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indie music person
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5/26/2018 1:20:07 AM
If you could reinvent one thing, what would it be?

7/17/2017 1:19:14 PM
My audience can go to hell.

4/27/2017 4:20:50 PM
What's your favorite song on this site?

4/21/2017 5:58:43 AM
Anybody have any bouts with insanity they want to talk about?

8/17/2016 10:24:54 AM
Ever shop your songs to publishers?

7/21/2016 6:21:07 AM
What do you do when people stop listening to your new music?

4/14/2016 2:10:25 PM
the day the internet broke.

3/1/2016 11:42:24 PM
99 problems in the music industry


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indie music person

7/17/2017 1:19:14 PM

My audience can go to hell.

Even attempting to get anyone to buy music is like asking them to join the army.

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7/17/2017 8:23:43 PM

that was awesome... I salute you!

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Chandra Moon

7/20/2017 7:54:23 AM

Yup I'm afraid that's true. I sold quite a few of my first album in 2007 when people still bought CDs - my second one from 2013, I've sold fewer and slower despite it being (in my opinion) a better album. I still sell a few here and there at gigs or friends but people just listen on line for free which is better than nothing I guess as long as you don't want to make a living at it (haha)!

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7/20/2017 10:54:51 AM

Just goes to show. I have been saying it all along. if you don't kick ass live you have no chance in this current over-saturated music environment. You have to kill it live. You have to make other artists fear to play right before or after you.

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Bryon Tosoff

7/20/2017 12:14:26 PM ---- Updated 7/20/2017 4:01:16 PM

Throw me a life preserver I am drowning in a ocean of musicians, splish splash most of what you hear is trash trash trash.

Got to find your niche, stay within your wheelhouse though, craft the best music you can, build your listening audience.engage and nurture them dont be an asshole, there are many of those in this world,

If possible have an artist website. I dont really, so use reverbnation hooked up with facebook works good

Now something that is important is great outstanding eye catching interesting artwork, it is critical,its a part of the whole experience you are delivering, use cool photos that go along with your music, this is something I being told over and over from those in the industry and people who have been in promotions radio and labels. Dont just throw some shitty looking piece of crap out there with your music. Find something unique, ask friends you know who are good or have a passion in this area, it helps a lot.

Get help to produce your sounds, be a listener to those who have the experience.

Invest in yourself, no one else, no one else cares. But if you are capable and know how to get along with people, then start building a team, surround yourself with this who do believe in you,

Partner up with others, do collabs, be open minded and willing to back off and let them be the star.

Be patient, sometime somewhere somehow, there is someone out there in this wasteland that will go, hey, i like your sound. Now it may happen, but if not you are not a failure,. your art reflects you that is all that really counts. Its not sales or money from your songs that makes the world go around, but it sure helps

Its not about you, its about the songs

No expectations, No disappointments. good luck

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