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Bryon Tosoff
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10/29/2020 12:47:00 PM
Self Employed or ?

7/1/2020 12:07:03 PM

6/21/2020 2:09:32 PM
Jefferson Airplane Volunteers

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Back from Mars!!!

6/7/2020 7:37:26 PM
Look to the future

5/31/2020 6:08:21 PM
A7b5 13

5/30/2020 3:54:20 PM
45 of the Beatles my first record

5/19/2020 7:10:57 PM
British Columbia bends curve, covid 19 at 2 cases today

5/16/2020 4:44:02 PM
First collab with Duane Flock : Time and Space 2010

5/10/2020 12:57:16 PM
MISTY piano solo

5/7/2020 11:10:31 PM
Rocky Top Tennessee-Cotton Pickin Kids-bluegrass sweetness

5/2/2020 10:40:51 PM
Drake drops Dark Lane Demo Tapes.

5/2/2020 11:53:56 AM
DREAMSCAPES with Duane Flock

4/29/2020 1:18:34 PM
Former piano student Schara hits 103000 views REAL LOVE

4/28/2020 3:24:16 PM
Boinking Poof, the gods of boinking boinked my thoughts too

4/26/2020 8:52:04 PM
roll with the punches. Harpoonist and Axe Murderer

4/26/2020 3:10:19 PM
Time to head for the hills and get the hell out of here!

4/26/2020 1:34:18 PM
This shut down, it creeps me out, is this shut down, just a test run, for more control of us-future

4/25/2020 9:58:01 AM
My Fear My anxiety and my hope

4/24/2020 4:59:24 PM
3 legged chickens, hornless cows, ducks and groin kicking by Buddy Hackett

4/20/2020 12:06:31 PM
Covid is a killer and a killer rampage in Nova Scotia

4/19/2020 8:57:37 PM
I am here for the music. no more nominations for station manager. thank you

4/17/2020 10:04:45 PM
Drove the car 3 times this past 30 days

4/14/2020 1:11:18 PM
Five musicians-one song. many time zones

4/13/2020 11:08:35 PM
Speaking Moistly Video sung by Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau

4/8/2020 10:44:52 AM
Social Distancing Self isolation and going mad in your one room apartment

4/6/2020 5:18:38 PM
The masked man comes into imptown with a message of critical importance

4/1/2020 5:55:24 PM
looking back at my years at Indie Music People

3/29/2020 10:51:37 AM
Experiences of people saying, well you suck!

3/24/2020 2:09:51 PM

3/20/2020 10:34:47 PM
SPOTIFY FEATURES 50 of my songs on a playlist they made

3/17/2020 4:50:10 PM
How is everyone doing during this COVID 19 crisis

1/31/2020 12:37:15 PM
California passes law that will cripple and burden indie musicians

1/26/2020 3:05:25 PM

1/24/2020 1:36:17 AM

1/3/2020 2:54:30 PM
A mind is like a parachute

1/3/2020 12:14:51 PM
On being a Station Manager and its importance to the health and well being of IMP

1/1/2020 10:44:48 PM
Who is the guy in the picture beside me?How did he get his stage name

1/1/2020 5:35:42 PM
Doing a classical tune, saving those nice sounding notes!

12/24/2019 12:37:52 AM
Don Henley cover of Yes it is

12/11/2019 10:59:27 PM
I am in a big eYe with a skull-I think this is gonna kill me

12/10/2019 6:05:44 PM
How Sony Is Protecting Rights Of Digital Creators Using Blockchain on AWS

12/5/2019 9:42:03 PM
What the Fk happened to Beatbox Beethoven artist page?


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Bryon Tosoff

5/19/2020 7:10:57 PM

British Columbia bends curve, covid 19 at 2 cases today
Bravo everyone for practicing social distancing and working at being part of the solution here in BC

We have now got permission to open businesses and double our bubble, that is expand our connections with other family members and friends, still must for now have the 2 metre distance
although we are still going to have to work at being vigilant, that said, there is a high likelihood of a 2nd wave, or 3rd, but as long as all of us, everyone everywhere works at being diligent and responsible then we will be ok. perhaps a vaccine in a few years to quell this bug, and naturally immunity building as well.

Restaurants can be at 50 % occupancy and will be that way until a vaccine is available, that means plexiglass barriers as is been the case in all shopping grocery stores as they were an essential service , new rules for hair salons and barber shops etc etc etc .at least there is hope now and with major support from the federal and provincial government assisting businesses with grants and loans and providing ways and means for those biz to start up again we can see the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. Yaeh for a quasi socialist government with a conservative style and Greens in there too, a minority government that works!! , leadership is key, and that has happened here, good direction from the health officer and health minister as well as reasonable good interaction between Washington state Oregon and Alaska we seem to be making headway and having the USA Canada border closed for another month will hopefully nip this nasty bug in the nose!!

Hope you are all staying safe, staying well, staying calm and being happy is the best thing

cheers and stay healthy!

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5/19/2020 9:26:46 PM

Great News Bryon!

We are slowly opening things back up also! I am cautiously optimistic that all is going to work out soon. In spite of our bumbling government, we have made some progress. Thank God for governor Brown. He has been the only one speaking that I trust lately (with exception of the MD's of course). He just tells it like it is. No sugar coating and no outright lies. Our doctors and nurses have done their jobs valiantly and without regard for their own safety. Our president is a jerk who continues to spew out grossly inaccurate information and lies. But, no problem, he will be gone by end of the year and we will have a chance to mend our wounds and live to fight another day. There will always be another battle. It is a part of the human condition. To struggle, overcome and use what we learned from overcoming to struggle and overcome again. News of our demise is greatly exaggerated. Never under estimate the power of the will of the people. We are a resilient lot. Often headed for self destruction only to be up-righted and redeemed by the heroics of a few good men and women. The will to survive is strong in us and we cannot allow it to weaken. Stay strong and Safe Bryon, Much Respect, Stoneman

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Bryon Tosoff

5/20/2020 12:48:13 AM

Good to hear this all Stoneman, of the accomplishments of your state government and leaders there and of course the heroes and front line people nurses doctors support staff volunteers. It has required sacrifices, from all, especially those who have to put themselves at risk, we pray for them all, and at 7:00 PM nightly for 5-10 minutes or so, it is pot banging horn honking siren blasting whopping it up celebrating those who are our heroes, you go outside here and it is a clanging a banging and noise making throughout the neighborhoods all through this little town, Vancouver in the province and across various places in our nation and I am sure everywhere where the people celebrate those who are helping us through this challenge .cheers and best wishes

stay safe calm and well


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