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Bryon Tosoff
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10/29/2020 12:47:00 PM
Self Employed or ?

7/1/2020 12:07:03 PM

6/21/2020 2:09:32 PM
Jefferson Airplane Volunteers

6/18/2020 2:28:07 PM

6/14/2020 8:12:21 PM

6/13/2020 12:49:11 PM
Back from Mars!!!

6/7/2020 7:37:26 PM
Look to the future

5/31/2020 6:08:21 PM
A7b5 13

5/30/2020 3:54:20 PM
45 of the Beatles my first record

5/19/2020 7:10:57 PM
British Columbia bends curve, covid 19 at 2 cases today

5/16/2020 4:44:02 PM
First collab with Duane Flock : Time and Space 2010

5/10/2020 12:57:16 PM
MISTY piano solo

5/7/2020 11:10:31 PM
Rocky Top Tennessee-Cotton Pickin Kids-bluegrass sweetness

5/2/2020 10:40:51 PM
Drake drops Dark Lane Demo Tapes.

5/2/2020 11:53:56 AM
DREAMSCAPES with Duane Flock

4/29/2020 1:18:34 PM
Former piano student Schara hits 103000 views REAL LOVE

4/28/2020 3:24:16 PM
Boinking Poof, the gods of boinking boinked my thoughts too

4/26/2020 8:52:04 PM
roll with the punches. Harpoonist and Axe Murderer

4/26/2020 3:10:19 PM
Time to head for the hills and get the hell out of here!

4/26/2020 1:34:18 PM
This shut down, it creeps me out, is this shut down, just a test run, for more control of us-future

4/25/2020 9:58:01 AM
My Fear My anxiety and my hope

4/24/2020 4:59:24 PM
3 legged chickens, hornless cows, ducks and groin kicking by Buddy Hackett

4/20/2020 12:06:31 PM
Covid is a killer and a killer rampage in Nova Scotia

4/19/2020 8:57:37 PM
I am here for the music. no more nominations for station manager. thank you

4/17/2020 10:04:45 PM
Drove the car 3 times this past 30 days

4/14/2020 1:11:18 PM
Five musicians-one song. many time zones

4/13/2020 11:08:35 PM
Speaking Moistly Video sung by Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau

4/8/2020 10:44:52 AM
Social Distancing Self isolation and going mad in your one room apartment

4/6/2020 5:18:38 PM
The masked man comes into imptown with a message of critical importance

4/1/2020 5:55:24 PM
looking back at my years at Indie Music People

3/29/2020 10:51:37 AM
Experiences of people saying, well you suck!

3/24/2020 2:09:51 PM

3/20/2020 10:34:47 PM
SPOTIFY FEATURES 50 of my songs on a playlist they made

3/17/2020 4:50:10 PM
How is everyone doing during this COVID 19 crisis

1/31/2020 12:37:15 PM
California passes law that will cripple and burden indie musicians

1/26/2020 3:05:25 PM

1/24/2020 1:36:17 AM

1/3/2020 2:54:30 PM
A mind is like a parachute

1/3/2020 12:14:51 PM
On being a Station Manager and its importance to the health and well being of IMP

1/1/2020 10:44:48 PM
Who is the guy in the picture beside me?How did he get his stage name

1/1/2020 5:35:42 PM
Doing a classical tune, saving those nice sounding notes!

12/24/2019 12:37:52 AM
Don Henley cover of Yes it is

12/11/2019 10:59:27 PM
I am in a big eYe with a skull-I think this is gonna kill me

12/10/2019 6:05:44 PM
How Sony Is Protecting Rights Of Digital Creators Using Blockchain on AWS

12/5/2019 9:42:03 PM
What the Fk happened to Beatbox Beethoven artist page?


IAC Prime Member


Bryon Tosoff

4/1/2020 5:55:24 PM ---- Updated 4/6/2020 4:24:56 PM

looking back at my years at Indie Music People
Hi fellow IMP musicians Well Here I am with my BLACK MASK AND STUFF. LOL scroll down

Well been reflecting back on all my time here at IMP. From being a listener here to being a promoter-publicist in the world out there in radioland pitching the voodoohead roster of artists around the world.and as well to being a station manager here and eventually developing and sharing my own music here and for those of you who have added my tunages to your own stations, thank you!! What trip it has been.

Thanks to All for the relationships, musical adventures and fun times

Right now I am Putting together a station of all the people I have worked with, so many projects too!

Thanks for the collabs opportunities and learning experiences. I appreciate you all and for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your own projects

cheers and continued success


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4/2/2020 1:18:54 PM

Hard to believe we got started back in 2004. 16 years.

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Bryon Tosoff

4/2/2020 2:01:55 PM

Thanks Scott, you and Dave the innovators and originators plus the team you assembled to pull this off. Who or others that are left of those that started other similar ventures. not sure if any are? IMP stands alone it seems

Well done and kudos to you and all who have gutted it out to keep it going here

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Bryon Tosoff

4/2/2020 2:25:45 PM

First Group I worked with 2 songs came here to IMP then known as iacmusic

On Wednesday, October 13, 2004 5:16:57 AM I uploaded this BlueVoodoo release


Few minutes later uploaded the 2nd song

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Bryon Tosoff

4/3/2020 4:20:32 PM

nearly 15 years ago Summer and the Sinners was the Second Group I brought to iacmusic IMP on Thursday, July 07, 2005 6:33:46 PM

Summer's voice is insanely amazing!! great band,. Buddy Love on guitar

blues to the core

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Bryon Tosoff

4/4/2020 1:36:53 PM

I probably did a whole bunch of others I forgot about in July 2005 like Bobby Parker Memphis Gold Joe Stanton too many to list. anyways. its been a long time and my brain aint working like it used to. have a great day, be safe, social distancing take care your families ,love one another, we need to get through this covid 19 thing together.

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Bryon Tosoff

4/4/2020 6:50:27 PM

This is the first batch of tunes, from a number of artists
i have worked with, done collabs ,backed or featured and supported musically

COLLABS WITH IMP ARTISTS - Bryon Tosoff Station 8376 at IndieMusicPeople.com

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Bryon Tosoff

4/6/2020 4:22:24 PM

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