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the intellectual
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5/19/2018 12:47:58 PM
the accumulation of one's soul

4/29/2018 10:29:06 AM
Protecting immaculate love

1/1/2018 11:36:43 PM
Music does sad better than it does happy

11/6/2017 8:03:19 PM
Is hate winning?

10/15/2017 9:16:43 PM
Does the internet create killers?

7/19/2017 7:02:28 PM
Monogamy, is it a natural thing, or..

5/12/2017 6:27:56 PM
How much of a factor is jealousy in society?

3/18/2017 5:42:40 AM
Do some people have better musical taste than others?

2/23/2017 8:40:05 AM
How much does music even matter?

1/22/2017 8:29:57 PM
insidious negativity

11/30/2016 4:37:21 AM
Sometimes the greatest ideas fail

7/18/2016 2:27:22 PM
Can non-creatives even judge creatives?

7/14/2016 6:17:47 PM
Could you live in a world without melody?

7/5/2016 10:05:54 AM
indies on the internet?

5/15/2016 2:14:21 AM
Why do we often irrationally hate authority figures?

4/29/2016 9:27:13 AM
Why do people follow the crowd?

4/17/2016 11:11:54 AM
How do stupid things become cool?

3/20/2016 11:14:33 AM
Is anti-intellectualism becoming dominant in American culture?

2/20/2016 12:58:47 PM
Looking for new ways to label music outside of genres

2/13/2016 7:13:15 AM
Is it possible that greenhouse gases have caused the population to be more stupid?

1/8/2016 8:12:47 PM
Do enemies/hatred/negativity activate communication?

12/19/2015 3:19:41 AM
just some ramblings


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the intellectual

3/18/2017 5:42:40 AM ---- Updated 3/18/2017 12:55:56 PM

Do some people have better musical taste than others?

Let me cite and compare 2 different examples. Person #1, let's call him Tom. Music has never been a big part of Tom's life. Tom's wife is more passionate about music, she used to sing in the choir at school. She picked their "song". It was a song by Celine Dion. As a result, Celine Dion became the go-to artist for their family, and became Tom's answer when asked what music he likes. Tom has 3 Celine Dion CDs in his car that he plays on his car CD player on his trip to work which in commuting in heavy traffic takes an hour a day. It's no exaggeration but Tom has listened to Celne Dion exclusively for going on 14 years now, every day commuting, 2 hours worth per day, around 300 work days a year, 600 hours of Celine Dion. In fact, he hasn't even changed to the other Celine Dion CDs, he's played the newest one for going on 8 months now without a thought about changing it,

Person #2 is a geeky hipster named Sean. Sean is very device oriented and knows his way around the web. Sean has 4000 some songs on his iPod. Knows indies, knows classic rock, knows grunge rock, even knows country music. Music is Sean's life pretty much.
The main talent scout guy at IMP swears by Sean. Many of the artists he's invited to this site are off Sean's various playlists. Sean turned him on to some of his favorite artists in the whole world and he has many.

Now for the purposes of this thread, let's just stipulate.. Tom doesn't care about music. He cares less about what he puts thru his ears than what he puts in his mouth and he's a relatively unhealthy fast food junkie. Tom in general doesn't care much about a lot of what most of us would consider the finer things in life, he's happy if he gets a little action from his wife once or twice a week.

I don't think it's a stretch to say Sean has better musical taste than Tom. If any of you were at a party you'd prefer Sean as the DJ to Tom, I'm quite sure. Maybe musical taste as one might measure it could be related to experience, hours spent listening and trying new things. Maybe in actually having a passion, caring about music.

A lot of people swore by the movie reviews of Siskel and Ebert. Many pick movies based on critics they like, trust. Do those critics have better taste?

Do you think you have better musical taste than somebody else here? Is there anyone you would accept the statement that they have better taste than you? Is any song actually better than any other? Is your latest favorite indie song better than your Aunt Hildy rolling an orange across a piano? Are the Beatles better than the band you hate the most or are you feeling that's wrong to say that because that's a matter of personal taste?

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3/18/2017 12:23:15 PM

Wow. I get it.

This is why to write shorter letters. I get it now. Thanks.

I can't even read all this, it gives me a headache,
so that's how people see my verbose litany of missive prose.

This is of course, an entirely subjective question,
and the answer is just as subjective.

That's referring to your original question,
the subject line of this thread...

all the other stuff,

everyone thinks their musical taste is best,
and anyone who would accept the notion
that someone else has musical taste superior to their own,

has a good career ahead of them in being somebody's bitch.

Thank you.


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3/18/2017 12:25:25 PM


and your Logo there looks like an A-Hole,

but, I am thinking you know that, and have self esteem issues, possibly.

Or, you just like A-Holes.

It's weird though,
you call yourself The Intellectual,
you'd think maybe a Graduation Cap or something... but, a puckered anus?

You must not prize terribly the intellect as a faculty to begin with.
Or, again, you simply like anuses.

Why that logo? I'm curious to hear.

Oh wait, I walked into that one,

"I wanted to be like you" you'll now say to me.

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the intellectual

3/18/2017 12:55:11 PM ---- Updated 3/18/2017 12:56:45 PM

First off that you first see any puckered thing as an asshole says more about you than it does about me.

Secondly I guess thanks for pointing out that my essay failed. Because my goal was to get you to read past the first paragraph but I clearly bored you so much with my short intro that the rest was written for nothing. I think I will go back and edit and remove the first paragraph.

Course I'm open to somebody coming on here and actually discussing my topic.

(note, actually removed the first 2 paragraphs of the OP)

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3/18/2017 1:07:51 PM

Dude, seriously?

You deny that your logo is a picture of an anus?
Is that what you are telling me?

What, then, do you say it is a picture of?
I'm curious. Maybe it's not cool to ask such a question to your mind,
but to me, it's an elephant in the room. Regardless of what you'll say,
that says, about me.

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3/18/2017 1:14:45 PM

Anyway, it is,

to answer again your original question,

it is subjective.

You can say 'Tom' has better musical taste than 'Jeffery'
but that's your statement, and 'Jeffery' quite possibly will disagree.

Basically, the rule of thumb is,
anyone, thinks their musical taste is the best.
Ask anyone.

And if someone actually says someone else has 'better' musical taste than they,
I then suspect a self-esteem issue going on.

And I pretty much expect you'll skirt the question,
regarding your logo. It's all well and fine.

If a thing looks like a duck and farts like a duck, it's probably another asshole.


The Ultimate Answer?

Okay then.

My Musical Taste Is Superior To All Other Musical Taste.

Happy now?

And everyone else, feels the same way,
that their's is superior,

show me anyone different.

And it took how many paragraphs?
That's just talking to hear yourself talk, but I know about that, so I'm shutting up now. Thanks, Pooty.

It's your affair if you identify with this image you use,
and as for what it says about you, I ain't goin' there.

What was the purpose of this thread? I want to know.
Just to get me to say that, what I just did? Or some other reason?

Seriously. Where was this ever going? Everyone sees it like they see it.
And hears it like they hear it. And your photo there, looks, like a
computer generated asshole. So, you tell me, what is that?

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3/18/2017 1:17:18 PM


it's not that I cannot read a long thing. I can.

But when the question answers itself in the first breath,
you already know, after that, is yackety yack. You already know that.
Well I did. But anyway, what do you say, that photo of yours is?

are you going to answer that one?

Or, if you prefer, please simply say to me,
"I do not care to discuss my personal image with you"

and I shall accept that as your answer, and will no longer talk about it.

Everyone's musical taste is best, to them. It is no more complicated than that,
which is why I couldn't read all that, when I already knew the answer.

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the intellectual

3/18/2017 1:33:08 PM

My original thought was that it was a dandelion or flower of some sort, now you've kind of ruined it for me. I believe I will change it soon, intellectuals evolve.

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the intellectual

3/18/2017 1:37:35 PM

Well thanks for this ruse of acting like you're discussing the topic but basically just sticking to the cliche which is why I wrote the original 2 paragraphs which I now deleted.

My thesis which I didn't really want to simplify but since you're approaching this as a simpleton I will - is - People who involve themselves in music may develop better taste in music than people who don't care at all about what they listen to. That's not really exactly what I'm saying (for that you have to read the OP) but if I have to summarize what I might be trying to get across, that's about as close as I can come in the 140 character Twitter communication.

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3/18/2017 1:39:28 PM

For real?

That, is your answer?

Get out of here, you don't even believe that, do you?

A Dandelion?

You did not. That doesn't look like any kind of a dandelion.

No, I suspect it struck you as funny,
and yet you figured, as with the old adage,

"excuses are like assholes,
everybody's got one,
nobody wants to talk about it"

only, along comes me and I go and talk about it.

I'm sorry if that messed with your equilibrium.

But I'm not buying that you didn't know, what the image looks like.
You probably just figured no one would actually say it. Oops. I said it. Oh well.

No need to change it, if you felt moved to use it in the first place.

Why, 'cause Lesley said it looks like what I said it looks like?

It's a sterile one, certainly, clearly computer generated.
A computer might not even understand their function to begin with,
so you're probably okay there.

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3/18/2017 1:49:39 PM

I read this earlier before you edited it. You should have left it alone. Great post.

Advanced knowledge and skill in music will definitely lead to superior musical taste. But that will never mean a thing to the civilian population.

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the intellectual

3/18/2017 2:03:03 PM ---- Updated 3/18/2017 2:07:01 PM

a computer generated one of these.

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the intellectual

3/18/2017 2:07:25 PM

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3/18/2017 2:31:30 PM

Ha. Thanks. Needed that laugh. Well appreciated!

That's your story and you're stickin' to it.
Fair enough. Carry on. ; )

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the intellectual

3/18/2017 2:59:29 PM

More than it being my "story", I'd swear on the life of my cat that this was my conception of that pic.

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Bob Elliott

3/18/2017 3:27:57 PM

Of course. Art Laboe, for instance, has had a very popular soul show on the radio for over fifty years. Sunday nights from 6 to midnight airing on various stations in California, try streaming it online tomorrow. He's ninety and still quite popular. He plays great stuff you've heard and great stuff that, mysteriously, you haven't heard. He has great taste and it holds the show together for years and years.

A lot of it you would love.

Probably used to be more common that DJs had above average musical taste.

I learn about cool songs every time I check out his show, and many of these songs have been around for decades.

My daughter puts together playlists that just kill. She was a DJ for awhile.

I have not heard all the stations here, but Steve Ison and Hop on Pop clearly have an ear for quality.

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Bob Elliott

3/18/2017 3:30:19 PM

I always thought dandelion before Lesley began pushing his interpretation.

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the intellectual

3/18/2017 3:39:56 PM

Well thank you for that!

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3/18/2017 4:10:01 PM

Hey, I wasn't trying to push it as an interpretation,

and honestly only now,
do I look at the picture, and think 'okay maybe it meant to be that'...

not pushing any interpretation, carry on...

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Veronica Lodge

3/19/2017 9:10:10 AM

Betty and I both have great taste in music.

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birdy's eye view

3/19/2017 11:00:15 AM

"Do some people have better musical taste than others?"

No of course not.

Some people have better ears than others and are able to appreciate the quality of music more but that is nothing to do with taste.

Some people have more listening experience and know what's original or popular but that is nothing to do with taste.

Some people think they have better taste but really they're just posturing.

I think the question that this poster really needs to ask is :-

"Are some people better at imparting their own musical taste to others ?"

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the intellectual

3/19/2017 11:11:30 AM

Do you feel the same way about taste in fashion and taste in design for instance?

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birdy's eye view

3/19/2017 11:37:10 AM

No, not really the same thing.

Fashion goes out of fashion. Taste in fashion depends on it's objective and practicality. There may be a fashion for comfortable sportswear but it might not have visual appeal or be shared by your Grandmother. Platform soles were fashionable as are 6 inch stilettos until people fall over or get bunions. Music taste has fewer boundaries.

Design taste (in architecture for example) is constantly evolving through trial and error. People really thought flat roofs were tasteful until they started to leak.

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the intellectual

3/19/2017 11:39:20 AM

"Some people have better ears than others and are able to appreciate the quality of music more but that is nothing to do with taste."

I think that IS what taste is to some extent.

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Chandra Moon

3/19/2017 11:46:08 AM

I think there's a huge difference between "taste" in music and "knowledge" of music. Eg I'm not keen on opera personally but I love world music and a lot of electronica/chillout music, reggae and some folk. Does that mean I've got good taste? Opera afficionados would say otherwise.

So in answer to your question - No idea whatsoever. I know what I like when I hear it and I know a lot about certain genres.

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birdy's eye view

3/19/2017 12:07:59 PM

In reply to TE,

Some people have better EYES than others and can appreciate finer detail but that doesn't make their taste better - they may see a 'pretty' face but not see beauty in it that appeals to them.

Likewise you can appreciate the competence of a music maker or the characteristics of different genres without it defining or affecting your taste.

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3/19/2017 12:46:36 PM

Good Morning.

I'm dog meat at the moment, so I hope to still manage some eloquence.
Went to bed 'round midnight. Then a tune starts in my head.
You know how that goes, you get up, you grab it, if you want it.
Tunes come on their own schedule, they don't consult with you first.
Worked on it, and oh yeah, it was f-ing work alright, I was TIRED,
till about five in the morning, still now, I'm a bit slow motion... after noon and everything

Well, first, my apologies to The Intellectual,

well who was it, Bob Elliot? Said he thought it was a Dandelion too...
I went hmmm. Then I realized, there's a way to determine what's what.
I went to The Intellectual's page. Wow. Turns out, when you see his (or hers?)
photo full sized, it looks, well it doesn't look like what it looked like to me
in the thumbnail size. Didn't look like a dandelion either.
It looks like a modern art piece, one that could be called "The Dandelion"
for all I know, life has no shortage of irony, but, it's, a thing,
and it may be a computer generated thing, or it may be a sculpture of sorts.
Anyway, my mistake. Then I asked myself 'how does this represent
a pictorial of 'an intellect', and didn't know the answer, 'cause I'm an idiot.
A hard working idiot though. One who gets out of bed when the Muse calls.
And Call She Did.

Anyway, I LOVE this Archie's Comic Book Cover.
Boy they really do go back.

Now, on to the matter of this question.

As it was asked, I see it as a no brainer,
and I can tell you this, because as I said, not enough sleep,
am presently dogmeat, so, not much brain is up and running right now.
But a lot of heart and a fair degree of being able to articulate, Praise God.

Thank You God. Me, I thank Him. Ya'll do what you want there...

No one's taste is 'better' because 'better' is a word of qualification.

Someone pointed out, Birdy was it? Smart Bird.
That some, can have way more developed tastes, sure.
"Better" though... no, that's still subjective.

It's like, if your parents are eating something, and you go 'what's that?'
and they go 'it's anchovies on goat cheese and eggplant',
and you ask to try some, and you do, and you think they're crazy.
And they go 'it's an acquired taste'.
That's what they'd said to me about alcohol anyway.
Then I got older, and acquired a taste for alcohol.
Then over a year ago, alcohol acquired a taste for sending me wham
to the pavement, so I unacquired a taste for alcohol.

Did I gain 'better' taste quitting drinking alcohol?
No, I did arguably gain a 'better' ability not to fall over though.

Developed tastes, sure, and more knowledgeable about music,
definitely some know more than others.

Some don't even think this business is work.
I can't even talk to someone who thinks that.
And, maybe that's a matter of 'taste' too...
Maybe it's 'taste' to say 'money, is the only measure of work',
I'd like to 'work over' somebody daring to say that about me,
but they have the 'good taste' not to get anywhere near me.
And that 'works', so let's don't fix it.

No accounting for 'taste' as they say. Or being very decidedly not intellectual.
And for an idiot, heck, I ain't bad.
And I work hard, regardless of what anyone says about me.
They can discount their own work.
But if they say that of me,
well there it is, that's imposing one's taste upon another.

No thanks, I brought my own. Thank you. Good Day.

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3/19/2017 12:51:34 PM

Great photo, Birdy, by the way.

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3/19/2017 12:52:27 PM

Oh we like the Archie Comic thing as well. No accounting for taste.
Well we would, wouldn't we.

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Lee Burke

3/19/2017 2:14:32 PM

this question depends on lots of factors, how good the persons ear for melody is, how clear they hear a persons voice, there music education level.

its same as taste in anything, depends on how much that person knows bout the subject, the ones that tend to know more about it have more choice and options for there subject, and a deeper passion for it too.

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Bob Elliott

3/19/2017 4:22:06 PM

The term 'good taste' would be meaningless if there's no sliding scale. More than half the meaning of 'taste' is lost without a sliding scale, too.

DJs and music critics would be senseless , also.

If you find nothing to enjoy in Woody Guthrie or Aretha Franklin you probably have no taste.

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