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11/20/2017 1:11:34 AM
Charles Manson. Dead!

9/10/2017 7:58:25 PM
Fuck those "hip young guys" who control today's music industry. They can blow me.

9/3/2017 12:56:41 PM
RIP Walter Becker :(

8/3/2017 11:42:13 AM
Recording music? Overrated.

7/16/2017 2:20:57 AM

7/11/2017 1:15:53 AM
I got yer epic!

6/28/2017 7:13:55 PM
Dead & Company: Live from the Blossom Music Center - Entire concert streaming FREE tonight!

6/28/2017 6:43:19 PM
I admit it. I am a member.

6/19/2017 10:38:27 PM
At Fenway, Dead & Company are at the top of their game

6/16/2017 12:23:32 PM

6/14/2017 8:26:11 PM
Anybody studying out of any cool music books these days?

6/14/2017 1:20:49 PM
"Big egos are big shields for lots of empty space." ~ Diana Black

6/13/2017 8:47:56 PM
I wish I was in Hotlanta tonight! Party!

6/11/2017 5:30:57 PM
RIP, Batman

6/11/2017 5:10:57 PM
I didn't get an autogrqph or take a selfie, but...

6/5/2017 1:49:12 AM
Recognition in the Second Life® virtual world


IAC Prime Member



6/16/2017 12:23:32 PM

I am starting to think that there are only about a half a dozen people using this site.

Step up to the plate, artists with an artist page. Let's see what's up. I would like to see 20-30 artists say hello on this thread. Or more!

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Hop On Pop

6/16/2017 12:29:04 PM


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6/16/2017 12:35:04 PM

Hi, Todd! You are one of the half-dozen! gtsy. :)

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6/16/2017 1:21:19 PM

There's a difference in the artists using the site and the posters on the Pipe.

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6/16/2017 1:26:26 PM

I know. And I would love to see more artists participating. Pipeline desperately needs new (non-anon) blood.

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6/16/2017 1:52:45 PM

Here. Long as I'm alive. I see new records coming out from new artists all the time. You may have a point about only half a dozen people on average
on the pipeline however. On busy days, maybe more, but, maybe not a lot more.
Your guess is as good as anybody's as to how to encourage more pipeline participation, Brother.

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6/16/2017 2:29:43 PM

Yeah, it seems like there is someone out here adding new songs almost every day. So it kind of surprises me that we don't get more people over here. Law of averages. You would figure someone new would pop in here and starting posting every now and then. Weird.

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Richard Scotti

6/16/2017 4:37:13 PM

Yeah, there's plenty of evidence that there are lot's of folks on the site. Why they don't participate on the pipeline is anybody's guess. Human nature has always been a mystery to me.

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6/16/2017 4:43:33 PM

We need to set up a system of likes with some cute icons. Artists could brag about how "liked" they are. Some are guaranteed to build up a couple of hundred thousand likes. To add to, we can all start posting pics of what we're eating right now. Since this is a music site, we can start writing songs about what we're eating. Maybe some lyrical recipes.

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6/16/2017 5:06:32 PM ---- Updated 6/16/2017 5:14:56 PM

One thing which occurs to me is,

in regards to how come more people don't post on the pipeline...

it may have to do with predisposition...

if one is predisposed to being more or less comfortable expressing themselves
in the written word format, then, it's fairly easy.
but if one is not predisposed to doing so, then it becomes very possibly
a scary thing, which one is afraid to even try. We are articulate. We take it for granted. But maybe not everyone is articulate...

it may well be that few even look at the forums, any of them. Maybe a lot of people here, and I do imagine there are a lot of people, because the new releases do come fairly often, but maybe a lot of people here are just here to put out their records... and maybe that's all they know how to do.

Knowing how to market yourself is not easy. I don't. Obviously.
Then again, God told me to make music and make it free. Which I did. Well hopefully
we'll get free download as an option and I'll do it here.

Meanwhile, if anyone likes a record of mine, and wants a copy of something,
write and ask me,


Don't by shy now, I can't much help you once I'm dead.
And I don't know how much time I have left.

Sorry, I've taken it terribly off topic.

Okay, Lyin' Dan,

songs about food?

Throw the Mrs a wild one and write about what you did last night.
I threw her on a rug, she hit me with a bowl, it was great.

And, begin...

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6/16/2017 7:00:38 PM

As you may have noticed (or not), people don't talk about that on Fibbook. They talk about what they are comfortable with, mainly, I eat cheese and the like. Or, Repubes/LibsIdiots are stupid. Things everyone they know agree with.

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6/16/2017 7:15:41 PM

Beyond that, though. I don't think the majority of peeps in the uh, older generation (read, "over 40") are comfortable with this newfangled internet talking thing. OMG, I might be talking to a criminal, there are so many on them internets, they call me on my cellphone all the time trying to talk me into giving them money. If you're over 40, and you're comfy with this kinda stuff, you must be crazy. (Note: I'm over 40, and so are you).

Then, there's the youngstirs. They don't give a flyin fuck about forums. They text. Sometimes, they use facebook, but they're grown to be careful about it, because their employers might fire them if they find out what they really think. That is, the smarter youngstirs are more careful, what you see in that age group ranting on Stupidbook are the idiots. It's a self-selecting thang.

So, what you're talking to here are a select group. Usuns. Who are smart enough and old enough to know wtf "usuns" means.

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6/16/2017 7:23:39 PM

I'd just like to add, nearly every one of my former classmates that post on facebook are really, really either completely naive or really really fucking stupid. What the fuck have they been doing all these years to not know jackshit? It's alarming. Have they never at least read a newspaper? A book, lately? Talked to anyone but their own little circle whom they've indoctrinated with their own repeated propaganda, which they defend to the death because they've never had an original thought past the age of 18?

It's fucking depressing.

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6/16/2017 8:49:43 PM

Okay, Larree, I didn't take it off topic, though the topic itself,
is like taking attendance, so a topic was bound to break out anyway
responding to Dan,

yes, usuns,

you nailed that one.

And aye there's the rub as the literate say.

How could so many people you knew in high school grow up
not to know jack shit?

If that isn't the million dollar question.

Apparently the LSD is but a prop....

basically, whether you've had a 'boost' or not
(I walk around in rainstorms with a car antenna in hopes
lightning will give me superpowers... )

thinking, is a full contact sport,

and, not everyone wants the headache of that nuisance thing called thinking.

That's kind of it.

Those who think, well usuns may be the minority.

Could be.

So, Welcome Everyone....

Thinking Encouraged....

Take it away, Larree,

bring us back to a square one,

it's not going off topic if you do it too, man.

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Lars Mars

6/16/2017 9:15:46 PM


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6/16/2017 11:27:08 PM

Alright! You made it for roll call. So... who's rollin'? I have papers.

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6/17/2017 12:44:19 AM

The corporate sites don't even have communities. Few artists know what they're missin' cause it's not common anymore.

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6/17/2017 7:25:14 AM

There is no question that IMP is The Greatest Music Site Ever. None whatsoever.
Which is why I'll continue to sponsor this great site, as long as I live and am able.

Bluto speaks the truth.
There is no better music site than IMP.

Larree, I am actually very good at rolling 'em.
Sadly, I cannot indulge in the puffing, as it was necessary for me to quit.

I firmly advocate however,
Freedom For All Adult Americans, to partake, in recreational marijuana enjoyment.
It's good, it's clean, it promotes wellness. God made it. Can't beat it.

If I unexpectedly make it to a ripe old age
and one day become very rich, as I'd previously hoped I would,
but have by now kinda given up on,
I'd like to have a ranch house in Colorado,
and smoke the finest marijuana that money can buy,
and make friends with all the local cacti, knowing and addressing,
each, by name. Hi Bernie. Hi George. Hi Frank. Greta how are you Greta.

So, I can roll though.

Who's got the bud?

Yeah, maybe I better not roll,
I'll only be torturing myself at this point...

Maybe one day... Maybe one day....

Hey, Artists...

if any of you, you who put out records here,
are reading this...

you don't have to say much,
you have to be signed into your account,
you hit 'add comment',

you say hi you say who you are.

And, maybe if you know how to roll a doob.
This apparently is essential information, and, fly a few for me, huh?

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Psyche's Muse

6/18/2017 1:58:47 AM


So, YOU have some papers???

Well, I've got some "smoke"...

Let's "GET HIGH"!!!

...speaking of which...

"Hi!"... (or should it be "high")

I AM HERE as well! -M-

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Duane Flock

6/18/2017 10:00:52 AM


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6/18/2017 1:04:59 PM

Wake and Bake! (Literally. It is going to be a hot week here!)

Hi Mort, hi Duane!

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Shoe City Sound

6/18/2017 2:21:59 PM

I love where you're going with all this about the weed and the papers. I'm here and I'm down with that.

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6/18/2017 7:47:18 PM

Again, I'm going to ask,
everyone who does smoke pot still,

smoke a big fat one for me. I'd appreciate that. Thank you.

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Duane Flock

6/19/2017 2:05:08 AM

Hot is an understatement here!
Record heat wave in the Bay Area! 105* at least til Thurs!!!
I work in a freakin' warehouse too!!

Hey Larree!
Coming up on my yearly trip to LA the week of the 4th. I may go to the Fender guitar factory. Lets hook up and check out some cool axes.


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6/19/2017 5:13:53 AM

Right on, Duane! Let me know! We were gonna try it last year. Let's make it happen!

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The Rhythm Kings

6/20/2017 9:15:11 AM

We are here!

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Francesca Tamellini

6/26/2017 7:03:39 AM


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WWMM Michael

6/26/2017 10:24:33 PM

I'm not an artist, but a new station manager, but would like to say hello. Hello! I came here from a strange place called Intergalactic, the MonaLisa Twins fan club site. I am soon repudiating the place and all of FarceBook. Many people there either have their own agenda or are just YouTube cover lovers. #timesuck. My on-screen time at home will be here at IMP.

Scott and Evie came over there to IFC and worked long and hard to intro us to IMP. I am frustrated with the lack of appreciation over there. Only one other guy besides me "gets it." Early on I identified IFC as the best way I could personally "market" MLT. A huge side benefit was to "discover" 36 other artists to place on my station.

Therefore, hello!

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6/26/2017 10:39:39 PM

Rhythm Kings! Good to see you here!

Hi, Francesca! Thanks for dropping by!

Hi, Michael. Station Managers are welcome on this thread, too! Thanks!

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Donna Devine

6/29/2017 11:36:22 AM

Still here. Been AWOL for the past few months, what with overseas visitors, travel, work, etc.

Trying now to finish a few lyrics for a couple of collaborators. Had an interesting request during a recent trip to Scotland. A punk band vocalist in Edinburgh has asked me to write lyrics for his solo album. Now THAT's going to be an exciting challenge. :)

Meanwhile, I've been checking out a few punk bands (past and present) to get a feel for the genre (which in fact I'm finding quite interesting. ;) )

If anyone here is into punk, can you suggest a handful of good examples?

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6/29/2017 2:01:15 PM

Stoneman's in the house and I am all funked up man.......I be ill'n mane

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6/30/2017 11:16:59 AM

Welcome, Donna and Stoneman!

Donna, I think WeaponX is the resident expert on punk rock.

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6/30/2017 11:25:34 AM

yeah Donna, check WeaponX or Social Spit which is his band. You also might check Negative Tendencies which is more garage band but also has WeaponX on bass and guitar.

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The Jay Dyall Project

6/30/2017 12:11:14 PM

Here I am and will be releasing new songs pretty soon.

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Donna Devine

6/30/2017 3:37:44 PM

Scott and Larree, thank you for the suggestions.

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The Dyall-Tones

6/30/2017 5:41:13 PM

Hey Donna, I have a couple of Punk style tracks in need of lyrics.
We can collaborate on that if you're interested.

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Donna Devine

7/1/2017 5:32:17 AM ---- Updated 7/1/2017 7:16:31 AM

Jayson, thank you for that invitation. I’d be pleased to look at the possibility a little way down the line.
At the moment, I’m familiarising myself with the punk genre and its characteristics, and looking at the lyrics/listening to the songs of various punk bands. Any lyrics I write in that genre need to be absolutely authentic. (I’ve written a number of socal/political protest songs of my own, but the tone is ‘softer’, less visceral.)
I’ll also be focusing first on lyrics for the guy in Scotland, and studying the songs he and his band have written over the years.)

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