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WWMM Michael
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2/5/2018 10:07:21 AM
Huge congrats to Scott and the Philadelphia Eagles!

1/6/2018 10:23:43 PM
Meredith Blis and her songs are beautiful and she just joined IMP today!!!

12/20/2017 12:10:52 AM
Desperado Revue! I had no idea you are also...

12/19/2017 3:11:58 AM
Whether or not Whitherward wins "Best Band", or for "The Anchor" in the category of...

12/1/2017 3:52:33 PM
Father Time, I wanted to 'bump' your Golden Kayak post to the top for 'listener' but...

11/5/2017 8:08:49 AM
The station charts have been updated and there is good news for Christomir...

11/1/2017 12:20:39 AM
"Groovy Music Monsters" is the new name of my IMP station, and...

10/16/2017 11:38:46 PM
Francesca, I can't leave if you won't let me go...

10/16/2017 7:34:49 AM
"Groovy Ambience" is coming soon to IMP...

10/12/2017 2:59:07 AM
Beautiful lifetime relationships begin at IMP…

10/2/2017 12:46:42 AM
Golden Kayaks -

8/11/2017 3:23:18 AM
Do any IMP indie artists sell sheet music?

7/29/2017 8:44:19 PM

7/29/2017 12:35:49 PM
This is my first Pipeline post: International roll-out.


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WWMM Michael

12/20/2017 12:10:52 AM

Desperado Revue! I had no idea you are also...
...French Canadian Lynx aka FCL aka Normand! Why didn't you tell me who you were? Maybe you did not know I was WWMM Michael with "Groovy Music Monsters" and that I changed my name from MLT2 Michael with "Groovy and 60's Style?"

I just now learned this from Itso on Facebook! Wow, you have been busy here, especially in the past 3 months. 263 songs; that is crazy nuts buddy! I have 108, but I do write long blurbs. I will make new stations and do it more like you, with virtually no blurbs.

So happy to see you have all 7 of Whitherward's songs (I think)! Are you also a Music Monster on Facebook? Several of us are.

Good luck in the Station Manager of the Year ballot. I had NO IDEA you were also one of the 6 there! (You did vote for me; didn't you? LOL!!! )

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Desperado Revue

12/20/2017 12:36:45 AM

Hay Michael,

Just being myself, low profile. And yes I am a " Music Monster ".

I do read most everything you post when I catch it.

Have not voted yet - lots of nominations to listen to before I submit my ballot - will meet the deadline though.

Congrats on your nomination and God bless.


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WWMM Michael

12/20/2017 2:54:24 AM

Hey Normand FCL!

My voting went somewhat quickly, as a boatload of my nominations made the ballot. Of the 26 categories I will tell you in a FB pm how many are on it. Nonetheless my votes included some songs I had never heard. I left 2 categories blank since I lacked knowledge of them or they were not my cup-o-tea!

You were my buddy at Galactic that I begged to come here, right? So glad you did and so glad you stayed! Was afraid some might bolt after that one band left here. For me, that just made my resolve stronger to back Whitherward and my other artists here. Please vote for them in their categories if you can and feel free to vote for Desperado Revue as the Station Manager; lol! What a great name that is! You'll have to tell me the back story of that!

Later, my friend and God bless you as well! WWMM Michael, but still MLT2 Michael

P.S. Please give my regards to Jacki and Peter when you see them; okay?

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Desperado Revue

12/21/2017 8:57:55 AM


Here is the back story to " Desperado Revue " ( had already commented on this on a previous post - if I remember correctly, someone had asked the question as to why we had chosen our particular station name ).

Back in 1988, my best bud ( we go back to the early 70's ) and I were sitting throwing names around for a Sunday afternoon house band that he was fronting at the " Lafayette Hotel " here in Ottawa.

We settled on " Desperado Revue ".

After one winter the whole thing fell apart and my friend totally broke down - had to get him lithium batteries.

After 30 years the concept of " Desperado Revue " has morphed into a radio station.

Why " Desperado " in this context? I believe that every artist here on IMP is a desperado at heart and I define desperado as one who is willing to take the risk.

Why " Revue " in this context? Well, my tracklist is randomized every day thus giving the artists a chance to move up and down, in between,and back up on the track list

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WWMM Michael

1/3/2018 12:27:13 AM

Very groovy Normand and I surmise you know why my station name is what it is! The only glitch I see in your randomized tracklist technique, is that I could never hear all your songs without going to extreme lengths to document each and every one. Your 200+ songs would take 13-15 hours to play! Right, my friend?

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