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the intellectual
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5/19/2018 12:47:58 PM
the accumulation of one's soul

4/29/2018 10:29:06 AM
Protecting immaculate love

1/1/2018 11:36:43 PM
Music does sad better than it does happy

11/6/2017 8:03:19 PM
Is hate winning?

10/15/2017 9:16:43 PM
Does the internet create killers?

7/19/2017 7:02:28 PM
Monogamy, is it a natural thing, or..

5/12/2017 6:27:56 PM
How much of a factor is jealousy in society?

3/18/2017 5:42:40 AM
Do some people have better musical taste than others?

2/23/2017 8:40:05 AM
How much does music even matter?

1/22/2017 8:29:57 PM
insidious negativity

11/30/2016 4:37:21 AM
Sometimes the greatest ideas fail

7/18/2016 2:27:22 PM
Can non-creatives even judge creatives?

7/14/2016 6:17:47 PM
Could you live in a world without melody?

7/5/2016 10:05:54 AM
indies on the internet?

5/15/2016 2:14:21 AM
Why do we often irrationally hate authority figures?

4/29/2016 9:27:13 AM
Why do people follow the crowd?

4/17/2016 11:11:54 AM
How do stupid things become cool?

3/20/2016 11:14:33 AM
Is anti-intellectualism becoming dominant in American culture?

2/20/2016 12:58:47 PM
Looking for new ways to label music outside of genres

2/13/2016 7:13:15 AM
Is it possible that greenhouse gases have caused the population to be more stupid?

1/8/2016 8:12:47 PM
Do enemies/hatred/negativity activate communication?

12/19/2015 3:19:41 AM
just some ramblings


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the intellectual

5/12/2017 6:27:56 PM

How much of a factor is jealousy in society?
I watch a lot of interaction on the web. I see a lot of people who seem bothered by things other people say, like they have a bone to pick with them. Often these fights make no sense to me and then later I realize the foundation of the problem seems to point to jealousy. Jealousy is often an irrational thing which is why I think it usually doesn't occur to me as a cause for anything but over time I wonder if it's cause for almost everything.

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5/13/2017 1:54:35 PM

interesting observation,

how long have you been under observation?
I'm kidding.

it's a decent question.
Me? They never stop observing me, it happens, I'm me, do the math.

Anyway, well yes, jealousy is a big greatly big bigly big, HUGE factor
in our present society.

Here's why:

It's easier, to be an armchair critic,
than to get into the race and go for it yourself, you see?

Almost no one gets in the race like they wanna.
Instead, they talk themselves out of it,
and then, try and talk other people out of it too.

Because punking out, is never satisfying.

You follow all that?

You know the saying,
"Too many Chiefs, not enough Indians?"

forgetting how not 'pc' that may in fact be...


too many lemmings, not enough people who just go for it. is my point.

later, other intellectual in the world.

only two of us that I can trace...

a few posers,
but they reveal themselves after a while...

is there more than us? Mazal Tov, let's all have lunch sometime.

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