
Golden Kayak results coming in around a week.

1/1/2021 7:40:06 PM
a big thank you

11/8/2020 1:41:24 PM
only a few more days to get in songs eligible for the upcoming Golden Kayaks

10/15/2020 3:47:29 AM
Golden Kayaks are coming up, less than 4 weeks left to upload songs eligible for this year.

10/7/2020 5:45:36 PM
if marketing trolls show up on your threads

9/6/2020 8:58:24 AM
Golden Kayak Best Female Artist 2005 releases new song with Sting!

7/6/2020 8:46:01 AM
Indie Day Fundraiser time is here, everybody please read

5/28/2020 11:26:31 AM
announcement for station managers

4/26/2020 7:15:25 PM
put heavy stuff in political forum please.

2/11/2020 9:42:51 PM
2019 Golden Kayak Winners, check in here.

2/8/2020 6:12:33 AM
Here it is, the 2019 Golden Kayak Podcast (spoiler posts permitted)

1/2/2020 5:58:36 PM
Golden Kayak Nominations are up, ballot coming in a day or 2.

12/8/2019 7:52:43 PM
Only 2 more days to get in Golden Kayak nominations

11/18/2019 9:29:36 AM
We're going to need more nominations

11/6/2019 3:27:12 PM
Golden Kayaks coming up, 5 more days to upload songs eligible for this year.

11/3/2019 11:37:45 AM
Sorry about that folks but we're fine and dandy now

9/22/2019 5:06:14 PM
New Spotlight Interview of Elmer and the Ceramic Trees

9/21/2019 11:00:59 PM
attention everyone

9/6/2019 4:39:32 PM
Tell us about your overall social media involvement

8/31/2019 10:55:04 AM
How to create your own long-playing record (album) (DMD) for your page at IMP

8/30/2019 11:24:23 AM
some great songs arriving at our site these days

8/21/2019 4:28:53 AM
some stuff about IMP you might not know

8/13/2019 8:12:21 PM
an update on my musical stuff

8/11/2019 3:05:51 AM
Ever hear the Tielman Bros?

8/6/2019 7:11:53 PM
When You Put Tree Rings on a Record Player, The Sound Is Unexpectedly Beautiful

8/3/2019 6:55:23 PM
Station Blurb of the Week

7/30/2019 2:25:34 PM
Helping artists whenever you can

7/14/2019 7:41:45 AM
aspirations in songwriting

7/9/2019 9:22:38 AM
David Bowie's death album

7/5/2019 1:16:30 PM
Last call for donations

6/23/2019 3:42:45 AM
Rolling Thunder Revue on Netflix

6/6/2019 6:56:40 PM
RIP Dr. John

5/30/2019 4:45:38 AM
What was your first instrument?

5/26/2019 4:15:38 PM
fear of flying

5/21/2019 7:43:35 PM
I had an idea for a group songwriting project, please read..

5/3/2019 10:05:06 AM
Who are your musical heroes?

4/16/2019 12:16:51 PM
on writing lyrics

4/4/2019 6:49:21 AM
Developing Active People

4/1/2019 12:26:25 AM
wow, a half hour ago I just signed a big money record deal.

3/19/2019 8:03:55 AM
Facebook is anti-artist.

3/17/2019 2:37:33 PM
RIP Dick Dale

2/24/2019 3:19:51 PM
sleeper hooks in songs

1/23/2019 9:16:14 PM
Hear the whole show here from this thread.

1/14/2019 3:07:17 AM
2 more days left to vote in Golden Kayaks

12/19/2018 1:58:43 AM
What aspects of a song do you value most?

12/17/2018 1:52:01 PM
Indie Song of the Year Nominees

12/13/2018 5:45:13 PM
want to thank the community

12/9/2018 10:55:31 AM
only a couple days left to get your Golden Kayak nominations in

12/4/2018 10:32:18 PM
Type your life story in 100 words or less.

12/4/2018 5:59:01 PM
Do you believe in UFOs?

11/23/2018 9:54:39 AM
indie management horror stories

11/17/2018 10:34:27 AM
some easy ways to take on Golden Kayak nominations

11/16/2018 3:30:01 AM
Want to see something utterly amazing?

11/15/2018 2:14:00 PM
RIP Roy Clark

11/5/2018 2:30:03 PM
Deadline for songs to be uploaded to qualify for Golden Kayaks - 11-11-18 at 12 am ET

10/25/2018 5:03:11 PM
sometimes I think..

10/22/2018 5:40:00 AM
Golden Kayaks coming in November

9/28/2018 9:01:01 PM
RIP Marty Balin

9/27/2018 3:21:41 PM
Womankind came to the fore today.

9/25/2018 6:01:36 PM
How to PIMP UP your IMP artist page!

9/24/2018 1:50:01 PM
interesting new Beatles release coming

9/21/2018 7:27:25 AM
Steve Ison and Azwel

9/18/2018 7:00:29 PM
so what's new?

9/10/2018 10:43:27 AM
RIP Rod Underhill

9/1/2018 8:47:34 PM
NFL fans check in here

8/31/2018 3:00:04 AM
I need some promo ideas on this..

8/18/2018 11:46:27 AM
Anybody got anything exciting going on?

8/16/2018 12:08:14 PM
The King and Queen both died on the same day.

8/14/2018 4:20:05 PM
Is melody passé?

8/13/2018 12:02:48 PM
The Queen of Soul is gravely ill.

8/12/2018 10:41:34 AM
John Denver, Jim Croce, Harry Chapin. plane crash, plane crash, car crash. Which was the biggest loss?

8/9/2018 2:34:40 PM
What would you consider over the years as the perfect pop song?

8/2/2018 11:51:38 PM
David Crosby on paid streaming services

7/31/2018 7:02:42 AM
She walks all over you, you know she can

7/30/2018 2:45:34 PM
“You are what you settle for. You are only as much as you settle for.” - Janis Joplin

7/28/2018 12:27:40 PM
How do you start fresh when your past is strewn all around you?

7/15/2018 11:19:16 AM

7/10/2018 4:46:38 AM
I'd like to hear details about everyone's creative process.

7/4/2018 6:29:15 AM
everybody please read

7/1/2018 3:33:44 PM
Neil Sedaka - songwriter

6/16/2018 3:49:04 PM
New support email, please file this so you have it.

6/14/2018 5:07:00 AM
Nobody noticed.

6/7/2018 6:48:05 AM
How much of a factor is an artist's looks in your appreciation of their live performances?

6/5/2018 6:11:06 PM
the need for critical opinions in music

6/5/2018 9:45:03 AM
Some "music lovers' are just too lazy to appreciate indie.

6/3/2018 9:11:17 AM
Frank Sinatra's letter to George Michael

5/26/2018 12:55:58 AM
I found this wild statement in a very obscure place on Neil Young's archive site.

5/13/2018 1:28:01 PM

5/12/2018 7:34:33 PM
the best ever artist website

5/3/2018 11:57:47 AM
Great David Crosby Interview

5/1/2018 6:39:18 AM
the battle

4/24/2018 9:35:41 AM
some notes about the IMP player

4/6/2018 5:13:21 PM
My life basically starts today.

4/1/2018 4:56:11 PM
Lennon, Cobain and Jimi are all alive.

3/24/2018 9:19:25 AM
great new Neil Young interview

3/19/2018 7:51:27 PM
Is that Francesca on the Alfa Romeo commercial?

2/3/2018 7:19:51 AM
taking your songs to a publisher

1/22/2018 4:59:08 PM
The DMD (digital CD) now works for all artists!

1/14/2018 7:22:31 PM
The Golden Kayak Wall of Fame has been updated with the new winners.

1/14/2018 8:02:54 AM
How to listen to tonight's Golden Kayak broadcast at 5 PM ET (New York) time.

1/8/2018 10:12:20 AM
Oprah's speech last night at the Golden Globes was amazing, see it here

1/2/2018 8:27:18 AM
I'm proud of this

12/29/2017 10:05:50 PM
Indie Song of the Year - the Finals

12/18/2017 9:16:05 AM
It warms me

12/16/2017 9:37:03 AM
Nominations Closed for Golden kayaks

12/7/2017 4:37:21 PM
OMG I was so surprised to see this!!

12/2/2017 3:04:01 PM
Note to any artists or any others who are not thrilled with the choice of features here

12/1/2017 11:49:44 AM
A contender for the greatest indie song of all time..

11/27/2017 3:19:28 PM
2 weeks left to get your Golden Kayak nominations in.

11/22/2017 11:24:37 PM
apologies on behalf of IMP

11/15/2017 9:48:17 AM
The Indie Song of the Year Tourney for this year - please read..

11/5/2017 8:53:39 AM
an indie song that will run thru your head all day if you listen

11/5/2017 5:34:49 AM
Deadline for songs to be uploaded to qualify for Golden Kayaks - 11-11-17 at 12 am ET

10/29/2017 11:51:15 PM
new - front page ads

10/26/2017 9:40:22 AM
New Spotlight Interview with a majorly talented guy!

10/21/2017 4:53:31 PM
I'm starting to feel our gravitational pull again.

10/5/2017 3:56:26 PM
some stuff about this site that you may not know

8/19/2017 3:19:11 PM
Shades of the Righteous Bros on IMP?

8/1/2017 1:46:16 AM
IMP story blog contest, all please read..

7/18/2017 12:08:57 PM
so how does an artist get a new listener to click on a music link

7/18/2017 12:08:19 PM
Looking for volunteers regarding a committee that sets out to give IMP a presence at music trade shows

6/30/2017 2:28:07 AM
Everyone please read - How important is IMP to YOU?

6/29/2017 1:07:13 PM
Everyone please read - How important is IMP to YOU?

6/27/2017 11:48:30 PM
our friend Lesley is gone from IMP

6/19/2017 11:22:07 PM
Facebook is anti music artist in case you didn't know

6/9/2017 2:38:59 PM
the IMP in the room is you

6/1/2017 9:37:41 PM

5/19/2017 9:29:03 AM
Station managers, please read, a survey

5/18/2017 11:50:57 AM
RIP Chris Cornell

5/7/2017 4:51:23 AM
new Spotlight Interview with the overwhelming Motorbaby

4/28/2017 7:44:11 AM
artist communities

4/19/2017 5:15:01 AM
Indie artists are raisin' the bar these days, have you heard?

4/16/2017 12:20:17 PM
ok this is pretty funny

4/11/2017 5:32:33 AM
What are the factors involved that cause you to click on a song to listen to it? Everybody please comment.

4/2/2017 2:43:00 AM
New Spotlight Interview with the band Whitherward!

4/1/2017 4:44:14 PM
I love artists.

3/28/2017 9:12:39 PM
the elasticity of a song

3/28/2017 8:11:55 AM
one more note about the political pipeline

3/26/2017 10:52:54 PM
We have a new political forum, link above..

3/21/2017 6:08:43 AM
New Spotlight Interview with TonyGirl

3/19/2017 12:06:26 AM
We made a change in the song page.

3/12/2017 11:55:40 AM
What the world needs now

3/2/2017 2:25:15 AM
the red button on the front page works now

3/1/2017 5:15:54 PM
new video by MonaLisa Twins covers another Beatle song

3/1/2017 4:50:59 PM
What makes for the perfect pipeline topic?

2/21/2017 5:58:20 AM
Despair on Indie Avenue

2/20/2017 2:21:33 PM
update on site issue

2/17/2017 2:27:17 PM
We just had another correspondence from the server co.

1/25/2017 1:05:09 PM
New Spotlight Interview with James Stanley Howen

1/24/2017 11:32:02 AM
Anybody know some good songs with fiddles on IMP?

1/23/2017 1:05:01 PM
new realms in the arena of artist promotion..

1/22/2017 12:21:12 AM
Indie icon Ainjel Emme just posted an amazing new song related to the women's march

1/20/2017 7:14:37 PM
note for all

1/16/2017 2:30:05 PM
All Golden Kayak Winners check in here.

1/16/2017 6:13:29 AM
Miss the show last night? You can stream it now

1/13/2017 5:45:31 AM
Song of the Year is really close, please vote if you haven't.

1/11/2017 7:11:57 AM
Radio show announcing winners is THIS Sunday at 5:00 New York Time

1/11/2017 12:01:54 AM
David Crosby's new song is here now, on his page.

1/10/2017 1:18:42 AM
The Finals for the Indie Song of the Year are here!

1/5/2017 1:55:28 PM
Indie Music vs Indie Artist

1/2/2017 2:47:20 PM
I made a decision

1/1/2017 9:56:57 PM
You folks know there is a short url for IMP, right?

1/1/2017 12:57:40 PM
a funny story for yas

1/1/2017 7:01:00 AM
Semifinals Round for The Song of the Year Tourney

12/24/2016 6:25:48 PM
a new Spotlight Interview is right off the presses, it's Pancake Riot

12/24/2016 1:04:25 PM
Golden Kayak Voting Ballot - Please vote!

12/17/2016 12:22:15 PM
I love it but I hate it.

12/13/2016 11:16:44 PM
Golden Kayak Nominations closed - Song of the Year moves into next round, winners bracket.

12/7/2016 11:30:08 AM
5 days left for Golden Kayak Nominations, get them in please

12/6/2016 12:58:45 PM
new heat in Indie Song of the Year is up - Need more nominations for Golden Kayaks too!

12/3/2016 9:53:16 AM
Golden Kayak Nominations Form

12/2/2016 12:08:39 AM
need your Golden Kayak nominations soon! and don't forget to vote in the front page poll

11/29/2016 11:22:12 AM
How do we grow the indie culture?

11/28/2016 9:00:09 PM
a note about site issues

11/24/2016 10:01:07 PM
Time to start working on your Golden Kayak Nominations

11/23/2016 11:25:10 AM
new heat in Indie Song of Year is Up, Winner of Last Heat announced

11/18/2016 1:22:31 PM
Voting for Kayak song of the Year begins, please read..

11/10/2016 5:02:57 AM
so we're back up again

11/2/2016 1:49:58 PM
8 more days to upload songs that will be eligible for Golden Kayaks!!

10/12/2016 11:49:40 AM
Golden Kayaks coming up soon. To be eligible, a song must be uploaded before Nov 11, 12 AM.

9/25/2016 10:06:57 AM
announcement - we're discontinuing the Triple C Club

8/4/2016 5:07:52 AM
New Spotlight Interview with Neil w Young

7/16/2016 5:01:20 PM
paging Lyin Dan

7/10/2016 10:53:39 AM
hey station managers

7/8/2016 2:34:36 PM
Genre chart adjustment coming in next day

7/8/2016 6:25:36 AM
The Lady Voices of Indie DMD is still for sale

7/6/2016 1:54:25 PM
Artists with emotional energy

7/6/2016 6:20:40 AM
Can you folks help spread this around?

7/4/2016 4:07:45 AM
Happy INDIES Day!

6/21/2016 7:24:08 AM
Do you like rock festivals?

6/18/2016 5:09:50 PM
A note about the compilation charity DMD that Evie helped put together

6/17/2016 3:06:04 AM
New Spotlight Interview with Francesca Tamellini

6/13/2016 9:24:17 PM
Attn: New Feature!

6/12/2016 12:34:25 AM
re: the Triple C Club

6/7/2016 3:10:52 AM
new Spotlight Interview with DeMonicka!

5/31/2016 11:33:58 AM
New Spotlight interview with Denquar

5/30/2016 8:03:09 AM
There aren't as many indie bands out there as there used to be

5/22/2016 8:37:54 AM
Welcome to all the great new artists who are checking in today!

5/18/2016 11:04:55 PM
well today is the 1 year anniversary of indiemusicpeople.com

5/18/2016 3:12:54 PM
pipeline perks

5/15/2016 10:39:06 PM
a note about an adjustment we're making to the Stat Cave

5/12/2016 8:45:21 PM
Today was IMP's best day ever for traffic

5/12/2016 7:44:08 AM
the joy of being me - Gamers take note.

5/9/2016 6:34:39 AM
please remove the letters IAC from your stations and what not.

5/8/2016 10:41:30 AM
New Spotlight Interview with Chloe Collins!

5/3/2016 4:51:07 AM
Important note about the new front page, everybody read..

4/27/2016 6:28:12 PM
Another New Development at IMP! please read

4/26/2016 8:05:52 AM
People who make music, it's the very best part of them..

4/25/2016 11:59:26 AM
Have you started a station lately ?

4/21/2016 3:17:56 AM
response to music depends a lot on mood

4/19/2016 1:14:28 PM
Here's some good news..

4/19/2016 7:50:49 AM
a note to all about IMP and Facebook, please read..

4/6/2016 11:13:26 AM
RIP Merle Haggard

4/3/2016 10:08:58 AM
the volatility of listeners and the Surge Factor

4/2/2016 9:34:39 PM
Pipeline Radio Show hosted by Ken (Two Silo Complex) is this coming Wednesday night at 8 PM EDT

3/27/2016 6:16:01 PM
New Spotlight Interview with Ben Elliot

3/15/2016 4:23:43 PM
I had a thought

3/10/2016 1:22:52 PM
pipeline brainstorming session..

3/9/2016 1:39:17 PM
folks we need more songs - we're doing a group radio show from the pipeliners, please read..

3/8/2016 2:06:35 PM
idle chatter

3/6/2016 7:53:21 PM
an idea about how to bring non-artists listeners to IMP.

3/5/2016 9:28:28 AM
I.M.P. and the challenge of indies selling their music

2/21/2016 12:48:20 PM
Do you know any good indie songwriters who are not on IMP?

2/17/2016 7:31:23 AM
New Spotlight interview with Dave Elwert

2/17/2016 6:46:55 AM
looking for something to blow me away

2/5/2016 11:13:54 PM
stats issue

2/3/2016 10:54:53 PM
Mention IMP wherever you go on the web

1/28/2016 12:34:42 PM
2 new college stations added as affiliates for Kayak Big 25 show

1/28/2016 5:36:03 AM
What's your favorite indie song of all time other than your own?

1/27/2016 6:33:31 PM
planning your next musical move in public - please read..

1/25/2016 11:56:46 AM
We're looking for content for IMPeccable Radio

1/18/2016 12:41:08 PM
The Golden Kayak Wall of Fame has been updated

1/13/2016 3:17:58 AM
You're all invited to a party on Sunday

1/8/2016 12:57:05 PM
ok, Golden Kayak ballots due by MIDNIGHT PST TONIGHT!, Time to vote if you haven't yet.

1/4/2016 12:32:39 AM
IMP is the ticket.

1/3/2016 8:04:41 AM

12/30/2015 2:07:25 PM
another quick note about Kayak voting

12/25/2015 4:16:54 AM
Finals Heat is up in Kayak Song of the Year - please vote

12/15/2015 2:52:52 PM
Golden Kayak Nominations extended - due by 12 AM 12-29

11/22/2015 6:19:21 AM
Got any masterpieces coming?? Now's the time, to be eligible for Golden Kayaks, songs must be on site before Dec 1st.

11/19/2015 2:00:22 PM
site outage

11/16/2015 1:09:05 PM
New Spotlight Interview with Azwel

11/12/2015 3:44:58 PM
State of the Pipeline ?

11/4/2015 12:35:06 PM
New Spotlight Interview with Time Cat

10/30/2015 1:12:52 PM
Operation Homecoming - pipeline regulars, please read..

10/27/2015 6:41:49 PM
New Spotlight Interview with Piranya

10/23/2015 2:06:27 PM
one of our artists has recently started doing live performances

10/22/2015 12:23:15 AM
Remember folks to take advantage of the Review/Commentary section

10/15/2015 12:03:46 PM
The Golden Kayaks are only a month and a half away

10/8/2015 5:08:09 AM
New Spotlight Interview with Alex Siegel

10/7/2015 12:30:13 PM
We just added 2 affiliates to our Kayak Big 25 network, from Canada and Africa

10/4/2015 4:25:46 AM
There's a new facebook page for our 24/7 Radio (IMPeccable Radio), like it if..

9/30/2015 9:36:46 PM
Some will think I'm foolish for typing this

9/26/2015 1:20:51 AM
New Spotlight Interview with Dead Bed Bad

9/22/2015 6:43:04 PM
OK, folks, it's "Start a New Station Week" at IMP, time to start a new station

9/22/2015 1:34:58 PM
What do the Netherlands, Costa Rica, Brazil, and Argentina have in common?

9/21/2015 1:53:55 PM
a special welcome to all the fabulous new artists on the site!

9/17/2015 8:06:39 PM
New Spotlight Interview with Bob Elliott

9/14/2015 12:34:20 PM
Do you remember the first song that in your youth captured your imagination?

9/13/2015 5:40:19 PM
how to post links on our 2 forums (pipeline and the R/C)

9/13/2015 8:52:27 AM
Could you give it a spin and put up a song in our Review/Commentary area?

9/11/2015 12:06:13 PM
looking for anybody here who loves indie gospel music

9/11/2015 12:18:38 AM
logo contest for Kayak Big 25 - any of you good at this sort of thing?

9/10/2015 7:52:41 AM
Feedback area is now Review/Commentary and IS ON FRONT PAGE - bottom left!

9/9/2015 9:37:24 PM
big announcement on Export Player, please read..

9/9/2015 9:02:28 PM
New Spotlight Interview with the one and only Zeeza

9/6/2015 2:37:10 AM
New Spotlight Interview with Soft Cactus

9/3/2015 6:45:34 AM
the latest project I'm working on..

9/3/2015 12:29:36 AM
you know what gets me down?

9/1/2015 3:26:30 AM
New Spotlight Interview - Ice Giants

8/25/2015 4:02:46 AM
crazy ramblings, read at your own risk

8/23/2015 1:44:02 PM
In news related to artists who are members here

8/16/2015 5:19:50 PM
Brand New Spotlight Interview with our own Steve Ison

8/13/2015 1:28:36 PM
more things all new artists should know

8/8/2015 4:40:30 PM
re: a songwriters' museum on this site?

8/1/2015 9:56:11 AM
Song blurbs on stations

7/26/2015 10:14:00 AM
asking for help for all on this matter

7/25/2015 6:33:10 AM
What bonds us all together?

7/23/2015 1:52:35 PM
Operation Banner Mania - everybody please read..

7/20/2015 10:28:25 PM
the you tube thread

7/15/2015 9:45:55 AM
site alumni week - please read..

6/26/2015 7:50:08 AM
Elvis "the King"'s last words were ?

6/20/2015 1:19:48 AM
the IMP late night club

6/16/2015 12:38:49 AM
a noteworthy new station to check out - Alltime Kayak Hits

6/14/2015 12:35:45 PM
discouraging news from the indie world

6/10/2015 1:56:05 AM
major investigative movie on Kurt Cobain coming out tomorrow, the 11th

6/4/2015 1:46:32 PM
I remember when they were just an indie :)

6/3/2015 12:04:32 PM
Things you can do at (for) IMP today

6/1/2015 12:03:56 PM
new Kayak Big 25 up.

5/21/2015 6:24:44 PM
a note about featured stations, please read, all station managers


Basic (free) Member



12/17/2016 12:22:15 PM

I love it but I hate it.
Pretty remarkable that I can now listen to most full albums I ever loved on youtube, or wherever. I totally hate though that the internet basically took the commercial value out of music, it's basically now a god damned free service and will cause less great music to even occur in this world.

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12/18/2016 7:55:31 AM

I kinda know what you mean....

Makes you miss the days of vinyl.
Records were everything.
45s were presents from God.

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12/18/2016 9:39:50 AM

Of course, I do like that I have my own studio and can make
my own records and I can do it all in my bedroom. I do like that.

I couldn't do that before.

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12/18/2016 10:23:29 AM

No value because it's too easy now. Anyone can learn a few chords, hit a few buttons, and release a song to the world. Without leaving their bedroom. In their skivvies. No work involved.

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12/18/2016 10:42:52 AM

Value monetarily I suppose can be argued.

Value subjectively, that's another story.
Yeah, I record in my bedroom, it's where my studio is.
I do record in my nightgown, I imagine by 'skivvies' you meant underwear,
I don't wear any generally... just a long night shirt....

No work involved? Well there you got it wrong.
I work my fucking ass off.
That's even if you don't believe I channel John and George,
and if you believe it, believe that they work their asses off too.

If you don't believe, then one guy does all this,
which is an IMPOSSIBLE amount of work, you have a go at it.

I may never make any more money from music
(in the mp3.com days, I did sell a slew of albums,
they had a CD selling program, but I wonder if that would
even make a difference now, maybe not)

but the value I place on what I do, is based on what I put into it.

I put a fuckall lot into the new BEATLESEX album,
and I suspect in the long run it'll be the best thing I've ever done.

And who knows, the new ALJ album may not suck either,
but that remains to be seen.
I hope to at least like it myself,

you see, if what you do has no value to you,
then nothing else really matters.

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birdy's eye view

12/18/2016 10:43:12 AM

Quote... "it's basically now a god damned free service and will cause less great music to even occur in this world" ... Unquote

Surely the opposite applies - if there's more easy access to free music doesn't that mean that more great music will occur? It means you're not limited to corporate managed artists and releases. You never had the opportunity to hear Indie bands albums... and you love those!

I get that it was nice to go buy your records and hold them, you were lucky, but I was poor and very limited in what I could buy - my musical pleasure was totally dependent on what came up on the radio.

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12/18/2016 10:48:06 AM

Yeah, I have to say I agree with Big Bird here....

the more accessible the record process is to artists,
particularly those who are unsigned artists,
the greater the likelihood there will be of great music occurring.

Great Music, is the result of focused intent, and focused effort.

But I'll tell you one thing,

a lot of people don't try as hard as you need to,
in order to make great music,
we can call that my opinion.

It takes a lot of trying, to make it Great.

Make Music Great Again. F-ing Try Harder.

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12/18/2016 10:55:12 AM ---- Updated 12/18/2016 11:00:17 AM

Wow. ALJ. That wasn't a personal attack on you, man! lol. I am just talking about the way world communication is today. When I was playing in bands back in the 70's and 80's, and even into the 90's, we didn't have this shit. Internet, mp3's, worldwide distribution without leaving the pad. When I learned to write music we used pencils and score pads, dude. When I wanted to hear horns and strings I had to write and copy the parts out for real players. When I wanted drums I auditioned and jammed with real drummers. I never programmed beats. When we wanted to make a record we needed contracts with record companies. We pounded the pavement with our music. Not computer keyboards.

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Francesca Tamellini

12/18/2016 11:41:19 AM

It is very much a double edged sword. Music gets out there, great and rubbish. The trouble is getting anyone to listen to it. As a relatively young person I am part of the digital age, but I can play and sing which I think lifts me above a lot of the dross that goes out from people with keyboards and computers (large numbers of whom want me to collaborate. One even asked me to sing the song from titanic over his keyboard track - I mean ....please!). I would much prefer the chance to sell to a record company. That door has opened a crack recently and I am going for it. It somehow seems more real. You are working with people who need your song to sell to recoup their investment. To me it seems a bit more solid.

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Father Time

12/18/2016 11:48:50 AM

Back when the mp3 was first available, almost all indies I knew had the dream, they were going to be stars and make a lot of money with their recorded music. That was before Napster took hold and you tube with all the name bands. There is no money for most of us and aspiring artists find that out in a relatively short time. Anybody motivated by that may not make music anymore unless they got it in their blood.

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12/18/2016 12:12:31 PM

Got that right, FT. Gotta do it because you love it.

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Bryon Tosoff

12/18/2016 1:23:25 PM

So on one hand Scott you say this place is the place to be, such great music by the artists that show up, then on the other hand you say there will be less abundance of great tunes, which is it? kinda sending conflicting signals here. I think Birdy did a good job answering the question though

Anyways, you dont need a record deal, you can do a lot on your own, if you take the time to learn the ropes and how everything works in getting your music out there, whether it is great, mediocre or whatever.Of course our ambition is to do the best we can and continue to grow and improve our abilities and songcrafting styles

I think it is better to do it all yourself as you maintain control of your music and are not bound by the hard asses if you do get some kind of a deal, and who give you peanuts for all your efforts. many now though expect the artist ,bands to come forward with everything in place with polished works that could have a shot at getting a record deal. Lets face it, in order to do that, you gotta be out there working your craft, playing pretty much all the time, (although some do get by with staying at home and write for TV, jingles and movies and I know some who do just that and pull in some amazing shekels)

Depends on your ambition, many of us are past the point of gigging going out on weekdays and weekends finding jobs and working your craft, I have done it, lugging around equipment setting up tearing down , hell of a job in itself. I know and promote bands who have done this for nearly 20 years yet no record deals, but they do find ways to make money outside of gigging, by getting their music in movie soundtracks and pull in decent coin in royalties every quarter

Finding ways to get yourself known.

There are opportunities to make money on royalties and licensing your music, if you learn how the music biz works. I know, I have helped many artists do that, as a promoter. plus for my own benefit in my own way.

Finding your particular niche and building upon it

I have released 2 albums, one from 6 years ago, which does decent and gets airplay daily and brings in royalties every quarter, one station spins upwards of 4-6 songs a day and I show up on their playlisting consistently,, but I am an instrumentalist, not much of a singer songwriter, writing instrumentals, well that is my strength and specialty. am i great, no, not yet,but I aspire to be the best that I can be, am i well known, no, probably never, but i do have a number of station managers who like my music, and I am proud of my little accomplishments and wins. recently I released my second album after a long time of prepping and saving up coin to do it, and got some great players on it. promoting it now with decent results, will it make millions, no probably thousands though. as my other one has, not a lot, but at least it is out their and people listen to it download it and enjoy it, that is the wonderful thing is seeing some success result

Kick Back Just Relax and it is different from my first release. more cool jazz with lots of production

my first one and other one was holding to the dream. which i laid down in 2 hours at the blue frog studios, all piano works, walked in bam, most in one take. Took time to really learn the tunes, classical some easy listening and a couple pop tunes then went in with confidence and knowing the songs and loved them as my children

I think we have to be upbeat in everything we do, and project a positive attitude about who we are and what we do and channel those energies properly to be successful in this unforgiving business.

Its more then making music, its also about learning the business of music so that it can benefit you monetarily but firstly doing it for the joy of it, sharing your talents with others who will appreciate your music as much as you do.

Good Luck, Believe and be prosperous , love what you do, do what you love
merry christmas


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Father Time

12/18/2016 1:41:56 PM

The fact that we bring a lot of quality indies here and the fact that there are good artists who give up making music because the financial possibilities are far less are not mutually exclusive.

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Bryon Tosoff

12/18/2016 1:49:01 PM

Giving up is not an option FT, like my dad said, you have to always be planting potatoes, some grow some produce mightily, others not so much and some not at all
same in the music industry, you have to plow those fields, and plant your songs ,pitch them to where ever. keep planting,

yes, lots of indies come here, but how many support the place like you, and many others.

we have to pick ourselves up and inspire motivate and encourage each other, and have a positive frame of perspective on things.

It is tough, trying to make this place grow, and we appreciate all you do, and i try my best to be a light and an example supporting the many artists who show up and feature them, i do what I can many of as do.

becoming discouraged and bowing out of this game just opens the doors for others who are more committed and maybe not as talented and gifted, i have found that out with many artists i have promoted over the years, i know first hand how hard it is. since I am deep into this business

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Father Time

12/18/2016 1:59:53 PM

I'm not giving up. All this thread was trying to express was that i listen to a lot of full records on youtube but I don't think that should be happening, music has value. We shoudn't be able to stream any song we want, it's absurd that it's come to this. If I just became a music fan today, I could listen to all of Neil Young's songs without ever spending a cent, wtf?

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Bryon Tosoff

12/18/2016 2:06:54 PM

we have the options out there FT, if we wish to stream a song from places that one uses and pays for it, I know my brothers band bluevoodoo do pretty well through spotify. they had someone help them out get properly placed in various genre and they pull in decent shekels, we choose to do what we want, if that means getting something for nothing, well that is our choice.

Also remember, streaming is a huge thing, so many use their smart phones for that very purpose, videos, music .movies, whatever anything and everything. its huge, and money can be made if one can find someone who knows who to get your music properly positioned

but there is always what you have to give up to get that placement. maybe a percentage of your songs. some kind of agreement has to be in place so the one that manages to get your music on streaming services gets coin. that is the business. its a changing landscape out there, and it is learning how it all works


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12/19/2016 9:05:53 AM

you're a smart and informed man, Bryon.

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Bryon Tosoff

12/19/2016 11:21:11 AM

Thx Lesley,smart, hmm well I think it is just my penchant for learning and finding out about things and how they work. When I first strted in the promo biz way back, i went to the library, you know these buildings where they have books lol . and studied ,took out books some were for reference so ,made efforts to broaden the scope of my understanding. bought books, I mean,. a lot of books, so am I smart, maybe more at understanding how things work, and getting along with people, most times anyways and finding ways to build my little empire, not an empire, just a place for doing what i can.

How did this happen, quite by accident. years ago my brothers band started up, I would go out and see them of course, it was maybe 1999 and they put out promo, terrible promo, pages of it, so i made it into one pagers, laid out the places they performed, quotes, bio pix , songs on their cds and found out all the blues stations worldwide and sent their cds out , that was before digital submissions , so you can imagine the 1000s of cds sent out, and the money it cost to do it. then I listened to a program on CKNW and the president of MUSICRYPT was on it. maybe 2000 it was, sent an email ,he got back in touch right way, then phoned me, I was one of the first indie promoters to use the service. it is now called dmds , so been using them for a long time, then robert bartosh from roots music report got in touch with me cause he knew I was a promoter and asked how that system worked , there were a lot of phone calls and I told him my dealings with dmds and so eventually i became involved with radiosubmit and have been there for a long time and was the first indie promoter to use that service. I use others as well

as you know Lesley it is now a damn ocean of musicians, so much so that it is now becoming a challenge to even sift through those who use it. and as you know we are all drowning in the barrage of a tsunami of music, throw me a life preserver , i am drowning....lol

I have a lot more i could share, but this thing I do, was an accident, I fell into to it, people found out I did this for the BV and then asked if I could promote them, kinda locally and regionally then artists started finding me on the internet and I promoted people I never met, crazy man. anyways, I am scaling back my operations, and do just a few artists, as well as trying to get my own groove and vibe out there, its tough, tougher then ever, one just has to plow through it all, and not give up,

cheers and thanks for your compliment , I appreciate it


do what you love, love what you do

merry christmas Lesley



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birdy's eye view

12/19/2016 12:07:50 PM

I don't mean to ruffle any feathers but if musicians are generous enough to play their music for the less affluent of God's creatures then let it be.

My friends and I gently wake you with our dawn chorus and inspire you with our melodic warbling and don't expect a cent for it.

Musicians shouldn't need to be paid for doing something they love, they should be grateful to have happy listeners. If they need money they should do more for it like performing live in some hot, noisy venue, being on the road and away from family for weeks on end, that deserves payment. Compared to that, making mp3s or recordings of shows for downloading is the easier option.

Don't you know Mr Scott, the best things in life are free like love and friendship, fresh air, beautiful scenery, the birds and the bees, the flowers and the trees, so why not music?

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Bryon Tosoff

12/19/2016 12:49:51 PM

My mind just went poof, my mind just exploded upon reading Birdy's piece and reasoning. you kidding me. not a chance in hell. love what you do do what you love and have fun, but if you can make shekels by getting downloads, or royalites, or having someone license your music to make some money money, then so be it, This doing stuff for free is, well for the BIRDS LOL

tweet tweet. twiddley tweet


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Father Time

12/19/2016 1:09:19 PM

well this is what I'm talking about. Obviously I'm going to make music for the rest of my life even knowing that there's absolutely no financial reward for the kind of mediocre music that I make that even my indie peers are totally disinterested in. It still bothers me that I can listen to any song I ever liked in my life for free.

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Bryon Tosoff

12/19/2016 1:14:33 PM

yeah, I get it FT, I kinda went sideways before with my verbose blah blab blah

bryinski AKA bryon tosoff

think I will change my last name soon.

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birdy's eye view

12/20/2016 1:57:54 AM

I don't think Prince, Michael Jackson, David Bowie etc need our financial support now. More and more of our favorite artists are dying, they made their fortune already.

I also don't have a conscience about 'stealing' music from today's top selling artists. In fact I think it would be nice if some of these overpaid, under-talented celebs shared the pot so that all YOU good people didn't have to sit strumming beautiful songs and singing the blues in your bedroom!

Once an artist gets to the point where people pay per play they get so very little of our money, compared to Spotify, Amazon etc and the entourage of corporate lawyers, PR people, managers, licensing agents, etc. Bands don't make much from actual record sales, Think song licensing for commercials/film/TV, think merchandise, and think paid appearances for tours and events.

As for encouraging new talent, that's all well and good but I think that promoters and producers are often skewed in their choices and it's not so much to do with music as sell-ability.

OK, Neil Young is a nice guy, Paul McCartney is a nice guy but neither of them need my 2c - all they need is LOVE!

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Bob Elliott

12/20/2016 6:25:28 AM

Much more music in
Much more music out

For someone like me, that's a lot of good news.

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12/20/2016 12:08:44 PM


Holy bloody crap, mate.

Now, you can take this as 'there goes the crazy bitch again',
or, you can take it face value.

This is John speaking with his voice, and you can hear that goddamn voice too.

You're not mediocre. I don't know why you'd say that.
I could argue you don't try hard enough,
but that has neither dick nor doughnut (to use a Lesleyism which I think is funny)
to do with mediocrity.

The mediocre, don't have a choice.

You do.

And we, George and I? Would not have worked with you, ever,
had we felt you are mediocre.

You just give up too easy you do.
That's what I think.

George seems to think I've covered it.
You're not mediocre, but you may be busy doing a million things,
and only get but so much time, not to mention
but so much remaining energy left, to do stuff of a musical creative nature.

But obviously you're creative.

Anyone who can do the shit we know you can do, is.

Nothing mediocre about it.

And another thing...

Don't decide you're never going to make money.
Decide you never WANT to make fuckin' money if you want, mate,
but the other thing is deception aimed at yourself, and fuck all that, got it?

Love, John Lennon, 2016,


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12/20/2016 12:14:08 PM

PS, also from John.

Yeah, and not for nothing,
but there's only so many hundred times you can repackage
I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND, and have it be a hotcake.

After a while, lovely as it may be,

it's the next day,
and you need the BANGO for THAT Day, Get It?

And The NEW Great,
That DOES Deserve To Make Money....

It's a very shifting landscape, all the time, now more than ever....

But you know, back in the bloody day when we ruled the bloody world,
even though we sold tons of records, we got a thimble of piss a piece
for each record sold. The only way we made any money was tour.

I don't know if we ever got a better deal as Beatles,
I hope we did, but it's not information in L's head,

and if I had to guess, I'd guess it was probably one of the reasons
we split up the band, 'cause being Beatles, more people owned us than us.
And more of us, than us. Get it? ~JL

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