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Bryon Tosoff
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8/18/2019 4:10:26 PM
Supernatural and compelling video for new novel Children of Pleiades

7/28/2019 10:07:08 AM
Your love falls like rain

7/26/2019 3:00:17 PM

7/17/2019 1:32:51 PM
The Day I fell off of a building

7/15/2019 3:00:16 PM
Playing Sheet Music upside down

7/5/2019 10:36:37 AM
I woke up again

6/30/2019 11:21:49 AM
The magic and mystical

6/29/2019 10:44:58 AM
Children of Pleiades Video Trailer-author Lloyd Tosoff music by Bryon Tosoff

6/28/2019 8:28:11 PM
been working some way awesome new jazz chords, wacky as hell gonna be amazing!!

6/27/2019 2:22:20 PM
Breaking up a fight-road rage issue

6/27/2019 12:36:05 PM
People. by george carlin

6/26/2019 11:16:53 AM
Some people are stupid.

6/25/2019 10:50:26 AM
Keanu Reeves says

5/31/2019 7:31:13 PM
How are things going everyone

4/13/2019 10:59:24 AM
O Celli in White Rock Concerts Series- 8 cellos and they did Bohemian Rhapsody

4/12/2019 2:12:27 PM
New Mix of Moonlight Stroll with Paul Wainwright doing sax

4/9/2019 9:18:18 PM
LIFE BELOW ZERO-Alaskan wilderness

4/6/2019 2:56:23 PM
Cowboys and Indians

3/20/2019 11:50:48 PM
Mars Rover Opportunity Vid

3/20/2019 6:24:30 PM

3/18/2019 10:47:10 PM

3/16/2019 5:55:57 PM
The God Particle video experimental soundscaping

3/15/2019 4:48:08 PM
I smoke too much. cough

3/14/2019 1:39:04 PM
Alternate Parallel Universe Musician plays music in reverse

3/13/2019 11:36:59 AM
ECHOES a piano instrumental video

3/9/2019 4:45:51 PM
Mystical China recording Sessions vids

3/6/2019 1:29:50 AM
Georgia On My Mind performance at blue frog studios

3/4/2019 5:48:20 PM
Keith Flint passes

3/4/2019 12:58:26 PM
Luke Perry Passes away

2/26/2019 1:38:42 PM

2/24/2019 3:49:31 PM
dabbling and experimenting with sounds

2/24/2019 11:24:28 AM
Escape from Konigsberg Video Trailer by Lloyd Tosoff-music Bryon Tosoff

2/23/2019 12:38:10 PM
Breakfast-cave man style in my man cave

2/21/2019 1:46:33 PM
peter tork dead

2/21/2019 1:29:03 PM
The Ian MacLeod action thriller series-video trailer,music by Bryon Tosoff

2/19/2019 11:40:59 PM
Hey! What's Happening

2/19/2019 5:22:17 PM


IAC Prime Member


Bryon Tosoff

5/31/2019 7:31:13 PM

How are things going everyone
I have to say, I am doing nothing to improve my status music wise or elevate my presence on the net or promotion of my music, yet, things are starting to go about as fast as a slug does. And that to me is a major accomplishment, I didnt try to do a thing and yet I am finding out that one really does not have to work at anything at all , it happens by itself, funny eh, figure that one out , you dont have to put effort into what you do, it just happens, imagine that

well onward and sideways

have a crazy day


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Bryon Tosoff

6/1/2019 12:05:15 AM

but seriously, can I be candid here and tell you all what it takes to be really successful in the music biz. well a whole lot of luck and a bit of dedication, wait, a whole lot of dedication and a little luck. wait a minute, a whole bunch of money, a silly dumb ass song with stupid lyrics and simple chords. That is the key to success , even a one song wonder can make your life fulfilling and complete.There ,that is my nugget of wisdom for the day, month , year ,good luck, and lets hear it for those silly little love songs, dumb songs about beer ,trucks and country boys chasing girls and vice versa. Did I tell you I got featured by spotify. yeah, big fricking whoop. made two pennies for 100000 plays. yup hitting the big time now I tell ya, my secret, well I aint giving that away

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6/1/2019 1:43:44 AM

Big Congrats Bryon! Yeah, give thanks for the small things as they often turn out to be big. 100000 plays is quite an accomplishment. Big Ups On That Man! Much Respect, Stoneman

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Bryon Tosoff

6/1/2019 10:08:16 AM

Well, I guess Stoneman, made more then 2 cents of course,although it is on one album my first on 10 songs, so really I guess it is not that great, many here have way more on their singles,but it does not count all my releases, I am not sure where I stand on them all.I have a lot of singles and albums I have released.like 7 albums and a whole slew of singles. I should look at the analytics and see where I stand ,it would be way more ,but one has to get into the millions of plays, where I am is a spit in the ocean compared to many others there. lol

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6/1/2019 6:38:06 PM

Life has been an unbelievable struggle for me of late but I'm still alive, so that's something I guess.

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Bryon Tosoff

6/1/2019 6:48:03 PM

Sorry to hear that Scott, life sometimes seems unfair, I had my share and hit an issue a number of months ago that was scary. ended up in the hospital ,thats all I am going to say. guess we hit an age where things breakdown or dont work right anymore.My Dad is near 96 and he is dealing with Alzheimer and going downhill fast, WWII vet fought for his country, saw his men go down he was with. never talked about that till a few years ago. The things these guys went through and did in that war. You dont want to know. Machines robots sawing down other humans like they were swiss cheese. I hope we never ever have a world war, but it sure looks like we are heading that way with the way things are going ,fingers crossed


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Steve April

6/1/2019 8:28:25 PM

Congrats, Bryon...

Lately reading a bio of F. Scott Fitzgerald, author of The Great Gatsby, and many short stories, published in "slick" magazines, in the 20s.

He paid a heavy price, his wife gone schizophrenic , a celebrity couple for awhile, alcohol, done in at the age of 45, and mostly forgotten for decades. Gave Hollywood a try at the end, and producers kept rewriting his screenplays.

His work experienced a resurgence after WW2, and now his books sell like crazy.

"The splendor and sadness of the world..."

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Chandra Moon

6/4/2019 11:00:37 AM

Yup I know the feeling! I make about 86 pence a year on spotify haha!! I sell a few albums here and there at gigs but hey!! Let's play the music and dance..............

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Richard Scotti

6/4/2019 2:22:16 PM

I'll soon be putting out a new CD and an EP.

50% done and the rest to be completed by the fall.

I've been working on these songs for over 3 years and hopefully they will be better

than anything I've done before. If they aren't, it won't be from a lack of trying! But so

far they feel hella-good!!

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