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Old Man Warner
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12/16/2018 4:52:56 PM
Did anybody nominate me for a Golden Kayak this year?

11/20/2018 3:20:48 PM
the secret to my youth

10/23/2018 6:09:16 AM
I don't got nothin' to say either.

9/20/2018 2:41:12 PM
I fell down again last night

7/10/2018 6:50:26 PM
I wonder

6/5/2018 10:18:09 PM
I get older every day

2/21/2018 3:37:14 AM
I'm turning 100 in May

1/9/2018 12:13:52 AM
I lost my glasses at the 5 and dime.

11/28/2017 2:09:44 PM
Verity, what gives?

11/10/2017 11:31:20 AM
I used to be young once.

11/3/2017 12:31:12 AM
Did anybody miss me?

8/9/2017 7:21:20 PM
Things just aren't the way they used to be.

6/24/2017 8:23:34 PM
What about me?

6/8/2017 9:57:26 PM
Sgt Pepper Remix debuts at #3 on Billboard 200 albums chart

4/14/2017 11:19:18 PM
I just made my longest ever post and the internet ate it.

4/1/2017 4:28:47 PM
Yeah I heard it.

1/30/2017 10:35:31 AM
I've had the same wallet for 59 years

1/29/2017 11:28:38 AM
I was out chasin' girls last night

1/27/2017 10:43:43 AM
I'm too old and tired to live anymore.

1/6/2017 7:56:09 AM
Does anybody know anything about Alzheimers?

12/23/2016 11:42:05 AM
The other day my grocery store lady didn't remember my name

10/21/2016 8:36:13 AM
I miss the good ol' days

8/18/2016 8:12:12 AM
I lost my left sock.

7/16/2016 10:56:26 AM
I'm getting old.

5/13/2016 5:38:14 AM
I heard somebody was asking where I was.

4/30/2016 5:26:30 AM
Nobody wished me a happy birthday!

4/8/2016 7:26:47 PM
An open letter to the world.

4/2/2016 7:15:03 AM
I don't like new-fangled stuff at all.

3/14/2016 6:33:06 AM
Daylight Savings Time makes me groggy.

2/10/2016 6:37:12 AM
I'm tired of social media

1/30/2016 1:26:01 PM
Ever have one of those kind of days where you feel really old?

1/20/2016 3:03:47 PM
I'm tired of living.

12/23/2015 8:34:41 AM
My dang foot hurts

12/5/2015 10:36:02 AM
Health is everything, isn't it?

11/26/2015 8:04:35 AM
I'm too old for Thanksgiving

11/12/2015 12:30:38 AM
Today is the first day of..

10/31/2015 1:36:15 PM
Halloween is stupid

10/30/2015 2:52:42 AM
I wish i knew what it was like to be beautiful

10/24/2015 12:29:39 PM
The tomatoes have been good this year.

10/6/2015 5:23:34 AM
Where's my remote?

9/26/2015 6:26:38 PM
Life is hard

9/18/2015 12:15:00 PM
Somebody knocked down my mailbox.

9/13/2015 10:00:43 AM
Did I leave my coffee mug here yesterday?

11/4/2013 7:45:20 AM
It's ridiculous

9/23/2009 1:22:29 AM
I sure ain't what I used to be

9/5/2009 2:54:33 PM
I miss the old sodie fountains.

4/21/2009 7:08:33 AM
Did anybody see my lawn chair?

3/11/2009 4:24:51 AM
People drive too fast.

2/25/2009 8:21:54 AM
I started my own music page and recorded my very first song. Come and give a listen, young'uns.

2/21/2009 6:22:01 PM
What happened to TV shows like Howdy Doody and Wyatt Earp?

2/19/2009 6:05:26 PM
They don't make shoefly pie like they used to.

1/27/2009 11:36:19 AM
It doesn't get said enough.

10/21/2008 10:39:12 PM
The world was better 40 years ago.

9/16/2008 11:08:20 PM
Pack of crazy fools


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Old Man Warner

7/10/2018 6:50:26 PM

I wonder
if there's a point where you get so old that every day is a good day cause you're living and breathing?

Where every hour you're happy because you appreciate being around?

If there's a time when everything's looking up because all the bad and sad are already finished?

I doubt it.

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7/12/2018 1:56:36 AM

Yeah, i doubt that to!

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7/12/2018 12:45:16 PM

There could be the opposite reaction to the aging process as well, when knowing all that you have ever done or will do has already passed before you, all of your friends are dead, members of your family that are like fabric dots cut out of a polka dot dress, holes left to eat and leech your soul. They remain visible and empty. Does that mean it is time to step into the DreamLyfe. I do suggest this in my song - Mark - Holworks

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7/12/2018 9:46:36 PM

Looked for that song on your page Holworks but did not find it. How about a link or something? Thanks, Stoneman

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wizard of oz

7/13/2018 1:46:00 PM

the song got left in OZ, I think I accidentally took it in my balloon, that hot air floaty thing aint working so have to maybe send it by email ,maybe its broke, sure the boys at IMP will fix it and bring it home

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