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negative tendencies
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5/24/2020 6:02:10 PM
brand new song

4/7/2020 10:15:43 AM
new song coming around the corner

3/8/2020 10:29:46 AM
Our new Secret Agent song now has a video

1/19/2020 3:52:17 PM
we reached 19,000 followers on Twitter

1/13/2020 3:23:16 PM
Brand Spanking New from Neg Ten, a sophisticated pop song

1/6/2020 3:13:20 PM
new and rockin'

1/2/2020 9:56:03 PM
with a little help from our friend Zeeza

11/6/2019 3:10:08 PM
Spoofing Bowie

10/17/2019 4:52:48 AM
Neg Ten reaches 10,000 followers on Twitter.

10/10/2019 12:05:41 AM
It's an indie

9/3/2019 8:16:00 AM
a song about romance in times when 300 million guns are pointed at you

8/29/2019 11:48:12 AM
the first ever Neg Ten song with saxophone

7/30/2019 2:53:32 PM
we pimped up our page

7/28/2019 6:16:06 PM
passed 4000 followers on Twitter

6/7/2019 7:15:19 AM
brand new video for You Turn My Pages

6/3/2019 4:15:55 PM
when a rock band goes Motown

5/18/2019 3:18:00 AM
new video for Hardship Lane

4/22/2019 10:02:40 AM
The seasons are changin', our problems the same

4/9/2019 5:42:35 PM
Do Ya Think It's Ok?

3/29/2019 9:13:49 AM

3/9/2019 9:58:47 AM
another brand new song by your favorite rockers

2/17/2019 4:06:23 PM
the most important song this year??

2/8/2019 8:49:43 PM
we mean business.

1/17/2019 8:22:07 AM
political music

9/4/2017 3:16:20 AM
We got interviewed.

8/5/2017 3:55:33 AM
Holy infidelity! Our new video...........................

8/3/2017 2:53:09 PM
Let Your Feet Walk

8/1/2017 7:44:35 AM
If you have Twitter, please follow our band.

7/12/2017 9:31:33 PM
Well every dog has its day

7/10/2017 11:34:51 AM
we. crossed. the. threshold.

6/26/2017 9:01:27 AM
rumors of a comeback?

4/30/2017 9:50:26 AM
a psychedelic party

1/26/2017 6:20:52 AM
Is there even an audience for rock like the Who and the Stones anymore?

1/9/2017 1:51:35 PM
Let the pre-hype begin

10/22/2016 7:11:38 PM
Led Zeppelin II was released 47 years ago today

7/29/2016 6:46:33 AM
The ultimate act of musical rebellion

7/28/2016 12:02:07 PM

5/24/2016 1:06:18 PM
for all the new pipeliners who like rock.. Are you ready for the future?

5/8/2016 8:52:48 AM
It's coming.

5/2/2016 12:28:07 PM
We just released our DMD and it is pretty cheap.

4/26/2016 5:12:52 AM
Don't forget about us.

2/21/2016 11:58:05 AM
Astronauts heard unexplainable music on the moon.

2/7/2016 8:21:04 AM
That time has come around again..

1/9/2016 11:32:54 AM
new Negative Tendencies song is good for a freakout

10/16/2015 5:36:01 PM
WTF? Neg Tendencies take on the mighty Zep in a new hardrock romantic thrilla!!

10/10/2015 12:36:31 PM
fear of speaking online, like on the pipeline


Basic (free) Member


negative tendencies

10/10/2015 12:36:31 PM

fear of speaking online, like on the pipeline
I never had it. I've just always felt free to type whatever I felt like online. Even if something makes me uncomfortable, I just go on and tell people what makes me uncomfortable.

I think the folks these days are filled with pent-up-edness. They are worried about fitting in, they imagine cliques where cliques do not exist, they're intimidated by the local smartasses. They don't need a reason to hold their tongue/type. They wait for the right opportunity to say 2 words and that climate never arises.

Do you think our pipeline is welcoming enough to new artists or is the crazy nature of the pipeline world too much to dive into for most?

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Bryon Tosoff

10/10/2015 12:47:39 PM

Depends on the person subject matter, personal taste and such, Those are good points you have brought up, I believe most people are lurkers, only a small % may actually pipe up, some are afraid of being ridiculed , I know of a number who left the old iacmusic because of shitstorm crap that happened, and dont blame them one iota, although i think there is a better thing happening so unlikely those who do get involved will exchange ideas. Some subjects I stay away from, once in a blue i jump in on the ones that might seem odd, for the hell of it, I like substance, subjects that are helpful, and i tend towards that end. but of course enjoy some of the odd funny even idiotic adventures. as for new artists. I think most get it, many are into their own exploits and dont give a shit about participating and making this pipeline more active, there is a hardcore group that keep it happening, has grown some, but still could improve, takes time and will , I for one and tried to be an engaging person here and tackle most things, when time. right now I am concentrating on getting my promo thing up and running with new artists, I interview a prospective client yesterday , kinda Tragically Hip groove, very cool stuff. and more in the near future from Beverly jayne.

thanks for the new topic


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Bryon Tosoff

10/10/2015 1:02:36 PM

I guess some of us are just addicted online junkies who like to do this shite

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Shoe City Sound

10/10/2015 2:51:45 PM

Oh I think the Pipeline is pretty mild mannered ... I doubt it intimidates anyone from posting. People like to read blogs. This is the only I post on, but I read other ones.

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10/10/2015 2:53:12 PM

It's a very free place, I don't know why anyone would feel intimidated.
I don't feel intimidated, do you John?

~George Harrison

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10/10/2015 2:54:11 PM

No, I don't feel intimidated George, I never do. And if I ever do, I never admit it.
No, what I wanna know, is who in Negative Tendencies is doing the posting...

This another face of the fuckin' clock then?

~John Lennon

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Noah Spaceship

10/10/2015 2:58:52 PM

I think the pipeline is very inviting and inticing.

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10/10/2015 2:59:11 PM ---- Updated 10/10/2015 3:00:46 PM

Well John raised a point, who in the band is this?

This the drummer? I'd like a word with you...

Or is it, oh you gotta love his way with words,
'another face of the clock' as John put it?

At any rate,

I feel quite at ease, and this wasn't always so....
But Father Time assured me he and his mates would be gentle. ; )

There is a very much Artist Vibe and Communal Spirit Here,


If I can post and they accept me, put your umbrella in the umbrella thingy
and come on in.

I don't want to get cliche about it, and already I near it...

But yes. I did say it. I do mean it.

Indie Music People Dot Com Is The Coolest Indie Site, Period, Also Ever.

Ever, Period. It is. Well I'm this famous silly person who for some reason
is being welcomed here, and I swear by 'em.

So now I'm growing a beard...

I'm just waiting for someone to say (and they will when it grows in)
"You look like Father Time"...

and I'll laugh and say
"I'll tell him you said so!"

And I will, too.

Alice Cooper, I'd have him in a band.

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Noah Spaceship

10/10/2015 3:02:52 PM

I say this a lot lately,
Lesley is right.

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10/10/2015 3:04:53 PM

You know, Noah. I haven't even seen the fuckin' Ark yet,
and I'm still startin' to really like you.

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10/10/2015 3:10:37 PM

The pipeline is relatively tame compared to the very old days at IAC. Those were some intimidating times when I first came here. I even got attacked by a racist who called me every "N" word in the book. Of course they banned him from the site but, for me, the damage had been done and I stayed away for a long time. But when I came back there seemed to be a new attitude and along the way a core group of posters emerged. Those folks are still here and a lot of new folks have come. Of course, there are a few smart asses that I tend to ignore. They do try to intimidate some folks and I have seen a few people leave because of the skirmishes. But over all, this is a very friendly place filled with some really gifted artists.

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10/10/2015 3:15:11 PM


Anybody fucks with you, you let me know.
I'll make a really reallllly fucked up record about 'em. I'm funny like that.
Absolutely out of my mind. I don't know, Man, it works for me.

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Bryon Tosoff

10/10/2015 3:31:24 PM

Ok, yeah, it is pretty way different then the late 2000's of iacmusic, it was a shitty place at times.pretty fucked up. and there was bullying and intimidation,and assholism and at times here people just up and left, I tried to have many come back, those i admired and added a lot to many stations, , there are a lot little fuckers who show up and show little regard for peoples feelings, some dont have a thick skin. we dont need that shite here.

I admit it is better, and there is more tolerance and consideration, lets hope it dont go sideways and become a shitstorm and stay with the music and fun stuff


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Chandra Moon

10/11/2015 2:28:47 AM

I like to post and read. As Bryon said, I avoid and steer clear of subjects that don't relate to music at all generally, I don't use this place as a personal blog but as a music blog. If things are off the wall I don't comment. If I saw anything really offensive in my opinion I would probably report it rather than get involved. I've never received any unpleasant or abusive feedback. On the contrary, when I've asked for an opinion I've received support and constructive criticism.

If you put music out in public you have to be able to take it on the chin. Not everyone will like what you put up. None of us like all music. I've got music on numerous sites and have had heavy and sometimes really nasty comments. I say, take what you like and leave the rest and for goodness sake dont take it too seriously or you'll never have the confidence to share your ideas.

Also, I always copyright my stuff before going public. Just in case I manage to write a gem haha!

Anyway, I've strayed off topic a bit. I think the pipeline is pretty welcoming in general and you wouldn't want it over moderated. If anyone feels abused, bullied or discriminated against that would be a different matter and hopefully those kind of posts can be reported and removed?

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10/11/2015 7:09:14 AM ---- Updated 10/11/2015 7:12:19 AM

I am very concerned about on-line security,..,so I am very careful about my posts.....Having said this, I still think it is good to mention Nixon was a a scumbag who made 1.3 million people die, John Lennon was executed by the same man, GWB was the most idiotic president the country has ever seen, Haliburton killed about 300K Iraqis because the Vice President took advantage of the idiot to make money on oil after declaring the weapons of mass destruction BS, WTC was an insider job..nice try..and the Rebublicans blocked the best and first African American this country ever had, Boehner resigned because he met the one and only Pope and understood that being a Republican doesn't go well with the fundamentals of the new Christianity, and Trump will go for it since he is too rich and no obligation to do anything for you or me or anybody in this country. This is why he will be the Republican's party most perfect front-runner. A party of people who want to accomplish everything, except helping the middle class (the engine of any economy) in the US have a normal life as in 200 other nations on this planet. Hallelujah EM GIEL

So afraid....

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10/11/2015 7:10:21 AM


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Shoe City Sound

10/11/2015 7:14:33 AM

Well said ... and I never even put that together in my mind that the Pope's visit had anything to do with John Boehner resigning. It's hard to tell about him. He was crying the whole time listening to the Pope, but he cries on camera at a lot less important events. I just assumed his resignation was completely political and career oriented, but I'm liking thinking about what you said.

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10/11/2015 8:15:39 AM ---- Updated 10/11/2015 8:16:23 AM

Hell Yeah The Pope's Visit Had EVERYTHING To Do With Boehner Quitting.

He realized "Oh shit. I'm going to Hell for Sure." Kinda spooked him.

EM GEIL is it? Sorry, my bad. EM GIEL. So be it. Let me remember this.

Why The Fuck Aren't YOU Running For President?
Need A First Lady? I'll shave the beard. Oh yeah. It's worth it.

Occasionally I come across someone who's really been paying attention.

Here's some more fun stuff.

9-11, read like a script. One that was written around 1962.
Operation Northwoods it was called. Extra points if you guess who wrote it.

You bet your ass they did nothing but block Mr Obama from Day One;
Personally, I think Barack's my favorite President so far,
Best I've Ever Seen.

And Boehner, if you get wind of this,
I got some news for you.
Don't Quit. Stay and Whip Your Party Into A Human Shape Again.
'Cause don't kid yourself, you're still going to Hell as it stands now, Poncho.


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10/11/2015 10:32:59 AM

Some intriguing, spirited opinions voiced here; makes for good reading, and it is good to see people can say what they want, all sides and opinions welcome. I believe that is one of the main intended functions of the Pipeline, right?

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Bryon Tosoff

10/11/2015 12:32:01 PM

true Frylock. I agree one can vent here. was that me leaving all those swear words!

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10/12/2015 7:33:38 PM

You're all going straight to hell, Jesus reads this, ya know.

Get back in line.

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Bryon Tosoff

10/12/2015 8:28:35 PM

Lyin Dan, who are you kidding.no one pays attention to what you say, oh wait I just did, : ) be someone else now

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8/20/2019 3:59:57 PM ---- Updated 8/21/2019 8:44:54 AM

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Francesca Tamellini

8/21/2019 4:51:56 AM

I hope we are not going to allow posts from essay cheating sites who can't construct sentences!

Anyway, to the point, I have found it very welcoming and have had personal interaction with some great people who have helped me and supported me. I also have to say that it took me a while to actually make my first post.

On the negative side, it can seema bit like a time warp where the seventies never ended, and they only existed to allow people to lament the passing of the sixties!

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8/22/2019 1:36:20 AM

Well, I think that was a valid point because most of us here are oldies and so our perspectives may be old. I can only imagine how big a turn off that may be to many youngsters. I can only imagine...........

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Bob Elliott

8/23/2019 1:01:47 AM

What I like that’s current?


And uh, um , hmmm

Well, my kids play me tons of stuff I like, I like most all of it, but I usually want to know who it is on the more hip-hop type stuff.

Drake, Frank Ocean, Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, stuff like that has all kinds of soul innovation that I gotta absorb.

Further back but post 70’s? Lots too much to list

Wu Tang
Elliott Smith

Lots of stuff,

but how you gonna deny Stevie Wonder?

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