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2/5/2019 7:15:54 PM
Maroon 5 is overrated.

6/12/2018 5:12:28 PM
Overrated Restaurants

6/12/2018 10:37:27 AM
Overrated Hitmakers

5/26/2018 7:09:03 AM
Waterfalls are overrated.

2/9/2018 4:35:19 PM
Who's groovier? Janis, Lennon, Cher, or Neil Young when he was with Buffalo Springfield?

12/28/2017 6:45:00 AM
Tattoos are sooo overrated

11/1/2017 6:27:06 PM
Dead people are overrated.

10/27/2017 6:24:58 PM
Sinatra is overrated

7/13/2017 3:47:31 PM
The Osmond Bros were underrated

6/16/2017 6:54:52 AM
Led Zep never topped Whole Lotta Love

6/16/2017 6:53:57 AM
Bob Dylan never topped Like A Rolling Stone

6/16/2017 6:53:15 AM
Paul Simon never topped Mrs Robinson

6/13/2017 5:04:04 AM
Life is overrated

12/19/2016 11:14:28 PM
Did Sting ever top Roxanne?

12/10/2016 1:56:35 PM
Adele - Overrated?

12/7/2016 1:00:22 PM
Do you consider yourself an artist?

4/20/2016 8:18:51 PM
Overrated or not?

11/7/2015 2:31:14 PM
Overrated Artists

10/24/2015 12:46:12 PM
teen faces assault charges for throwing baby carrot at her teacher

9/23/2015 8:07:34 PM
Disregard the instructions at all costs.

9/14/2015 11:19:25 AM
Apple pie - Overrated ?

9/10/2015 1:32:43 PM
Celebrity crushes, got any?

9/10/2015 11:56:42 AM
Radiohead - Overrated?

8/30/2015 2:48:56 PM
Somebody told me this place is hoppin' again

9/16/2009 8:37:16 PM
Hip Hop- Overrated??

1/28/2009 1:07:48 PM
Indoor bathrooms _ Overrated?

10/31/2008 10:00:26 AM
The Internet _ Overrated?

9/25/2008 12:00:55 PM
Life _ Overrated?

9/19/2008 7:59:03 PM
Socks _ Overrated?

9/16/2008 7:03:40 PM
Text Messaging _ Overrated?

9/4/2008 11:48:11 AM
Sushi _ Overrated?

9/1/2008 11:37:11 AM
Good luck if you're caught in the hurricane.

8/24/2008 7:17:27 AM
Early B-52s - Underrated?

8/21/2008 11:14:38 AM
The Gabor Sisters _ Overrated?

8/19/2008 6:00:48 AM
Don't cry. Don't raise your eye.

8/15/2008 4:24:02 PM
Underwear _ Overrated?

8/11/2008 1:36:10 AM
Jimmy Buffett _ Overated?

8/3/2008 10:59:26 AM
Classical Music _ Overrated?

7/28/2008 9:41:14 AM
Guns n Roses _ Overrated?

7/22/2008 8:38:30 PM
The Eagles _ Overrated?

7/21/2008 10:30:43 AM
A review. Soundstage I watched last night, Open this blog to see who was playing.

7/20/2008 11:47:29 AM
Bands only record instrumentals because they can't find a singer.

7/19/2008 9:38:41 PM
Clapton _ Overrated?

7/17/2008 4:11:30 PM
Willie Nelson _ Overrated?

7/13/2008 4:37:10 AM
Bob Marley _ Overrated?

7/11/2008 8:09:56 AM
Indy artists are too sensitive, if you ask me.

7/4/2008 9:47:46 PM
It's a little known fact that somebody sabotaged John Denver's plane.

7/1/2008 5:06:33 AM
Every single one of you smells funny.

6/25/2008 11:22:49 AM
I'm holding all of you responsible.

5/23/2008 7:53:35 AM
Every single one of you should be wearing galoshes.

5/22/2008 2:11:57 AM
I love the nightlife. I got 2 boogie.

5/18/2008 7:22:32 AM
I voodoo you

4/8/2008 12:37:53 AM
Pavarotti lip-synched his last performance, proving how phony the opera is.

3/26/2008 1:08:04 PM
Trailers and Trailer Parks <> hurricane death traps or a cheap love nest?

3/23/2008 4:56:32 PM
Hello the IAC. My page is traeshier than yours.


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7/13/2008 4:37:10 AM

Bob Marley _ Overrated?

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7/13/2008 4:59:55 AM


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Conversation Suicide

7/13/2008 5:27:44 AM ---- Updated 7/13/2008 6:10:15 AM

HELL NO! Bob Marley was not only a GREAT political figure, but EVEN though Jimmy Cliff and many others came before him; HE is the one who put REGGAE on the map. TONS of GREAT Reggae, SKA, SKA-PUNK & Reggae/Rock hip-hop & other Reggae Fusion music would NOT exist without this amazing musician and amazing person. He's not the groundbreaker but he IS the most recognizable FORCE for bringing Reggae to the masses.

If you think not, just ask my 10 kids and over half of TUCSON, and they'll gladly give you an in-depth breakdown as to WHY bob marley is a MUSIC god.

-phlegm of Conversation Suicide

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The Man With No Band

7/13/2008 8:25:30 AM

Absolutely NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!

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7/13/2008 9:33:07 AM

He is...wait for it...Legend

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7/13/2008 9:45:21 AM ---- Updated 7/13/2008 9:45:21 AM

I proudly cast a LOUD and irrevocable "NO!". "Get Up, Stand Up", alone, puts him among the greatest of all time.

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Beth Fridinger

7/14/2008 7:17:44 PM

Yes, "Get Up, Stand Up" was great.....

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Susan Raven

7/15/2008 12:16:16 PM

Bob Marley's "Redemption song" is the one that does it for me! He is great!

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Dick Aven

7/15/2008 12:21:19 PM ---- Updated 7/15/2008 12:23:15 PM

gimme a break! Bob's THE man!!! Stir It Up....

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7/15/2008 12:32:26 PM

'Natural Mystic' is one of the ones for me!

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never never band

7/15/2008 1:35:51 PM

the stunning clarity of his band is amazing enough..ass to that BVobs charisma and style and like Dan says, they're legends.
When I listen to tracks like Exodous in the studio on the Genelecs it just floors me, it sounds like they are in the room with you!!
I guess a lot of that is that they recorded that way, as a band rather than building up from bass and drum tracks, and the fact that they played soooooo well.
Just try and get a band to play that tight, everyone playing for the song and totally in the pocket..
they were a rare phenomenon.


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Conversation Suicide

7/15/2008 2:12:06 PM

There ya go Traeshy -- The musicians have spoken. BOB MARLEY was a GOD! --- whoops, sorry satan, god, jesus cristo, God almighty & all the other gods out there --- but he REALLY ROCKED the Reggae music ==> His music has stood the test of time and is LOVED the world over.

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7/15/2008 2:34:03 PM

The Consensus _ Overrated?

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7/15/2008 4:01:37 PM ---- Updated 7/15/2008 4:04:13 PM

I believe that question has been overwhelmingly answered. I'm sorry, but you seem to be in a minority of one.


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7/15/2008 4:46:33 PM

2 Bob?

check out --Bob Dylan Tribute station-----ewe will be safe there!

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Hop On Pop

7/16/2008 11:51:21 AM ---- Updated 7/16/2008 11:56:49 AM


I M P O S S I B L E!

I mean, there is always the tendency to call the seminal figure of any musical movement "overrated". But you cannot escape the fact that they define that movement as well as their own moment in time. And yes, a figure like that tends to become taken for granted, due to their ubiquity. (Is that a word? I think it is.) But definitely not overrated. Again, it would be impossible for somebody like that to be overrated, just as it would be for The Beatles or Chuck Berry or even Elvis Presley. (Yeah, Elvis was a BADASS back in the 50's, no matter what drugs and Vegas did to him later on.)

Just accept the fact that Bob is The Man, and avoid him, if you're sick of him.

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